A Matter of Faith

By Joe Ragonese

I have never doubted my belief in God, and only wavered in my belief in Jesus Christ for several years in my youth as I grappled with the concept of Jesus being born of a virgin mother and that he is the son of God.  Jesus’ resurrection was hard to accept as well.  I tried, as I am sure many young people do, to see the events as being scientifically verifiable.

The more I read the Bible, like that part about the earth, and all the creatures on it happening in six days, it baffled my intellect.  It was all very hard to put into perspective until I realized that the only way that it can become meaningful is accepting some of the fables and myths within the Bible as recreations of events as seen through the eyes of the writers of the different chapters of the Bible; while accepting the principals as a matter of faith.

There it was; a matter of faith.  I think I was 21 when that acceptance, through pure faith in Jesus Christ, put my life in order.  There are many questions about religion that cannot be resolved unless one accepts them based purely on faith.  Over the years I have had many rough periods of my life resolved by reading the Bible.  Somehow, it has always comforted me during my most trying times.

Faith, pure and simple, is the only way to accept religion; faith is also the only way to accept man made global warming.  When you understand that to the left, those Christian / Jewish hating progressives, that man-made global warming is not based on science, but a matter of faith; then you can understand that neither logic nor science will change their minds about it.  To the radical left, man, and liberals in particular, are all that is important.  There is no higher being or cause than them.  It also explains their ability to hate America, but that is for another discussion.

The causes they choose must conform to their ideology of self.  The earth meets that criteria, and the evil capitalist meets their need for a villain; as they see themselves as heroes.  Logic and reason play no part in their reasoning.  Quite simply, there is as much scientific knowledge about man made global warming as there is about God and Jesus Christ, both require an act of faith to to accept either premise.  If one speaks to a leftist they will try to bully you into believing that all the scientists agree that man-made global warming is a proven fact; when in truth, over half of scientists do not agree with the hypothesis, and the remaining do not agree on what facts are correct and which are not.

The old adage that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, is appropriate here.  Scientists simply do not know enough about weather changes and patterns to cast man as the culprit.  Man as the reason that the temperatures are rising or falling (they can’t even agree on that point) is a political statement, not a scientific hypothesis.  It is also very arrogant of those stating that man is the bad guy, thinking that we possess more power than God (or Mother Nature if you’d rather.)

The force of an earthquake is more powerful, and harmful, than a dozen multi-megaton hydrogen bombs exploding.  If we were to explode those dozen hydrogen bombs in one place at the same time, we could not move one of earth’s plates, yet an earthquake moves several at once.  During an eruption one volcano emits in a single day more particulate matter into the atmosphere than does all the coal plants producing electricity worldwide in a hundred years.  There are a number of scientists who have postulated that the emissions from several volcanoes erupting in close time proximity, in different parts of the world, blocked sunlight long enough to kill enough plant life to cause the extinction of the dinosaurs.   It wasn’t dinosaur farts (carbon dioxide emissions) that caused their demise, nor men burning coal (there were no men on earth then.)

The sun has more power over the warming and cooling of earth than does all the accumulated carbon emissions combined, ever since carbon emissions have been measured.  It is the sun’s position which determines what season of the year we are in.  Sun spots as well as sun pulses determine weather patterns, such as the El Niño, which causes warming temperatures, or La Niña, which is responsible for cooling, which we are now in; while the moon’s position determines tidal movements.  There is nothing that man can do to cause high tides nor to alter the tidal patterns.

The reason why the left is so zealous about man made global warming is rather simple; it is their religion.  They believe in the cause of protecting the earth as we Christians believe in Jesus Christ’s resurrection.  It is a matter of faith.  There is no logic, science, or reason that will convince them otherwise.  These are people who do not believe in God, or any higher being than themselves; which is why they believe that man has the ability to change the weather patterns by burning fossils fuels.

One cannot be a Christian or Jew and believe in man-made global warming.  (Do not confuse ecology with man-made global warming.)  The two beliefs are not compatible.  I know many Christians and Jews may be confused by the issue because it has been presented by the Godless main stream media as fact.  Many of us do not really know, and simply agree with what seems to be a consensus on the issue.  Please know, there is no consensus among scientists.  To further cloud the issue, the Godless left tries to confuse us with terms that seem to be one thing, while in reality are something altogether different; like climate change and man-made global warming.

The left bandies about those contradictory phrases, as well as other statements, to make many of us think one thing while they are saying another.  They try to confuse man-made pollution, like the Love Canal where unscrupulous businessman dumped hazardous wastes near water supplies, (ecology) with man-made climate change.  Climate change occurs continuously and naturally.  Today it was 30 degrees where I live, and yesterday it was 9 degrees, that is climate change.

Carbon emissions had nothing to do with that fact, but cloud cover and moving weather fronts did.  The climate does change, sometimes rapidly and sometime over long periods of time; even thousands of years.  That is why geologists divide different periods of earth’s history into epochs, such as the Pliocene epoch which transformed earth from a warm planet and ushered in the ice age of a glacial planet.  Nothing to do with man- made; yet the left says climate change and means man made climate change.

The next time someone tells you that man- made global warming is a proven fact, ask them why Greenland is called Greenland, and not Snowland.  It was named because the present day snow covered island, when discovered, was warm enough that a lush green foliage covered it.  In 950, when Greenland was discovered, there was no mass carbon emissions causing man made global warming; yet the earth was warm enough to produce grass and trees where today only snow and ice cover the island.  This conundrum cannot be explained by climate change fanatics, because it is a logical question.

To the left, man- made climate change is a matter of faith.


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