When They Killed JFK They Killed America

Paul Craig Roberts


In the JFK administration I was a White House Fellow. In those days it was a much larger program than the small insider program it later became. President Kennedy’s intention was to involve many young Americans in government in order to keep idealism alive as a counter to the material interests of lobby groups. I don’t know if the program still exists. If it does, the idealism that was its purpose is long gone.

One comment on “When They Killed JFK They Killed America
  1. The assasination (I was in 1st Grade in 1963) and its consequences seem to be bookending my life. I saw Kennedy alive when he visited my city the previous year. He was such a flawed man. Many are. But he was on to the curruption at the level of government and the destruction of our nation’s monetary sovereignty. This world is not ours to win without a terrible convulsion. I pray that I have the strength to endure. I am not a military man, but I am curious and ask rhetorically, “What is going on with the patriotic men, esp. the military?” You cannot answer this, I know. In fact, I do not really know who you are nor your true intentions. I hope you are who prima facie appearance suggests. We are witnessing something that causes me to acknowledge the presence of “enemies foreign and domestic.” I have twice taken an oath to defend against such. We are in deep stuff, deep. If not now, when? What under heaven would be legit and how to accomplish it?

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