Report: Authorities Covered Up London Car Bomb Attack

Prison Planet


Authorities in London covered up an attempted car bombing during an incident that took place on Saturday night, according to a source who reached out to Infowars.

Camden Lock, a popular area for club-goers, was evacuated by police after a report from a concerned member of the public about a suspicious vehicle at 10:50pm.

Metropolitan Police sent in a bomb robot to check the car and subsequently announced that the “vehicle was not deemed to suspicious and officers were stood down.”

However, according to an employee who works at one of the venues that was evacuated, he saw information courtesy of his general manager, who has close connections with police, that suggests the incident was in fact an attempted terrorist attack.

“The bomb was real,” he writes, adding that the device contained shrapnel and that the car was filled with gas canisters. The vehicle had no registered owner and no insurance.

“The car was parked in a VERY high traffic area with busy clubs and pubs all around including a sold out open air event,” he writes. “If it went off a LOT have people would not be going home tonight. The mainstream media won’t report it so maybe you will.”

Camden is an area of London that counts a lot of Jewish people and gays amongst its residents and is flooded with tourists at peak times.

After weeks of terrorist attacks that have shook France and Germany, the decision to keep the attempted attack under wraps makes sense from the perspective of authorities.

It reduces a sense of panic amongst the general public, starves ISIS of more propaganda, and enables anti-terror units to avoid embarrassing questions about intelligence failures.

If indeed this was a cover-up, it wouldn’t be the first time that authorities in Europe have lied about terrorist incidents in order to keep the public calm.

As we reported back in November, just days after the Paris massacre, the German government claimed that reports of an attempted terror attack on a soccer stadium were a false alarm.

However, according to eyewitnesses, including three police officers and a paramedic, bombs were found inside an ambulance before the Germany vs France friendly match in in Hannover, but they were ordered to keep quiet about the discovery.

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