Sympathy for the Devil


By Joe Ragonese

“Just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints, just call me Lucifer, ‘cause I’m in need of some restraint.’  Those stirring words are a part of the 1968 song, “Sympathy for the Devil,” sung by the Rolling Stones.

For those who did not live through those tumultuous times, take it from someone who did, it was a really bad time in America.  What was bad for America was bad for the world and it was a clamorous time everywhere.  We are entering a time much worse than the revolutionary 60’s. The major difference is that most of the revolutionaries then were teens and young people, with little or no support by anyone who could make a difference.  America back then knew what winning was, knew that capitalism was the only means to succeed, and that America’s values, of God, Country, hard work, individual effort and steadfast perseverance, were the winning combination that made America the greatest nation on earth.

What changed?  It was called incrementalism.  The Marxists knew they were never going to cause a communist revolution in America when our values were intact and functioning.  So they took a long term approach to the problem, on many levels.  The first was to devalue our morals.  It came in slow and steady increments.  Many college professors and most union leaders were committed communists already.  They simply began teaching Marxism as if it were a viable alternative to capitalism, while the unions gained power through kickbacks to the Democratic Party.

The more kickbacks, the more power the unions were given through democrat legislation, on every level from cities like Detroit, to the U.S. Congress.  When communist teaching was challenged, it was said to be opening the minds of the young people.  Now, that’s reasonable, right?  There was a problem with that; however, and that was that by the time that students entered college, they already had 18 years of training in how well capitalism worked.  That had to change.

Along came the dupe, President Jimmy Carter, who wanted to give every student a chance at greatness, and who thought the federal government was the place to do it from.  He developed a Department of Education, which had never existed, and with good reason.  Carter had an all Democrat Congress; both houses were filled with pinkos who went along with this hair brained scheme.  Back then Democrats were not as far left as they are today; in fact, many who were Democrats then would not be allowed in the party today.

The Department of Education was exactly what the American Communist Party hoped for.  It was quickly overrun with Marxists and they made demands of local school districts that they teach everything except American Exceptionalism. Those demands eventually turned into teaching communism as an alternative form of government, equal to democracy.  The teachers, by then, had been unionized and willingly went along with the Marxist education.

As an example, this writer was a substitute teacher for a period of time.  Once, when teaching a Social Studies class (History was removed as a subject by the Department of Education, which is why young people do not know anything about America’s exceptional past) I came across a sentence that read, “George Washington was a political leader who led his people in revolt against others to form a government, just as Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh did.”  (The truth is I do not recall the exact wording; however, that was the jest of the text.). No mention was ever made of the millions of people that Mao and Ho killed who disagreed with them.

That is how incrementalism works; just a little lie here and a little one there.  And then when confronted with the truth, the young person has no clue what is right and what is wrong.  The Department of Education was formed in 1979, it has been dumbing down students for 37 years, while filling their heads with anti-American propaganda; that now young people actually think that being a Marxist isn’t connected with the murderous communist who control by murder, intimidation and fear.  In fact, the horrors committed by Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot and Fidel Castro, in the name of communism, aren’t even mentioned.

Just think about it, Che Guevara, the designated torturer and murder for Fidel Castro, is hailed as a hero by young people who think being a Marxist revolutionary is cool.  The Department of Education is the reason that the majority of the Millennial Generation, now the largest in American history, do not think that communism is bad or wrong.  They also do not think that capitalism works to the benefit of the average American.  Scary stuff.

By working in small increments, it opened the door for Barack Obama to fundamentally transform America, just as he said that he would.  During the last seven years more transformation of American mores has taken place than at any time prior.  Eight years ago no one would have believed that gay marriage was possible, let alone government mandates that boys are to be allowed to use the girl’s washroom.  The stage had all ready been set for a man like him to come into office and not be afraid of Congress stopping him, because they were afraid of being called racist if they tried to.  Under his leadership we have seen the words of the Rolling Stones song come true.  Today, every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints. 

You don’t believe it?  Black Lives Matter are the sinners.  There is nothing clearer on the face of the earth than them being sinners.  “There’s a white person, Kill him, Kill him, the black woman screamed.”  Those words were screamed at a BLM riot in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during riots.  “What do we want-dead cops; when do we want it-now” screamed a crowd of BLM supporters at this year’s Charlotte, N.C. riots.  Yet it seems that no one heard them, especially in the main stream media.  They were all criminals, calling for criminal acts against whites and police;  and nobody in the media heard them.  Colin Kaepernick, of the San Francisco 49ers, has turned himself into a hero by standing up for the Black Lives Matters’ tenets of hate.  You know, Kill the Whites and Kill the Police.  That is what turned him into a hero.  Every cop a criminal, and all the sinners saints.

Our only hope is that there are still a large number of true Americans; you know, the ones who attend Trump rallies and who are attacked going to and coming out of them by BLM thugs.  They are the last hope for America, as founded by those revolutionaries who fought for our independence from a tyrant.  On November 8, 2016, true Americans must become minutemen once again and vote for Donald Trump, in huge numbers, or everything they fought for will be lost.  We will have given in to the devil…because she, is in need of some restraint.

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6 comments on “Sympathy for the Devil
  1. As a Ron Paul Republican. American exceptionalism is a bunch of neocon BULLSHIT. Who are we to tell others how to live or run their own countries. With all the crooked bastards in government and all the problems this nation has and we’re exceptional? … come on .. pull your heads out of your asses.

  2. TREASON is such a fashionable word,everyone wants to do it,and they will TILL THE DAY COMES THE LORD TAKES ALL THE CHILDREN,then things will change in america ,it’ll be war in the streets,no schools no children to deal with,and then the TRAITORS can be hunted without the chance of any kids being harmed,ALL THE NEWS AND TV,RADIO PEOPLE will discover the error of their ways,and “I was just doing my job” won’t save them……..

    • I admire your improper use of commas and your overuse of capital letters. Also, that is a very impressive nonsensical run-on sentence. You are clearly a passionate, if uneducated, below average person. Why wouldn’t anyone take you seriously?

  3. Amen for what the commie infiltrators in our government have done is kill AMERICA with a thousand cuts. They have been bleeding our freedoms little at a time and now they think they have the power to usher in the NWO except for the millions of patriots like us old enough to remember the real America.

  4. The terms capitalism and communism, or left and right, have become so debased by misuse that they no longer capture the essence of the systems they presume to name. That’s why I prefer the terms “inclusive” and “extractive” to describe economic systems as used in the book _Why Nations Fail – The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty_. The crony capitalist system we live under now in the US and communist regimes are both extractive, they just hand over the extracted wealth to different groups.

    An extractive system is set up so that a small clique of elites can create monopolies and control all significant market sectors to their benefit while all others are forcibly prevented from entering business. There is a two-tiered justice system that severely punishes the majority of the population for every infraction while allowing the favored clique to pretty much do as they please.

    An inclusive system allows all citizens to enter the economy with whatever skills and resources they can bring to the enterprise of their choice. The justice system is blind, with people of all social classes and economic status subject to exactly the same laws and prosecution standards.

    Ask yourself honestly, what kind of system do we live in in the US today?

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