Clinton’s private server held emails about nuclear ‘spy’ executed in Iran: Aides discussed scientist ‘friend’ and his decision to return home after defecting to the U.S. for $5m

Daily Mail


  • Shahram Amiri was in the U.S. while Hillary was Secretary of State
  • Believed to have handed over secrets about Tehran’s nuclear program
  • He was hanged for ‘revealing secrets to the enemy’ on Sunday 
  • Hillary stressed he was here at his ‘own free will’ at the time 
  • But he maintained he’d been kidnapped by American intelligence agents 
  • A diplomat and one of Clinton’s top advisers then sent emails about him 
  • One stated it was ‘diplomatic, psychological issue’, but not a legal one

Hillary Clinton used her private email server to discuss details of the Iranian nuclear scientist who has executed for giving information to the CIA.

Shahram Amiri, who was hanged on Sunday for ‘revealing secrets to the enemy’, was in the US and allegedly informing on Tehran’s extensive nuclear program during the Democrat’s controversial reign as Secretary of State.

At the time she stressed researcher had been there of his ‘own free will’ and was described as ‘our friend’ in correspondences.

But he maintained he had been kidnapped by intelligence agents.

Emails sent by Clinton’s advisers point to the scandal involving Amiri – suggesting it was a ‘diplomatic, psychological issue’, but not a ‘legal one’.

One aide also warned he would lead to ‘problematic news stories’.