The Morning After, the Republican Party will be as dead as the Whig Party


By Joe Ragonese

November 8, 2016 will be an historic day in America.  Voters will go to the polls and determine the fate of this nation.  Some will vote for America by pulling the Trump lever; while others will vote against America by voting for anyone else.  For the Republican Party; however, it doesn’t matter which candidate wins.  They are the big losers in this contest.

Do you see any Republican congressmen or senators reaching out to support the party’s standard bearer?  The difference between the two main candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, could not be clearer. Yet, establishment Republicans reject the will of the voters so much that at least two former Republican Presidents have stated their support for the Democratic candidate.

The Republican Party has just done to itself what the Whig Party did in 1854 when they overwhelmingly rejected abolition in favor of compromising their principles to maintain the status quo.  That was when the people of the party overwhelmingly rejected slavery and wanted something done about it.  Party members begged the party to do the right thing; but their voices fell on deaf ears. The Whig politicians wanted to compromise with the Democrats and continued defying the will of the base of their party. They somehow forgot that it was the people whom they served.  Does any of this sound familiar?

In 1854 the Republican Party was formed because the Whigs would not comply with the people’s demands; and ran its first Presidential nominee, John C. Fremont, on the 1856 ballot as a third party candidate.  They dominated the Northern states; however, they could not pull off a win.  That would come four years later when Abraham Lincoln was their nominee.  Of course he won, which led to the Civil War.  The Whig Party fell apart after the 1856 election, those who believed in the anti-slavery movement joining the ranks of the new Republican Party, named after Thomas Jefferson’s Republicanism, and those establishment types who could not suppress their egos, started a new party that they called the Native American Party.  It had nothing to do with American Indians and everything to do with anti-Catholic and anti-immigration.  They were known as the Know Nothing Party; and it only lasted from 1855 to 1856.  That was the end of the Whig Party.

Today, the Democratic Party is openly opposed to the principles that the founding fathers wrote into the U.S. Constitution; such as God, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  They are openly the party of big government.  The Constitution is all about limited government.  Then there is the present Republican Party.  Since Ronald Reagan left office in 1989, the Republican Party has also been a party of big government.

Ronald Reagan attempted to downsize the government.  His most often quoted statement is that “Government isn’t the answer, it is the problem.”  He did what he could with both houses of Congress being held in the grips of the Democratic Party, but was hamstrung at every attempt.  He was the most popular President in the modern era.  So popular that he brought George H.W. Bush into office on his coat tails.  Bush; however, was no Ronald Reagan.  He was what the Republican Party has become today.

Bush was a globalist who relegated American interests beneath those of the international community.  He was a big government guy who broke his promise and raised taxes.  Americans, who were euphoric about Reagan’s Presidency, abandoned him in droves.  He was the first Republican to openly turn on the principles of true Americans, speculating about a thousand points of light coming together; meaning global forces becoming one.  Fortunately for real Americans, he was not in the majority of the party at that time.  Bush was defeated at the polls, after only one term, by Bill Clinton.

Clinton swept into office on a wave of distrust of the Republican Party.  He and both chambers of Congress were controlled by Democrats.  They did what Democrats do; they ushered in as much tax and spend socialism as possible, in the face of the American people who wanted none of it.  In the midterm elections a strategic thinking politician, Newt Gingrich, saw the frustration of the people and formulated the ‘Contract with America.’ It was a promise to voters that if they gave the GOP control of Congress, specific items, which Americans wanted accomplished to counter the radical policies of Clinton, would be voted on within the first 100 days of the election.

Based on that promise, both houses went Republican and Clinton did nothing else as President, politically that is, except sign the bills that the Republican Congress sent to him.  He was wise enough not to fight them.  By doing so, he had the best economy since Ronald Reagan and actually would have been remembered as a good President if it wasn’t for his habit of attacking women and female interns at the White House; which will forever be his lasting legacy.

Bill Clinton was a big government guy, too.  He was the first to try to introduce national health care to America.  That was when both houses were still Democrat, which was why he lost them in the mid-terms.  He might have been able to pull it off if he hadn’t appointed Hillary Clinton to draft the legislation.   It was her first major disaster on the national level.  Hillary’s  heavy handed practices, while trying to ram nationalized health care down our throats, was the major reason that the Congress went Republican, for the first time in over 40 years, during those midterm elections.

During the Clinton Presidency he increased the size and scope of government, with Republican help; after Newt was removed from office, in his second term.  He also set up the housing collapse by demanding banks give loans to people who could not afford to repay them.  Clinton also raised taxes, a lot, and increased welfare spending while gutting our military.  He did that with the help of gutless Republicans; again this was after Newt.  Americans were becoming frustrated with Republican weakness then, to the point that Al Gore almost won the Presidency when real Americans stayed away from the polls on Election Day, in protest.

George W. Bush came after eight years of Clinton, by so few votes that it is scary.   Bush Jr. is a big government guy, too, just like his dad.  He was the man in charge on September 11, 2001, when America was attacked by Muslim jihadis.  That slowed down his big plans for our government, for a while.  Over his eight year Presidency he dragged us into endless war, while simultaneously increasing the size and scope of government.  Remember he was the one who introduced prescription drug giveaways.  During those eight years he never attempted to limit the size or scope of government, but did manage a minuscule temporary tax cut.

