Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich…The Trump Factor


J. Stewart Cook

Prior to seeking the leadership of the Republican Party, we knew little about Donald Trump, with the exception of him being a well-known businessman and TV show host.

But truly, who is Donald Trump? I have noticed that the media has been having a difficult time trying to “box” or “categorize” Donald into a “neat” format. It just doesn’t seem possible. People, in general, are baffled at what Donald says and what he does get away with! The media has often said that he should be held accountable for what he says. He is held accountable. They do call Donald a racist, a bigot, a liar, straight to his face. But for some reason it just doesn’t stick. Is he, indeed, the “Teflon Man” of politics…a person to whom criticism does not seem to stick?

As the old saying goes…”It is all in the timing.” Donald Trump has sought the presidency of the United States of America when Americans and, many others worldwide, live in a state of “indifference.” There is simply a lack of interest or concern in the well-being of fellow citizens, many things are no longer important as they once were, mediocrity is now the standard and, respect for the individual has vanished.

We have witnessed such through the media and entertainment world. Who would have ever thought fifty years ago, or less, that we would be captivated by TV shows called “The Jerry Springer Show?” Who would have thought that TV would have provided a venue to name calling and openly judging people as to the conduct of their personal lives?

Donald Trump, consciously or not, could not have asked for better timing. Hence, how do we view “The Donald?” Is he just your average “Joe?” Is he a “Star?” Is he a “Demigod,” a figure who has attained divine status amongst the electorate? Would one be so bold as to say that he just might be the “Anti-Christ” or the “False Messiah,” a figure of evil that will falsely claim to be the Christ or the Messiah? No, Donald Trump is just your “All American” boy with the “silver spoon.” He is part of that grouping of young people who are described as “All American,” often coming from good middle and upper class families. The boys are often macho football playing jocks who enjoy the local girls and their domestic beer.

Donald has all the resources at his disposal to be who he is! He does, indeed, call a “spade a spade.” He took this approach from the “get-go” and has never looked back. Donald is the Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Springer, Maury Povich of the political world. In one breath, he will speak highly of someone and in the very next breath “trash” somebody else. He found the “formula!”

It is not likely, in the history of the United States of America, that you will ever see again someone as popular as Donald Trump running for President. Call him what you like, one thing he can claim is that “timing was on his side.” As Maury Povich might soon say…”the results are in. You are the next Pres…”



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