A New Dawn in America


By Joe Ragonese

I’m still beat from going to an early morning business appointment, and then staying awake until 2:30 in the morning to hear the final results of the historic election on November 8.  I still haven’t fully recovered, but it was worth it.  Listening to President Trump’s acceptance speech was worth the late night wait.

As he spoke, I kept waking my wife up while she slept next to me; she couldn’t keep her eyes open, but was as thrilled as I was.  For me, this journey began on June 16, 2015, the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy.  Then I was a strong Ted Cruz supporter.  My wife is a democrat and has never voted for a Republican President, but she is a true American patriot and a lifelong businesswoman.  She still considers herself a Democrat, but cannot vote for them any longer as they have made the business environment too toxic.  As she says, they left her, she didn’t leave them.

After Trump announced his candidacy he laid out his reasons for running.  She listened to Donald Trump speak and was very impressed.  She told me that I needed to listen to the man, that he was making more sense than any of the other candidates on either side.  I wasn’t convinced, but I did listen to him and her assessment was one hundred percent correct.  It is why we have two successful businesses today; she has a habit of being right about so many things.

When she speaks, I listen.  I paid close attention to Trump and vacillated between Trump and Cruz for many months.  Cruz was strong and proven, but Trump was a fighter who did not cave into politically correct opposition.  When someone struck out at him he fought back.  Watching him was like watching a street fight, rough and tumble with no holds barred.  I liked that.  In my heart I knew that the only way to beat the Clinton’s was with a ruthless duel to the end.  It was going to take someone who isn’t polished and kind to do that, it would take a street fighter to close this deal.  That was Trump pure and simple.  I finally decided to fully support him a few months before he won the Indiana primary.

Near the end of this grueling campaign, my wife was turned off by both candidates, but never turned away from Trump.  She felt that it was his ideas, not so much the man she supported.  We both believed that Hilary Clinton was a very bad choice for America.  Even though Donald came off somewhat unlikeable at times, his message never changed.  It wasn’t the man, but the message that resonated with the voters.  It was that message that propelled him to being elected President.  Pundits will go on and on about the reasons that he won, but in the end it was his message.

Trump said it himself in his acceptance speech at 3:30 a.m. Eastern time before his supporters.  He said that Hillary had called and conceded defeat and then went on to tell his supporters that it was them that won this election.  He admitted that it was a movement to win back America that won him the election.  He was humble and Presidential.  He even thanked Hillary.  President Elect Trump then went on to thank his family and closest supporters.  It was in the order that he did it that impressed me, first the people who made up the winning movement and then those who worked to make it happen.  Obama and Clinton, either one of them, would never think in that way.  When he ended his thank you to everyone he thanked the Secret Service and the New York Police Department, then expanded it to Police officers across the nation.  That shows you the character of the man and made me so proud of him that I could hardly contain myself.

As reported in the New York Post on November 10, Donald Trump took the time out of his busy day of beginning the transition into the White House, to call the widow of slain NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo to personally extend his condolences and express his sorrow to her for not being able to attend the services for him.  In almost eight years of Obama’s Presidency he has never called the family of a fallen officer, even though he has called the families of those who have tried to kill officers.  It is easy to see that this man is going to govern in a style that will benefit America, not divide it.

Speaking of a divided America, anyone who thinks that the rioting going on in several cities across the nation is a spontaneous popular protest would have to believe that the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012 was caused by a video.  These rioters are bought and paid for with George Soros’ money and directed by the dark Democrat operatives who were exposed in Project Veritas investigative footage.

Those dark operatives were lurking in the background and able to launch these disruptions within hours of the election.  They are very well organized and need to become a part of the larger criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server, her disregard for classified material and the play for pay Clinton Foundation.  Even if Obama pardons her the investigation must continue and everyone who helped in the destruction of evidence, like Cheryl Mills, John Podesta, and Huma Mahmoud Abedin must go to jail for their criminal activities.  Even Bill Clinton might end up in a federal prison after a full and fair investigation is conducted.

On one of the videos one of the operatives is identified as a man who has visited President Obama over 300 times.  Is there the possibility that Obama might get caught up in the illegal acts?  I don’t know, but can anyone tell me if an ex-President, who is imprisoned for a felony, is still eligible for a Secret Service detail?  Something to think about.  Once a special prosecutor is empowered, anything can happen.

About those protesters, one very positive thing has come out of it.  The pretense of them being patriotic Americans has finally evaporated.  They call for open revolt and blood on the streets.  They burn the U.S. Flag and defy the Constitution.  They are finally showing exactly who they are; anti-America Marxists.  In an earlier piece I said that this election was between those who loved America and those who hate it.  These people prove my point, and that’s why the investigations into the criminal empire of the Clinton’s and DNC is important to expose, once and for all, just how un-American the Democrat Party has become.

The Clinton Foundation must be treated like the criminal organization that it is and all of its assets must be confiscated under the RICO Act.  The depth of fraud and illegal activities that the DNC and Clinton Election Committee were involved with must be demonstrated to the population.  I say this not in a vindictive manner, rather to heal this nation and make it whole once again.

Two full days after the election I found myself in a heated debate with a man who was shocked at the outcome of the election.   When I said that a criminal had no business running for President he said what crime did she commit.  He was foolish enough to believe that the FBI has cleared Clinton of all charges.  This belief must be put to rest and will never be unless justice is done.  In America, no one is above the law.

While I, and others reading this article, are relieved that Donald J. Trump will become our 45th President, the attacks against him will be never ending.  Those people in the media who savaged him in order to try and swing this election to Clinton are still in those public positions and have not changed their minds.  They will still attack everything he does and says.  Unless all of the evil on the left is exposed we will find ourselves in the same contentious position we are today for every election to come.  The full evil on the left must be exposed and tried in a court, before the United States will be safe from internal destruction once again.

None of this was possible on November 8, but on the 9th it all became a reality.  I cannot say what President Trump will do, but I do wish that he really becomes the law & order President.  There is a new dawn in America where anything is possible once again; and it is all due to the citizens of America who stood in long lines to vote for a better tomorrow.  I, for one, thank you.

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  1. Yes, “The full evil on the left must be exposed and tried in a court, before the United States will be safe from internal destruction once again.”

    Our law and order must be restored.

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