Deceased FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol


New York City - April 2005

A source within the NYPD has reported that an armed 62 year old man tried to sneak in to the Trump Tower late Tuesday night. Interestingly the suspect who was found with a semi-automatic handgun fitted with a silencer has been identified as Barry Lee Bush, a former Newark NJ FBI agent who has been dead since 2007.

A Secret Service agent discovered Bush after he had circumvented a security partition on the bottom floor of the Trump Tower.  Questioned by Secret Service at the scene, Bush who initially identified himself as Barry Franklyn, remained silent offering no explanation for why he broke security at the Trump Tower.


3 comments on “Deceased FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol
  1. Being that I can’t quit understand the characters of this incident . Reading about the silencer and gun and the guy —was this a set -up to convey a different meaning to this as a warning to Trump.????

  2. Why has this not been on the main stream media, what happend to fox news have they gone sour also, If trump loses or gets taken out this country will go to shit!

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