Kissinger Speaks Of Opportunity To Mold Trump


Prison Planet

Despite Donald Trump clearly winning the presidency as an anti-establishment “alt-right” figure, Bilderberg elitist kingpin Henry Kissinger has declared that Trump “has no obligation” to any group and has intimated that he sees an opportunity to mold the new president.

Kissinger, who met with Trump last week to discuss foreign policy, described Trump as the “most unique” president-elect in his lifetime.

“This president-elect, it’s the most unique that I have experienced in one respect. He has absolutely no baggage,” Kissinger told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

“He has no obligation to any particular group because he has become president on the basis of his own strategy.” Kissinger added.

The former Secretary of State, and rabid elitist, conveniently avoided the fact that Trump won because of the tireless support of those who directly oppose everything Kissinger represents – the anti-establishment.

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