Angry Brexit voters ‘could form Trump-like nationalist movement’, warns former Chancellor Alistair Darling


Prison Planet

The former Chancellor Alistair Darling has warned that disillusioned voters who backed Brexit could flock to a populist nationalist movement headed by a Donald Trump-like figure as they turn against Theresa May’s Government.

The Labour peer said this week’s Autumn Statement would do nothing for the people who felt “left behind” by globalisation, even though Mrs May promised to champion working class families on becoming Prime Minister in July.

Lord Darling doubted that his own party would benefit from the anger of voters who see their living standards decline over the next few years. In a damning verdict on Jeremy Corbyn, he said there was “no effective opposition” to the  Conservatives.

The former Cabinet minister told a discussion on the Autumn Statement hosted by the Resolution Foundation think tank: “The question, politically, is where do they [the ‘left behind’] go after this? We have seen what happened across the Atlantic and my guess is, especially in this country, where there is no effective opposition, the alternatives are not the conventional ones. Because there is no political alternative being offered at the moment and that worries me greatly.”

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