Is Black Lives Matter as dangerous as ISIS?

By Jerome Almon


Americans HATE the TRUTH. As a matter of fact Americans despise the truth and anyone who tells it, even if that truth saves their lives and their livelihood. The reaction to the recent police ambush in Dallas irrefutably proves this point. The response from politicians, President Obama, and Americans as a whole was effeminate to say the least. That is, rather than move to eradicate the threat to all our freedoms and liberty, the response was the continued bowing to a group, Black Lives Matter; that is comprised of groups of posers, losers, and lunatics.

The truth of the matter is Black Lives Matter is a ridiculous, cartoonish group of incompetents, that would be labeled village idiots in any other first world country or at any other time in American history. However, Black Lives Matter is dangerous, as dangerous as ISIS is to America, and Americans better accept that whether they understand it or not. Former DIA Director Lt. General Michael Flynn recently stated in an interview that ISIS was in danger of overrunning the country. This sentiment was echoed by former CIA head Admiral James Woolsey two weeks earlier. The reason these two men said what they said and I am stating what I am stating about Black Lives Matter is because we all view such groups from a real world perspective rather than a political or politically correct perspective. Being students of history, we recognize that the elements present within ISIS and Black Lives Matter MUST lead to violence and economic destruction. The proof…both have. Not might, not could, DID.  ISIS has cost America trillions of dollars and Black Lives Matters has cost America hundreds of billions of dollars headed towards trillions. (This is due to ISIS being part of the larger Jihadi Army from Iraq to Afghanistan, and Black Lives Matter’s costs being related to police departments, rioting, and loss of revenue/GDP respectively.)

In August of 2015 I warned NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, the Chiefs of Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and several police organizations that the Black Lives Matter protests would end up exactly where they ended up in Dallas on 7 July 2016-in ultra violence. I warned that certain steps had to be taken or America would have a second insurgency inside the country along with the Jihadist fighters from ISIS and Al Qaeda.  That day has come. America can neither afford economically or from a standpoint of security to fight another insurgency-especially one comprised of millions of generational Americans. There is a term for that…Civil War.

There is no way Russia, China, India, or  Germans (as opposed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel) would tolerate such an insurgent movement as Black Lives Matter, they aren’t that STUPID.  The question is WHY are WE? The answer is our leaders are.  They are so used to lying, stealing, and being deluded that they cannot accept what is right in front of their faces. The perfect example is with the recent ISIS video release stating that it was going to attack San Francisco and Las Vegas and the San Francisco and Las Vegas leadership stating that there is no “credible threat”

What has Black Lives Matter PROMISED to attack? More cops, I have no doubt that they will do exactly that any day now. (Editor’s Note – This article was written several days before the Baton Rouge shootings) To put Black Lives Matter and its threats and danger in perspective, if the Mafia, the biker gangs at last year’s shoot out at the Twin Peaks Bar and Restaurant, or the Bloods and Crips told you that they were going to kill you and your family, would you believe them?  Of course you would, their history or violence and most importantly, recent actions leave no doubt they are cold blooded killers.  The Mafia, biker gangs, and all other American organized crime have a rule, that a member that kills a cop in uniform will be killed by a member of his own organization. They have that amount of common sense, street gangs do not, Black Lives Matter does not.

The professional crime syndicates understand that the law enforcement community will decimate them if they kill cops in uniform. They will not make a dime, which is their sole purpose-to make money.  Street gangs and Black Lives Matter do not get this and are given cover by politicians such as Hillary Clinton and President Obama. They see police officers in uniform as targets with their badges being a bullseye. They are political gangsters, out of control, out to destroy America and what we have built over the past 240 years.  Like ISIS and Al Qaeda the rule book does not exist, they will exploit every opportunity presented to them in the way the Dallas shooter specifically trained to exploit the fact that police would view him as a criminal rather than as a terrorist. This is a mistake, it is the deed that is at issue not who did it or where they did it.  Being a generational American on the streets of Dallas does not make any less of a terrorist than if you were an ISIS fighter on the streets of Dallas committing the very same act.  America better get this, and get it now.  We either stop this now or we forfeit the country as we know it.

What has to happen is that the recommendations presented to the Police Chiefs in August of 2015 have to be implemented.  The authorities have to set the rules regarding the protesters and enforce them. The police have to run the show not Black Lives Matter, as is the case now.  The Police Chiefs and Sheriffs must notify Black Lives Matter, in the same way they notify biker gangs concerning what will and will not happen in their city or county. (Sheriffs for instance, set the rule on whether biker gangs can wear their colors in their counties, for example in Clark County where Las Vegas sits, the Sheriff forbids it, and all KNOW to comply or else they might find themselves in a hole in the desert.) The leaders of the Black Lives Matter, activist allied with them, celebrities that encourage them, and politicians that cover for them should be served notice that they will be held PERSONALLY accountable under RICO and terrorism laws for their relationship, encouragement, and support of Black Lives Matter (as well as in civil court).

There must be a sense of urgency regarding Black Lives Matter, in the way American political leadership should have had concerning ISIS and its Jihadi partners. Black Lives Matter has entered Phase II of its violent attacks against America, as opposed to ISIS which is in Phase III of its violent attacks against America. We are on the verge of having these two Phases and groups MERGE. Don’t believe me? Just track Black Lives Matter from Ferguson to Dallas, and track ISIS/Al Qaeda from Ft. Hood to Orlando. The only difference is the names of the organizations, with one other frightening exception.  ISIS has infiltrated the American political, security, and intelligence apparatus, Black Lives Matter IS  the political, security, and intelligence apparatus.  It is NOW or NEVER. If NEVER, learn Arabic, if NOW call on and support police entities and responsible civilians to get together and implement the necessary solutions to the problem WHILE WE STILL HAVE THE CHANCE.

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  1. Obama starts racial division with hisRhetoric(n):The art,study,or skill of using language effectively and persuasively; or elaborate, pretentious, insincere language. And now the rhinos are going to start push his war….make sense to me. They want how many to disappear through their eugenic Holocaust actions. They have been pushing for it since before the 20’s through the Carnegie Foundation. Now they are the likes of the Gates foundation, Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. They think the world is over crowded and there is not enough room in their preserve.
    People are so easily swayed by their demonic force’s. They are going to let it happen to themselves and they are blind to the facts. No voices loud enough to turn them back. Only hate in their hearts. But Christ said it would be so in the last of days. Matthew 24 he said nation against nation ( ethnos against ethnos) that’s ethnicity, the he says kingdom against kingdom. Paul says they are taken captive by the devil at his will, and that if God Peradventure would give the repentance to the acknowledging of the truth. What is truth? The only place you can find it these days is in God’s word( pre Witcliff and Hort translations).

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