Is Incirlik Air Base being held hostage by Turkey?



For a fifth consecutive day, Turkey has intentionally withheld power and vital supplies from the U.S.-NATO joint installation Incirlik Air Base.

According to our sources, verified by TRUNEWS as parents and spouses of U.S. airmen currently stationed at Incirlik Air Base, no supplies have been flown or driven into the installation since Saturday, food and water are being strictly rationed, and only one week of fuel reserves remain to power their electric generators.

A wife of a Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) trapped in Incirlik Air Base told TRUNEWS correspondent Edward Szall that her husband ate only one meal Saturday at the bases dining facilities, and has since been sustaining himself on junk food and snacks.

“He told me that everyone is getting irritable, lots of amenities being taken away it’s starting to get to people,” the spouse said Tuesday night.

A mother of an airmen sequestered inside Incirlik told TRUNEWS that her son informed her early Wednesday that Turkish police are still blockading the base entrance, and that the electric generators — powering flight operations and the underground bunkers housing B-61 nuclear bombs — would remain on until fuel rations were extinguished. Her son also claimed that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter vetoed a plan to transfer all personnel and equipment from the base after the military coup began Friday night, citing that the move was “too expensive”.

On the July 19th edition of TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles interviewed Hans Kristensen, the Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, regarding the nuclear armaments housed at Incirlik Air Base. During the interview Mr. Kristensen noted the B-61 warheads would take approximately three weeks to transfer from the underground bunkers in the event of an emergency, even with a full military contingency facilitating the move.

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  1. It is a shame that the American people are so blind that they cannot see what is put right in front of their faces. When are they going to wake up and see that we really need to get off of the “pussy footing around” with the rest of the Militant Islamic terrorist and set things back to a civilized world. Of course we need to have our people here start showing respect for one another in order to have a unified front to present to the rest of the world. New media is not helping glamorizing the issue of injustices going on here. Certainly “Black Lives Matter”!! “”ALLL LIVES MATTER!!!! (except for most politicians) I am sick and tired of being ruled by people who make rules for us to live by but they won’t live by them.
    Also I have had enough of the perfectly healthy people who are too lazy or don’t know how to work because they can make so much money from SUCKERS who keep giving them money just because they happen to say things like “Homeless” or ” Anything helps” or many other things that are probably 99% lies.
    H0wever I do realize there are some individuals who truly do need help and those persons I would like to help we need to be able to find out which ones they are.

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