Europe’s Operation Bedlam – Video Shows Migrants in Sweden Aiming Fireworks at People : Muslims turn streets of Malmo into a warzone

Prison Planet

A video going viral on YouTube shows the absolute bedlam that unfolded in Swedish city of Malmo on New Year’s Eve, with migrants launching fireworks in the direction of crowds of people as police do nothing.

This is the perfect illustration of the “cultural enrichment” that has invaded Malmo, a city that has been besieged by arson attacks on a routine basis, with cars regularly being torched by Muslim migrants. The terror group ISIS even claimed one of the attacks.

The scenes are disturbingly reminiscent of what happened Cologne last year before the mass molestation of hundreds of German women.

The only difference here is that there appear to be no native Swedes in attendance, with virtually everyone in the clip appearing to be of Middle Eastern or North African origin.

At one point in the clip, a woman appears to have been injured by a firework as she ducks behind a vehicle, holding her face.

Migrants are seen picking up boxes of fireworks that are shooting vertically into the sky and aiming them horizontally to target people down the street.

A toddler is also being held high on the shoulders of one of the migrants, despite the clear danger of fireworks being shot off in all directions.

The fireworks are also placed in the middle of the road despite cars attempting to pass through. Police vehicles are seen driving through the melee but speed off and make no attempt to stop the insanity.

Reports suggest that similar scenes were witnessed in other Swedish towns and cities, with “rockets” and “firecrackers” being “directed against people” as well as police officers, houses and apartment blocks.

Areas of Malmo like Rosengard are 90% Muslim. Last year, Chief Superintendent Torsten Elofsson retired after serving 42 years on the Malmo police force.

“Malmo is infamous for explosions. Yet thankfully nobody has been killed by the explosions yet – some of them are just used to frighten people,” Elofsson told Breitbart. “We had one case in Rosengard where a group were given a court order to leave an apartment because they were a disturbance for the neighbours. And then suddenly hand grenades and explosions outside the office of the real estate company.”

Elofsson said immigration has caused a crime surge in Malmo, with migrants comprising the “majority” of people being arrested in the city. Police are afraid to visit some “no-go” areas because their vehicles are attacked.

However, all of this is a conspiracy theory to the left, which continues to insist that mass immigration has been nothing but beneficial to Sweden. The video above suggests otherwise.