“Lock Her Up”: NYSE Floor Traders Boo, Shout During Hillary Concession Speech


Zero Hedge

If Hillary hopes to make the metamorphosis from public to private sector with some new function on Wall Street, she may encounter stiff resistance from the locals.

During her one-day delayed concession speech to Donald Trump, the New York Stock Exchange floor was rocked by loud booing as traders expressed their true feelings for the former presidential candidate.

The harsh reception for Clinton is the latest chapter in the bitter campaign for the White House, and suggests that Hillary should look for alternatrive careers outside of finance as part of her “transition” from the public (and “charity”) sector.

Meanwhile, the market offered a much warmer welcome on Wednesday for Trump. Shaking off panic selling that rocked global markets overnight, U.S. stocks opened violently higher, and the Dow has soared over 1,000 points from its overnight lowsm, just shy of its all time highs.

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