WikiLeaks: Clinton campaign chair John Podesta caught throwing HOT TUB PARTIES WITH CHILDREN as young as 7 YEARS OLD


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12 comments on “WikiLeaks: Clinton campaign chair John Podesta caught throwing HOT TUB PARTIES WITH CHILDREN as young as 7 YEARS OLD
  1. And yet Democrats will IGNORE pedophilia, satanic worship, treason and 30 years of contracted ‘hits’ against Clinton enemies, JUST TO VOTE FOR A VAGINA!

  2. There is plenty enough evidence available to condemn these pieces of garbage without our having to engage in bald faced lies.

    This email does not indicate what you purport it to show – even to the point that you turn a heated pool into a hot tub. You are making a baseless accusation that these children’s Grandparents engaged in child rape and molestation on their own grandchildren and allowed others to do so.

    Do it and add your own lies to the mix and you are subjecting yourself to unnecessary defamation liability.

    Stick with the facts, of which we have plenty to condemn these people for an eternity.

  3. Okay, where to begin with how bad this all is. First of all, looking at the name of the person who sent the email, it appears that she is the mother of the three children. How many parents aren’t bubbly when they speak about their kids? (You would have to be heartless not to.) She is taking the time to setup the party in the email. She then mentions that Bonnie (co-worker, friend?, neighbor?) is going to bring her kids to the party. (She may be setting up the party and doesn’t want to bring her kids there to be a distraction (or would that be destruction?) She, knowing her kids, says it will be further entertainment. (Who knows just how hyper these kids are?) Also, knowing her kids, they will be in the pool for sure. There is nothing here in this email that says anything outside of an innocent party. There needs to be more information to say that anything else happened.

    There is a lot of other information out there that has been proven and is a problem. Deal with that stuff. You are just as bad as Clinton.

  4. a “hot tub party” is a heated swimming pool? and yes it is entertaining to watch kids play when you love children. This is ridiculous.

  5. Yes, because NO ONE gets into a hot tub with a child unless they plan to fuck them. (/sarcasm)

    I guess you Christian religious extremists have been hanging out with our church priests for too long.

  6. This is beyond absurd. How ANYONE could think that this indicates a sex scandal is appalling to me, but it’s all over the internet.

    This woman is a well respected person who leads the governmental relations department of the Pew Trust. and I am assuming that the children referenced are HER daughters. You should be ashamed of yourself. Has it ever occurred to you the damage you could do to this woman AND to her children. IF this was actually true, what you should have done is to notify the authorities to investigate this and prosecute all involved. Why hasn’t this been reported to the police? Is it because it’s completely ridiculous?

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