‘The coup is a gift from God’: Erdogan uses botched rebellion to start purge – including arresting 3,000 secular judges – to forge radical new Turkey after urging Islamists to stay on the streets

Daily Mail


  • Recep Erdogan has rounded up almost 6,000 troops, judges and prosecutors following Friday night’s coup
  • The president addressed supporters following his dramatic return to Istanbul where he announced the clampdown
  • He urged his fans to remain on the streets and occupy public spaces to prevent any retaliation by the military 
  • Erdogan warned his supporters that those behind the coup ‘would pay a heavy price’ for their treachery  

Turkish president Recep Erdogan has described Friday’s attempted coup as a ‘gift from God’ as it will allow him to ‘cleanse’ the army.

The hard-line Islamist leader managed to cling onto power after making a dramatic appeal over FaceTime for his supporters to confront the military who attempted to seize strategic locations in Istanbul and Ankara.

Erdogan, who was in Marmaris on the Mediterranean coast at the time rang a journalist who put him live on air to make his dramatic appeal for support.

After returning to Istanbul overnight on the Turkish Government Gulfstream IV jet, Erdogan addressed jubilant followers as his security forces launched their purge on elements accused of disloyalty.