The State Department Carnival Shell Game

By Ray Starmann

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Around and around they go at the State Department…where the truth is, nobody knows…

This week the Obama Administration and the State Department had to admit that our payment of $400 million dollars in unmarked Swiss Francs strangely coincided with the release of four Americans held hostage by the Iranians.

To put out a media firestorm with more smoke and embers than a Southern California wildfire, the State Department rolled out their affable, squirrely spokesman, recently retired Rear Admiral John Kirby. Kirby is the Mister Rogers of the Beltway, who is sorely lacking in one trait that Mister Rogers emanated; honesty.

As Fox News reported:

The Obama Administration admitted Thursday that a $400 million cash payment to Iran in January was contingent on the release of American prisoners being held in the country – while still denying that the payment was a ransom.

State Department spokesman John Kirby said that the negotiations to return the money – originally from a 1979 failed military equipment deal made between Iran and the U.S. – were conducted separately from negotiations to free the four prisoners.

The four detainees who were released on January 17 were Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian; former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati; Christian pastor Saeed Abedini and Nosratollah Khosravi-Roodsari, whose case had not been publicized before the release.

However, Kirby said that the U.S. withheld the cash delivery until Iran made good on its promise to release the prisoners.

“In basic English you are saying you wouldn’t give Iran the 400 million in cash until the prisoners were released, correct?” asked a reporter at Thursday’s State Department briefing.

“That’s correct,” Kirby responded.

Two weeks ago…

Kirby was caught in the triangulation of fire from State, the White House and the media when the $400 million dollar Iranian cash deal leaked out to the world.

Kirby told the world that “we don’t pay ransoms.” The American people don’t Kirby, but the Obama Administration does. And, why do they pay ransoms, because Obama and Kerry are weaklings, because they believe that the absolute disaster called the Iran Nuclear Deal is their legacy, because the Iranians smell blood and are pushing us around on every continent.

John Kirby stated that the $400 million cash payment in unmarked Swiss Francs, delivered on a charter plane in the middle of the night to an Iranian desert airfield was simply money we owed Iran from 1979. Any speculation and allegations by the press that this was anything but an honest, all-American payment to our new BFF, Iran, was a conspiracy theory a la Art Bell.

Uh huh…

And, now the world knows the truth. The alternate and mainstream media that questioned the payment were right and the Obama Administration was again caught deceiving the American people.

Yes, Barack it really was a ransom.

What is even sadder is that we actually believe that we owe the scumbag Iranians any money at all. According to the idiots in the Obama Administration, the $400 million payment is part of the $1.7 billion Iran is getting from us as part of the disgraceful Iran Nuclear Deal. The Iranians have been holding Americans hostage off and on for 37 years. We owe Iran nothing, except a visit from the US Air Force.

Today, on Morning Joe, Kirby told Joe Scarborough the following: “Well, look, Joe, let me just walk through a couple of things here. First of all, this was Iran’s money. Okay? It was money that they were going to get back anyway and so we negotiated in the Hague this interest payment that was much more advantageous to American taxpayers. So to the degree there was a quid pro quo, it was they got their principal back and we got a much more advantageous interest payment schedule.”

I’m sure the American taxpayer is just overjoyed that we’re paying ransoms and that we gave the Iranians $1.7 billion to cause terrorism and general mischief across the world.

Kirby, and the clowns in the State Department are so lost in a cloud of obfuscation, denial and deception that they wouldn’t know reality if it drove over them at Mach 2.  Kirby himself has taken on the role of a State Department Faust, who has sold his soul to the devil, in exchange for a GS-15 paycheck and the key to the executive john.

It’s not the first time that Kirby has dodged the truth for the White House and State and the Pentagon.

Kirby repeatedly bent the truth as Pentagon PAO. During his Operation Inherent Resolve dog and pony shows, he pumped up a Five O’Clock Charlie, two bombs a day worthless air campaign against ISIS, as the modern day version of Operation Overlord. A dimwitted, uninformed, distracted American populace and equally gullible liberal press bought the smoke and mirrors show hook, line and sinker.

Next, El Kirbo retired, took off his Navy blues, put on a PX bought 100 dollar suit and travelled over to Foggy Bottom to serve as their official denier, liar and all around dancing bear.

Kirby has lied and covered up for Hillary Clinton and her email crimes so many times he ought to be the honorary consigliore of the Clinton Foundation, aka the Clinton Crime Family of Manhattan and Saudi Arabia.

Doesn’t Kirby get tired of lying for the feckless left-wing ideologue President Obama, the gullible buffoon John Kerry, the criminal, Hillary Clinton and the moral cowards in the Pentagon?

Maybe, maybe not; perhaps Kirby is another liberal dingbat like the Jobs for Jihadis girl at State. Perhaps Kirby just cares about his Navy pension and his future State Department pension. Perhaps Kirby just lacks intestinal fortitude like so many who walk the hallways of the Pentagon these days.

What Kirby is more than anything is a Sign of the Times. He will say whatever he’s told to say without any thought of the consequences for the organization he serves and the United States.

Kirby is the quintessential New Millennium Man whose order of the day is moral relativism.

Yet through all the lies, deception, and groveling, we still have Americans held hostage in Iran. Within weeks of the $400 million payment the Iranians detained two new guests. And, then there is former FBI agent, Robert Levinson who has been held in Iran since 2007.

How much will Obama pay for these three men? What will be the cover story be this time? What lies will Kirby spoon feed to America?

One thing is certain: the United States of America can do a lot a lot better than John Kirby, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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