Seattle Mall Shooter Still at Large


Seattle CBS Local

Authorities say they have recovered a rifle at the scene of the Cascade Mall shooting. The suspect is still at large, and a manhunt is underway. At this time, police do not have a name or positive identification on the suspect. Early descriptions based on witness accounts described the suspect as “Hispanic”; however, the race of the suspected gunman has not been confirmed by authorities.

Police say the suspect appeared to enter the mall without a weapon, and walked into a Macy’s approximately ten minutes later with a rifle. There, the suspect fired multiple times and killed four women at the scene (one man died of his injuries at Harborview Medical Center).

The victims’ ages range from “teenager to senior [citizen].”

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  1. Hey Hillary! Just keep on importing more and more Muslims into our heartland, so that you can ratchet up the body count.

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