Hillary stole FIVE states and still lost



Alex Jones breaks down the story of how Hillary and her political apparatchik’s schemed to steal five states, but what they didn’t realize was that the groundswell of patriots would overwhelm their efforts!

Despite Trump’s clear victory, the mainstream media is now attempting to claim that Donald Trump is flip flopping on his promises in an attempt to derail his upcoming presidency.

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  1. As of Nov.12th the “official” popular vote is Trump ahead by 694,476 votes! Now subtract from that all the illegal aliens and dead people voting as well as the Soros voting machines in 16 states manipulation of the votes at the central tabulating computers and all the dirty tricks so well documented by Project Veritas and blackboxvoting.org so let’s say subtract 10-20 million votes with all massive election fraud by the Clinton Crime Family!!

  2. This weekend the NYT President wrote an open letter claiming they will soon begin to report honestly. What BS.

    The Trump movement must remain intact in order to combat some of the media abuse as is currently happening. Their lies are unlimited.

  3. Hillary’s team would lose all (if any left?) credibility if their was on honest count & investigation (as mentioned) all she’s do is appealing to the paid increment’s for possible marshal law or even allowing I-ran to do what they’ve been practicing for!
    Personally I believe their efforts will fail because of the Divine Almighty will make sure the world knows Who’s really Boss!
    Expect some pretty bad stuff but He has already cleared the way?! Even if Micheal is some how slipped in if God truly Will’s Trump for President His Will will be done!
    Many of us plan to display our national flag on the 20th for the 1st time in years.
    *Is it true Vlad put a dead or alive warrant on George S? I’m sure Geo. has put his money where it isn’t in Vlad’s favor as a nation too! I could see that even someone(s) once close to Geo. just might need the $$ that was lost thru his actions! If I were a Jew living in Israel I would be somewhat reluctant to invest in the ways of Sore-Ass. Israel already has enough problems w/these Khazarian’s (Pharisee’s of Jesus day) that’s causing so much anti Antisemitism! I (in no way) blame the majority of Jew’s for what 1 or 2 percent are doing – For this and other reasons I’ll stand for Israel while the Lord takes care of the tares! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
    Yes, the Rothshields played a huge part in bringing Israel back as a nation again but is it not like the Lord to use the ill gotten gains of the Rothy’s in this deal – the Lord owns it all anyway, right?
    Do not get tied up w/this replacement theology – the Lord made an unbreakable covenant w/Israel which also includes the terra ferma! Another verse in the old test is Deut 4:30 – no, the church is not under that covenant – please brothers & sisters, the Lord will hold us accountable!


  4. Soros is one ugly bastard that looks exactly like Emperor Palpatine. He should be arrested for treason but since he’s screwed so many countries, he should be tried for crimes against all. I think Trump should freeze his assets and turn him over to Putin. Next he needs to do the same for his 5 sons so the bloodline is gone, once and for all.

  5. 306 electoral votes ain’t no damn landslide. Since WWII there have only been 3 elections where the winner did not win at least 300 votes, 1976, 2000, and 2016.

  6. Record turnout?? There was only about 125M voters, not counting the third party

    voters cause they certainly didn’t come out to vote for Trump. In 2008 there were

    129M voters and 69M voted for Obama. Trump only got a bit less than 62M votes.

    Obama’s 69M votes is the record. His 52.9% popular vote is the highest since 1984.
    There were also more voters in 2012, not counting the third party voters because again they certainly did not come out for Trump. So this is only a record turnout if you mean since the last election.

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