Christians Fleeing Germany to Escape “Aggressive Muslim Migrants”

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More Christians are fleeing Germany for “Muslim free” countries like Hungary to escape “aggressive migrants” who have poured into their homeland.

A report by Hungary Today details how the process of “reverse migration” is beginning to unfold, with the area around Lake Balaton, where properties can be purchased for just 14,000 euros, becoming a popular retreat for German families desperate to leave.

“People say they’ve had enough of things getting worse and worse in Germany, and they hail Orbán’s policies,” said German estate agent Ottmar Heide (pictured below), referring to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s decision to close his country’s borders to migrants last year.

According to Heide, 80 per cent of his clients are people from Germany fleeing their country to escape the consequences of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door migration policy. Around 30,000 Germans now live in the area, a significant increase since last year.

German couple Valentin and Jennifer Duräder explicitly stated that they were moving to Hungary because they feared Muslim migrants.

“We are Christians, we don’t want Muslim neighbors. They have a different culture and are aggressive. And this we can’t accept,” the couple told German broadcaster ZDF.

In a related story, a German family drove 1,400 miles to Moscow to claim asylum in Russia, with father Andre Griesbach remarking, “We don’t feel like Germany is a safe place for us, or to bring up children.”

As Breitbart reports, since Merkel gave the green light for over a million migrants to flood Germany, tourism has slumped, with the number of tourists from countries like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan declining by a whopping 40 per cent since May 2015.

Germany has suffered a number of terror attacks over the last month, while virtually none of the migrants who carried out the mass molestation of women in Cologne and Hamburg on New Year’s Eve have been charged.

As we reported earlier this month, according to prominent Swedish priest Annika Borg, Europe needs to “wake up” to the fact that Islamists have declared war on Christianity.

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  1. To the people of Germany —Your merkel has done an injustice to all of you over these migrants. She should have stopped this a long time ago. She hasn’t been fair to you. I would think it is time for all of you to kick her out and get one that is on your side. and I would say close your borders now.!!!

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