Wikitrolled and Wikirolled


By Ray Starmann

Last night, Julian Assange and Wikileaks trolled, rolled, conned and infuriated a worldwide audience in some kind of strange media carnival shell game, which evolved into Julian Assange’s robbery of the global alternative media’s time.

Things started off strangely in Berlin and got more bizarre as the event wore on, which was broadcast in the middle of the night to a more than anxious audience in the USA.

The Wikileaks 10 Year Anniversary special was hailed to be the greatest media happening since the Hindenburg blew up in a hydrogen filled ball of terror in the New Jersey skies. Assange told us all he had the goods on that demonic monster, Hillary Hitler Clinton. He was going to pull a series of hacked emails out of his magic briefcase and finally provide enough damning evidence to shut down her campaign and send her to jail once and for all.

Uh huh…

A slight trickle of doubt began to seep in my mind as soon as the program started. The gathering looked like a book club meeting being held in the basement of the Worchester Public Library.  Three disheveled journalists sat around an oak table, sipping mineral water and looking as if they had just stepped out from under their fluffy down comforters and entered Julian’s House of Fun.

A British journalist moderated a series of haphazard Wikileaks is Great videos that looked like they had been produced for cable access in 1986.

Then, the technical problems began. They weren’t what we expected them to be, which was some kind of super NSA complete blackout of all audio and video, implemented by a satellite death ray from space. Instead of a blackout, the computer running the laptop playing the videos went out. When it was restarted, it was time to bring in Mr. Assange from his secret alcove in the Ecuadorean Embassy.

Then Skype went out.

Then Julian finally appeared. The moment of truth had finally arrived.

But, it never did. Assange mumbled incoherently about Wikileaks successes and everything in general, everything that is except for the earth-shattering, shocking, Red Sea parting information he was supposed to present.

After a few more minutes, Assange stated that he would never release information in the middle of the night to America. Oh no, that would never happen.

Have you ever been to a meeting where no one knows why they are there?

This was it. The world had been conned, trolled and rolled by Wikileaks and Assange.  Just when you thought it could get any worse, Assange started hawking his books, like a late night vendor running an infomercial.

It was somewhere during the book presentation and a cut back to the table of disheveled trendy journalists that the world turned off Assange and his train wreck.

So, what happened?

It’s possible that the Clinton Crime Family got a message to him. ‘Shut your mouth or the drones will be on the way and they won’t be Amazon drones delivering your supply of books and DVDs.’

Or, Assange made a deal with the devil and the days of anymore email releases are done.

Or, Wikileaks is out of ammo on the Clintons and this was a poorly planned and presented PR session for Wikileaks.


The only other option is that last night was just part of the overall psy op against Hillary. While she and Huma sat up in bed nervously waiting for the document dump, nothing came.

Yet, he still promised a document release before the ‘end of the year.’ Will Assange strike or not?

Will Wikileaks actually release the October Surprise when the world is not expecting it?

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the ball’s in Trump’s court. He must focus on the issues and hammer Hillary’s record of total criminality and incompetence.  If Hillary’s campaign is to be destroyed, Trump will have to do it himself.

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  1. The ONLY reason he announced the document drop so far in advance was to insure that the Clintons would contact him and pay an astronomical sum to not release the docs. If he had been sincere in releasing them for the purpose of destroying her candidacy, he would never have played it up so much. He was just getting the price up. Trump SHOULD have contacted him FIRST to purchase the docs!!! Maybe he still can.

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