The Case against Hillary Clinton

By Ray Starmann

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looks on as she speaks during a town hall meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada August 18, 2015. REUTERS/David Becker - RTX1OPKY

During the last two weeks, Hillary Clinton has been rising in the polls, although the polls are indeed skewed in her favor. She has been able to distract many uninformed voters, who are more focused on fertilizing their lawn and weekend boating adventures this summer than political campaigns. She has been able to distort her record with the dexterity and aplomb of a safe cracker, while continuing to deny that she has been anything but the most stainless civil servant and a model citizen of the Republic.

The Clinton Campaign is being assisted at every level by much of the press, which is hell bent on installing Madame Secretary into the White House and is willing to use any means at its disposal.

By deflecting the public away from eight disastrous years of the Obama Administration and Mrs. Clinton’s foibles, Mr. Trump has been the target of a giant disinformation campaign that the KGB would have envied.

Frankly, the American people deserve an honest appraisal of Mrs. Clinton’s record that is not distorted by liberal media outlets.

US Senate – (2000 – 2008)

As the Democratic Senator from New York, Mrs. Clinton authored no significant legislation, while serving on five committees. Her biggest accomplishment may have been voting for the Iraq War in 2003.

Secretary of State – (2009 – 2013)

Mrs. Clinton began her service as the nation’s chief diplomat by setting up a private and completely non-secure server in the lavatory closet of a Rocky Mountain hipster company. The server was not able to encrypt classified information, and the people who ran the company were lacking in one important credential they needed to store such a server, security clearances.

During her tenure at Foggy Bottom, Mrs. Clinton routinely sent and received classified information all the way up to Top Secret/SCI and SAP. Both SCI and SAP information are highly sensitive and their disclosure to hostile foreign governments can cause GRAVE damage to US national security.

It is highly probable that hostile foreign governments hacked into Mrs. Clinton’s server and obtained copies of tens of thousands of classified emails that outlined some of the most sensitive information the US government possesses. She has only avoided indictment because of a politically bent Department of Justice and a corrupt and malleable Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.

The recent execution of US intelligence asset, Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri, may be linked to her careless disregard of the nation’s national security laws and mishandling of classified information. The late Mr. Amiri was referred to as “Our Friend” in several emails pertaining to Iran that were processed by Mrs. Clinton’s non-secure server. How many more brave souls in the service of America worldwide are in danger of losing their lives because of one incompetent Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton?

The current US operations to destroy ISIS in Libya could be renamed “Operation Clean Up Hillary’s Mess.” Mrs. Clinton oversaw the overthrow of Libyan dictator Colonel Qaddafi, which immediately created a power vacuum that ISIS stepped into. Her failure to provide proper security at the US Embassy in Benghazi after 600 requests for security upgrades and reinforcement of personnel resulted in the deaths of Americans, including the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. When questioned by the press and the relatives of the personnel killed at the embassy, Mrs. Clinton and Susan Rice fabricated a tale about an obscure video that supposedly inspired locals to riot and storm the embassy compound. In actuality, the Benghazi Embassy Attack was a coordinated, planned terrorist operation. To this day, Mrs. Clinton refuses to acknowledge the truth about Bengahzi. In fact, today, Wikileaks reported that they have information which indicates that Mrs. Clinton was involved in directing sales of weapons to ISIS, something she denied to Congress while under oath.

Egypt – Both Mrs. Clinton and Obama supported the Arab Spring and the downfall of Hosni Mubarak, a pro-American and pro-Israel ally. The fall of Mubarak eventually led to a military coup and the installation of an un-democratic, anti-American government under General al-Sisi.

Syria – As the Syrian Civil War began, Mrs. Clinton dithered and failed to provide any US support to rebel groups in the country. Believing Assad’s collapse was imminent, her lackadaisical attitude toward the conflict allowed ISIS to form and gain power in Syria and in Northwest Iraq. A three-fold nightmare has ensued. Assad has remained in power, and has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, ISIS now controls parts of Syria and the Russians have arrived to ensure that Assad never loses power. Syria is now a humanitarian disaster thanks to Secretary Clinton’s ineptitude. The debacle in Syria also created the current refugee crisis in Europe.

Iraq Early Withdrawal – Mrs. Clinton claims that she was against the early pull out from Iraq in 2012. That may or may not be true. What is true is that she failed to secure a status of forces agreement with the new Iraqi government. The early withdrawal of US forces created an opportunity for Iran to move in and assert its authority as anarchy reigned throughout much of the country after the US withdrawal.

Russian Reset – The so-called Russian Reset is nothing short of a total debacle. Under Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, the US turned its back on allies in Eastern Europe after promising to deploy missile interceptors. NATO became a paper tiger that sat and watched the Russians take the Crimea, move across Eastern Ukraine’s border, fly bombers off the US mainland and violate nuclear and missile test ban treaties.

Clinton Foundation – Recent disclosures by Julian Assange and Wikileaks indicate that the Clinton Foundation may very well be a criminal, pay for play, racketeering operation. According to released emails, foreign leaders paid bribes in the millions, in exchange for favors from the State Department and Secretary Clinton’s manipulation of US foreign policy. The self-professed spokesman for women has taken money from countries that persecute women and deny them freedom every day, like Saudi Arabia. Even more stupefying, is the Department of Justice’s refusal to investigate the Clinton Foundation after repeated requests by the FBI.

