Video: Satellite Feed Cut As Soon as Congressman Mentions Wikileaks on CNN


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Host Chris Cuomo asked Collins what he thought Trump could do in tonight’s debate to prove he was fit for office. However, the Congressman went off script.

“Two thirds of the public know that Hillary Clinton’s a liar, she can’t be trusted and now the two faces of Hillary are coming out – the fact through Wikileaks she says one thing and….”

The feed is then immediately cut.

Cuomo continued the discussion with pro-Hillary Congressman Hakeem Jeffries for a full two and a half minutes before Collins returned. Cuomo was sure to ask Collins a question that would steer him away from the subject of Wikileaks. Collins was only then allowed to speak for a brief time before the segment ended.

The YouTube clip above also points out that it was CNN’s Chris Cuomo who stoked controversy earlier this week by implying that it was illegal for the public to read Wikileaks emails and that only the media should be allowed to do so.

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One comment on “Video: Satellite Feed Cut As Soon as Congressman Mentions Wikileaks on CNN
  1. I’ve lived through decades of Democratic regimes. They have been in power way too long. The old saying still stands: Power Corrupts… Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hillary Clinton deliberately left our guys to be slaughtered and their bodies desecrated by Islamic Monsters at Benghazi. She will she will do the exact same thing to anyone she pleases to including all decent American citizens.

    We already know what Hillary will do. With Trump, at least we have a chance, because Trump will not import hundreds of millions of Muslims, whose religion despises America and Americans the way Hillary has already begun importing millions of them and settling them small towns throughout America. Hillary’s mantra is literally :Alahu Akbar

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