Under his leadership our government grew bigger and hungrier.  Near the end of his second term all of the forces of bad investments and a housing market that was propped up by a false economy, from his friends and allies in the international banking industry, came crashing down.  Now here is where the transition of the Republican Party really codified.  Republican, as well as Democrat donors, are big international bankers and corporations.  Many were about to lose a lot of money due to their poor business decisions.

The elites in the press and government coined the phrase, “too big to fail,” as a way to convince taxpayers that we needed to prop them up.  So our government bailed them out with our tax dollars, making us pay for their losses.  That is not how capitalism works.  It hurt the middle class the hardest in both taxes and wage stagnation.

Have any of you been re-paid by a bank or credit card company for our money that they took?  In fact, during those hard times, interest rates went through the roof on credit card debt because of their bad business practices.  That high interest made our middle class life much harder as they took our tax money from the government, while at the same time capriciously raising our interest rates.  So much so, that some of us are still not clear of it; which is one of the reasons for the sluggish economy we are presently suffering through.  Yet, our tax dollars bailed them out; and both Republican and Democrat politicians agreed on the bailout.

They were too big to fail for the politicians, who relied on the stipends provided by them, but not for the rest of us.  Americans watched as our money was squandered away by politicians, on both sides of the aisle.   We were dismayed and frustrated.  The more we questioned it, the more hardened the Republican politicians were that we didn’t understand; as if we are stupid.  That didn’t set well.  So when a young upstart talked about hope and change, we didn’t fear him as much as we did another big government Republican, John McCain, who wanted our vote.

Enter Barack Obama.  He goes where no other politician has ever gone before with his globalization and dismantling our system of government.  During the eight years of Obama we have seen the most dramatic changes in our country’s 240 year history.  Real Americans did what they were supposed to do to stop him.  We voted Republican.  The Republicans promised us that he would be stopped if we elected them to office.  It didn’t happen during his first term.  He simply went around Congress and ran roughshod over them.  It was embarrassing to watch as Obama increased our debt more than all the other 43 Presidents combined, while raising taxes capriciously and running the most corrupt government in our history.  All the while, Republicans stood by, afraid to rock the boat and lose their power.  We, those of us who work, or want to work, are the big losers in all of this.

When his reelection was underway, a spontaneous force erupted, known as the “Tea Party.”  They demanded answers from Congressmen, on both sides of the aisle, about the reckless spending.  Republicans and Democrats alike, with the aid of their willing partners in the media, went into attack mode and crushed this rebellion in its tracks.  It was down, but not out.

Those middle class Americans, who have been hurt the most by the recklessness of our government, said little; but did not go away.  Then the 2016 Presidential contest began, with Queen Hillary as the designated Democrat.  She got the nod the way Democrats always do, she cheated; this time it was Bernie Sanders who paid the price of challenging her.

On the Republican side a huge crowd of big government Republicans threw their hat in the rink, only to be beat by a political neophyte who has never run for office in his life.  Of course, it is a businessman, Donald Trump, who put himself through the gauntlet because he is as frustrated as the rest of America.  Only he has the billions of dollars necessary to make it happen.

To the surprise and chagrin of establishment Republicans, he won.  They were surprised, not because they didn’t know how frustrated we were, simply that we didn’t bend to their elite will this time.  Republicans have become big liars like the Democrats and simply would rather become Democrats than listen to the people who elect them.

This time real Americans put another real American, not a political elitist, as their chosen candidate.  Establishment Republicans, being the pouty elites that they are, cannot allow him victory.  It will spoil their carefully arranged plans to globalize us into a one world behemoth where only the elites prosper.  This has not gone unnoticed by real Americans who vote.  All trust that the Republican Party will change has been lost.  We have been betrayed for the last time.

On November 9, 2016, no matter who wins the election, the Republican Party is changed forever.  No one who supports Trump will ever be a Republican again; as well as all of those independents and conservative Democrats who are real Americans will never vote for them again.  The Republican Party is as dead as the Whig Party.  It died of natural causes; elitism.

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5 comments to “The Morning After, the Republican Party will be as dead as the Whig Party”
  1. Joe – Right as always. Down ticket, my wife and I are not voting for any so-called Republican not supporting Trump. Hope they lose both houses, since they wouldn’t be the opposition if Hildabeast wins – just enablers. As the Ds drag us down, the face of the enemy will be more distinct and identifiable without the Rs’ mealy mouthed excuses and phony opposition.

  2. “Yet, establishment Republicans reject the will of the voters so much that at least two former Republican Presidents have stated their support for the Democratic candidate.”

    And who would be the third?

  3. We have been Independent for decades knowing the GOP is corrupt to the core, these socialist idiots who won’t back Trump is proof and more and more leftists have hijacked the GOP for decades when they pushed NAFTA/GATT, open borders, etc All the Bushes are globalists, Ryan and others in congress, senate.

  4. Both parties are sickening. The Constitution has been trampled and left to rot. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves! How quickly we have dismantled what they fought and died to create. America the Beautiful is overtaken by evil and greed. God can still bless America if we repent, but very few seem to care.

  5. The only problem will be getting around the two party voting system and the indoctrination of children to vote as a civic duty and to vote progressive with no considerations other than to fight against prejudices. Those two things have played a significant role in this election and will continue to grow in significance in each follow election if many things are not changed. Even if Trump wins 1 or 2 election cycles and we somehow maintain the U.S. as a nation during that time, what is to follow? Fixing the Republican party, creating a new party, or just voting third party… for some reason they all do not seem feasible without a societal dedicated continuous effort to figure it all out and implement changes from here on.

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