Not only is Mrs. Clinton responsible for many of the current problems in the world, but she has apparently profited from them.

Hillary Clinton’s Platform – There is really nothing we haven’t seen before in Hillary’s platform. It’s more organic, gluten free tofu for liberals: shred the Second Amendment, abortion as freely available as fast food, open borders, un-vetted Muslim immigration, refusing to identify Radical Islam as the enemy of humanity and fighting ISIS with one hand and a butter knife. Mrs. Clinton’s economic plan is a gigantic, big government jobs program that would put the country further in debt. It all adds up to the typical Democratic dreams of a utopia that has no relationship with the actual state of the world.

Health – Secretary Clinton’s health is under scrutiny this last week after a picture on the Drudge Report showed aides helping her walk up a flight of stairs. The Internet is saturated with videos of her losing track of her thoughts, having mild seizures and fainting spells. She has suffered three concussions in the past and may have brain damage from those injuries. She may very well be in the first stages of dementia. It is imperative that her full medical records are released and the American people have an accurate picture of her health. In fact, she could very well be medically unfit to serve as the President.

Personality – Mr. Trump is under constant attack by the liberal media and Hillary Clinton for apparently not having the right temperament for the Presidency. On the contrary, it is Mrs. Clinton who has a track record of violent mood swings, throwing objects at people during temper tantrums, use of abusive and foul language to subordinates and blatant disrespect for the US Secret Service and the military.


Mrs. Clinton’s record is one of little accomplishment, much hypocrisy and many failures worldwide. Her actions show a pattern of recklessness, ruthlessness, dishonesty, incompetence and probable criminal behavior. Mrs. Clinton believes that the world owes her the Presidency because she served as First Lady, as the Democratic Senator from New York, as Secretary of State and because she is a woman. But, this is 2016 and her cries of “I am woman!” fall on many deaf ears. Our nation is in deep trouble. Our economy is failing, nearly 97 million Americans simply aren’t working, one in five families have no one in the household who is employed, millions of Americans are on food stamps and our military has become a politically correct weakling, laughed at by our enemies around the globe. If elected, Mrs. Clinton would continue many of the policies of the current administration, policies that are destroying America and causing mayhem across the globe.

Mr. Trump may be a political novice, and perhaps his Achilles Heel is thinking out loud too often. But, he is a highly skilled businessman who has a realistic view of the world, our nation’s maladies and how to fix them. More than that, he is a nationalist, an American patriot who has rallied a downtrodden nation in a wave of populist euphoria.

Let us hope and pray that the populist euphoria can take him to the White House in January.

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  1. I truly believe that Trump is our only chance at restoring America peaceably for if Hillary wins the line in the sand will be crossed and although that is the last thing i want so be it.

  2. This was posted on another website’s article also pointing out all the obvious flaws of Crooked Hillary. I’m trying to put out this attitude towards her because it seems like we’re all being suckered into attacking her rather than considering other strategies of the DNC and global elites that may be in play.

    Hillary is a DECOY. That is the only thing she can be at this point. Whether or not these newly released medical records are correct, though they seem quite plausible, it is OBVIOUS she is having medical issues that are being hidden / avoided by the media and such. She’s dirty and every day the publicly known dirt on her grows. She is politically toxic. She is physically broken. She is mentally unstable. AND she’s much less popular than the MSM polls try to convince us of. Thus she can only be a DECOY. If Trump and the GOP want to prepare for the real 2016 election they’ve got to target her likely replacements as well as trying to head Obama 3.0 off at the pass. Don’t fall for Decoy Hillary. (That should be Trump’s new label for her! He should start campaigning on the basis that she is such an illegitimate candidate that he publicly accuses the system of putting up a decoy.) There is just NO WAY, she is the real candidate at this point. Everyday that passes it seems the media (alternative and MSM) are starting to report on exactly the things that would be used to substitute Hillary for another candidate down the road.

  3. EVERY ONE knows Hillary is not qualified or legal to be president.

    And what does the useless FBI do? Let her go like they did with the sodomite up there.

    Your government has all become USELESS to you. Yet they command a high price.

    Illegal taxes on you all. Not constitutional. Look it up.

  4. WHAT happens when the TRAITORS out number the voters here in america,you become serfs,just like the people were in the middle ages,OR you’ll see the worst BLOODBATH in history,I wonder all the time why america wants such a thing to happen,WE have two directions to travel in,FREEDOM or SLAVERY,yet the people have chosen SLAVERY,and serfdom,I suggest everyone LOOK CLOSER AT “WHO” are the protectors of the TREASON at the controls of america,BEFORE ITS TO LATE TO STOP…….

  5. Hillary is so corrupt and evil she well need a EXORCISM before we could ever know who she really is, her head is getting ready to start spinning around. America has never seen such a corrupt president candidate as the Clintons there is 68 know deaths tied directly to them yet the evil Progressive elites protect their own before they eat them. Poles are also tampered with her voter mass are illegals this was caught on video several times ALL LIES.

  6. Somebody better do something soon. I see martial law in the future. Starting with Detroit, Chicago, and now Milwaukee.

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