MEMO to Trump: Do not waver, and do not compromise; We the People got your back


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Is anyone surprised? The very same leftists who wagged their finger at candidate Donald Trump and demanded he “accept the outcome of the election” and “respect democracy” are now burning flags, rioting in the streets and torching buildings in their own collapsing cities.

As it turns out, it is the Democrats who hate democracy and refuse to accept the results of a democratic election. When they lose at the ballot box, they turn to violence and chaos.

I predicted this almost 100 days ago, of course. In this August 30 Natural News article, I wrote:

As I’ve publicly predicted numerous times over the last year, if Donald Trump wins, the radical extreme leftists go on a violent rampage that leads to the rest of us begging for martial law. After half a dozen cities burn with riots and looting, Trump invokes a national emergency, deploying National Guard troops across the most devastated urban areas, and the radical left finds itself in a shooting war with the government.

That’s where this is headed, of course. International terrorism coordinators like George Soros are already funding domestic leftist terror groups to torch America’s cities before inauguration day. Their marching orders are to cause maximum chaos and give the lying leftist media — full of delusional morons and anti-American traitors pretending to be journalists — enough editorial traction to ridiculously claim that America hates Trump.

Real America LOVES Trump

In truth, America LOVES Trump. That’s why my article entitled LOVE WINS was so popular. LOVE wins when we elect a President who is trying to save America rather than dismantle it.

But the Hillary Clinton supporters are now trying to DESTROY America. That’s why they’re burning American flags. They hate America, they hate democracy and they hate the irrefutable fact that the American voters have rejected their hatred, bigotry and leftist lunacy with an intensity never before witnessed in American politics.

So my message to President Trump today (yes, I call him “President,” not “President Elect,” because in my mind, Barack Obama was never my President) is simply this:

Do not waver. Do not compromise. Do not apologize for winning. Do not think you have to “reach across the aisle” and appease the anti-American traitors who are plotting to sabotage your administration and destroy your legacy.

President Trump, as you wake up each day for the next eight years, remember one thing above all else: WE THE PEOPLE “GOT YOUR BACK.”

Or, in military parlance, we’ve “got your six.”

We the People “Got your back”

By “We the People,” I mean all the genuine patriots across America. We are the alternative media publishers, the active duty and retired military and police officers, the firemen and EMTs, the factory workers, concealed carry holders and small business entrepreneurs. We are armed in self-defense, we are dedicated to protecting America, and we are at the ready to do what is needed to restore law and order while defending our families, communities and national borders against terrorists and traitors. All concealed carry holders should have self-defense insurance as a precaution. Self-defense insurance often comes with educational material as you can see on the comparison chart at Sniper Country.

Keep that in mind, President Trump. President Bush never had this kind of popular support among patriots, and Obama was seen as a traitor from the very first day he took office (see the 2009 Alex Jones film, “The Obama Deception”). But YOU, Mr. Trump, have the full backing and goodwill of almost everyone who grew up loving this country and pledging to support it.

That is a rare asset… it’s almost unheard of in the history of our nation… and it may need to be invoked to defend our cities from the leftist terrorists who are already trying to burn them down.

We will support aggressive police action against the leftist terrorists

I’ve spoken with numerous leaders in the alternative media and patriot communities. They all tell me the same thing: While they were terrified of Martial Law under Obama, they would gladly support aggressive police action as needed to stop the leftist terrorists who are already trying to burn down our cities. By “aggressive,” they mean very specific things such as giving police officers marching orders to stop being passive when the riots take place. They need to aggressively subdue and arrest all the violent rioters from the very start. We cannot let violent rioters run free through our cities, destroying our national infrastructure just because they refuse to respect the outcome of the election.

We the People are ready to get behind our police and even volunteer our own efforts in a variety of ways to protect our communities from the violence of the radical left.

For example, I’m now donating my forensic laboratory services ( is my private science laboratory) to various law enforcement agencies in Texas to help them put away violent criminals and keep our communities safe. This is my own little way of using SCIENCE to stop VIOLENCE, and like tens of millions of other Americans, I’m also a firearms owner with many thousands of rounds of ammunition that I’d be ready to donate to the local Sheriff if they needed those rounds to defend our communities. (Heck, if things get really bad, I’ll just lend the local Sheriff some ballistic vests and my .50 cal. Barrett semiauto rifle, and the local deputies can go to town while I keep bringing more ammo as needed…)

When we elected you, we knew this would be a long and difficult fight for freedom

The point is, We the People are at the ready. We didn’t merely elect you into office and then think we were going to walk away and leave you with all the heavy lifting. We understand that defending America will take a national effort involving the People. It’s not a one-man show, it’s an entire nation coming together to say “Enough leftist violence! Enough of the lying media! Enough of Hillary Clinton pre-selling the White House and Barack Obama handing billions of cash to Iran!”

It’s not enough that we merely stop the riots, either. We must dismantle the corrupt DNC and end the left-wing media propagandists who have run a multi-year campaign of sedition and lies against America’s interests. (Talk to Michael Savage. He has the best ideas on how to initiate investigations into the “anti-American activities” of people like George Stephanopoulos, whose wife has already said they will likely flee the country.)

We’ve all had enough of the leftist lies, the planned economic destruction of our nation and the deliberate media propaganda. So we elected you into office. And now we are ready to defend your presidency no matter what it takes.

Do your job, and we’ll do ours!

We recognize that you are our last hope for a free America. We all knew that a Clinton presidency would have meant World War II on the international scale, and very likely domestic civil war here at home. Your courage to fight the corrupt democrat election machine has led the way, and now we are here, at the ready, willing and able to support you as long as you KEEP YOUR PROMISES.

Build the wall.

Arrest the Clinton co-conspirators, including the criminal collusion artists pretending to be journalists.

Shut down the idiotic climate change payments to Al Gore’s company.

Repeal Obamacare (and all of Obama’s illegal executive orders).

Push hard for term limits.

Unleash the military on ISIS.

Protect the Second Amendment.

Protect religions freedoms.

Ban third trimester abortions and outlaw organ harvesting from human babies.

End the Big Pharma monopoly over medicine so that we can prevent disease with natural health supplements and remedies that will save the nation BILLIONS in health care costs.

Rebuild the Supreme Court with Constitutional justices.

And, above all, #DrainTheSwamp.

We got your back.

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  1. Do NOT allow “Sanctuary Cities” to continue defying Federal Law! If the “Emanuel’s and Lee’s” refuse, they should be arrested and prosecuted.

    If President Obama or you (God Forbid) pardon Hillary, you BETTER pardon former military personnel who are incarcerated for lesser Security violations and return them to their former rank with back pay.

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