The Soviet Style Hospitalization of Kanye West after he publicly mentioned #Pizzagate

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Most of the world will know by now that Kanye West has been hospitalized, reportedly suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Kanye has canceled the remainder of his tour after having a meltdown at a concert in Sacramento. It is probably fair to say that the last thing Kanye needs right now is to be at the center of another controversy. Sadly for West, controversy rarely strays far from his door.

During Kanye’s onstage meltdown in Sacramento, he directed part of his tirade at Hillary Clinton. Now, it seems that the conspiracy theorists believe that Kanye has been “got at,” because he was about to reveal the truth behind Pizzagate and Twittergate. Apparently, West did mention Pizzagate during his meltdown, so now rumors are emerging that Kanye has been silenced.