Is “Trumpism” Really “Bircherism”?


The New American

In the months leading up to his historic upset election on an anti-establishment, anti-globalism platform, more than a few leftist and establishment media organs claimed that Donald Trump was really spouting the ideas of The John Birch Society. Indeed, Trumpism is Bircherism, some commentators claimed.

The constitutionalist grassroots organization, which publishes this magazine and has chapters in all 50 states, has indeed been promoting many of the ideas and truths that Trump gave voice to during his unusual campaign. The purpose of the media’s attempt to link Trump with JBS was to demonize him, not give credit where credit was due. And so many of the articles and screeds linking Trump to JBS were also laced with factual inaccuracies and smears that have been discredited even in official investigations.

Among the examples was a piece from senior editor Jeet Heer in the ultra-far-left New Republic. “But with Trump triumphant, we have to see the Birch Society and its style of conspiracy-mongering in a new light,” Heer wrote in “Donald Trump’s United States of Conspiracy,” without bothering to refute any JBS or Trump claims. “Far from belonging merely to the lunatic fringe, the Birchers were important precursors to what is now the governing ideology of the Republican Party: Trumpism.”

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