The Feminization of the US Military is Nearly Complete

By Ray Starmann


The US Military has crossed the Rubicon and is spiraling into a whirlpool of doom and disaster on the land, on the seas and in the air.

Mission accomplished Cultural Marxists and Feminists. With the help of our Socialist Commander in Chief you’ve succeeded in achieving your goals of destroying our beloved and glorious military beyond your wildest dreams.

What started with ideas spouted by crazies like Gloria Steinem in the 70’s, Patricia Schroeder in the 80’s and Claudia Kennedy in the 90’s, the feminist destruction derby of the last great male, macho culture in American society is on virtual steroids in 2016.

Our enemies know we are weak and getting weaker. There is not a day that goes by where the United States is not being threatened by China, Iran, Russia, ISIS or North Korea.

Our enemies know that our military is suffering from readiness issues, low morale and desperately lacking that indefinable, but essential quality known as fighting spirit.

US Defense Watch has reported on a myriad of events and policies that are sapping the lifeblood out of the military’s warrior culture; such things as breastfeeding and lactation directives for field exercises, men wearing pregnancy simulators during PT (physical training), male ROTC cadets forced to wear red high heels, sensitivity training in combat zones, transgenders in the ranks, Mommy Rangers, an openly gay Secretary of the Army, white privilege training and classes that teach the Bible and the Declaration of Independence are sexist documents.

Only last week, Fox News reported that Air Force personnel at Travis Air Base played the child’s game, Hungry Hippos in order to foster better teamwork. Apparently, baseball and dodge ball are out. Someone might get hurt after all. Heaven forbid! Dodge ball fosters aggressiveness.

Imagine the 8th Air Force pilots in England during WWII playing Hungry Hippos while waiting for another bombing run over Germany. Draw a mental picture of Gregory Peck in Twelve O’Clock High rolling around on his stomach with a basket of colored balls.


What’ next for our young boys and girls in the military, playing Chutes and Ladders, or Duck, Duck Goose?

The US Military has been a ripe target for feminist and liberal destruction. It is, pardon me; was; the last bastion of the male macho culture, the culture that has won our nation’s wars for 240 years. With its male rite of passage toughness, code of duty, honor and country and ranks of booze hounds and skirt chasers, it was hated by radical feminists for decades.

Feminists have managed to completely turn American society on its rear end, creating the chaotic society that the nation is drowning in today. The workplace, the arts, the churches and the schools have been feminized to the point of no return. The average male character on network TV is a weak twerp who hardly can spell his name. A Vic Morrow, Sergeant Saunders character from the old show Combat would last about one week on network TV in 2016.

As a former middle and high school teacher, I’ve witnessed the feminist destruction of the nation’s schools. In fact, the K-12 education world has been taken over by feminists and women, with the result that most men don’t want anything to do with it anymore, including yours truly.

While these policies and social changes are harmful to American society, they are the death knell for the US military.

The military is not corporate America, although, the leaders of the military have a corporate mindset and are running the military like it’s a Fortune 500 company, not the armed forces of the US. They treat the military like it’s any other job in the civilian world.

It’s not just another job. The military does not exist to provide breast pumps, field lactation stations, day care centers, playpens, baby strollers, or Swedish style, cradle to grave benefits.


The military exists to win wars; nothing more, nothing less. The US military’s warrior culture is as fragile as a Faberge Egg and its being shattered into a million pieces.

The US military is dying by a death of a thousand feminized cuts. From lactating female soldiers in the field to women pushing around baby strollers, while donning 101st Airborne/Air Assault combat patches, to an openly gay Secretary of the Army; it all creates an atmosphere of a corporation, rather than a military organization.

America has let this happen. Americans voted for Obama and his pack of Marxists, twice. Americans have a limited knowledge of the military, as most don’t serve. Americans have become a nation of egg shell walking, PC, Capri wearing men in Whole Foods Ho Chi Minh sandals.

We have reaped what we have sown.

Women have always played a vital role in America’s armed forces, no doubt about it. But, they were part of a male culture that worshipped the tough guy, the warrior.

Why would any guy want to join the Navy SEALs or the Green Berets or the US Marines when they know the standards are going to be lowered to accommodate women?

Why would any guy want to be part of a combat arms or special ops unit that will be deliberately made weaker and subsequently endanger the lives of everyone in the unit?

Why would any guy want to be part of a combat arms or special ops unit that will have as much martial spirit as the HR department at Snapple?

Feminists and lefties are forcing the military to become a combination of a Malibu Day Care Center, the Richard Simmons Show and The Birdcage.

The handwriting’s on the wall…

The military will eventually lose men like the education world. Eventually, men don’t want to be around a feminized environment.

Feminists will scream dinosaur! Equal opportunity! But, there is no equal opportunity on a battlefield.

Under the guise of equal opportunity, the warrior culture is becoming extinct. Under the guise of equal opportunity, the feminization of the US military is beginning to endanger us all.

What is the future of the US military unless something is done to reverse all of this; a mass grave at Arlington National Cemetery with the Chinese, Russian or ISIS flag flying over it. That is the future.

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16 comments on “The Feminization of the US Military is Nearly Complete
    • It is being “BITCHED” down…

      As a vet… I’ve seriously considered going to offer my services to Russia… that this PANSY nation might be brought down a lil quicker…

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  2. ……….I don’t subscribe to either party of the one party system. This article fails to mention that these “wars” that we are involved in were brought to us by Bushes, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Predicated on lies. And allowed and financed by a complicit Congress. We are the only nation on the planet that creates enemies, finances them and then spends $700,000,000,000.00 per year chasing them around the planet. Enriching the fascist lobby that owns our Congress and extorting the people into the poor house. Yeah, this articles failed to mention any of this.

  3. The U.S. Military feminized or not are completely useless and worthless. They haven’t protected this nation in over 30 years or more. They protect the banks and military industrial complexes financial interests around the world, that’s all they do. I can’t stand when people “thank” a person who has served. What did they serve? We have a completely corrupted and criminal government, yet not a peep from the cowards who took an oath to defend the Constitution. The Military, please! They are completely useless and cowards!

  4. A brilliant piece. Israel has to employ women in some roles as the population is so small. Believe me the women would rather not have to fight but with rockets from Gaza and the whole of Arab world against them the women have no choice. Women air fighter pilots are there but they don’t outnumber the men. Feminists have being ruining the US for the last 45 years, ever since Sheer Hite thought she had a message!


    This is the work of the devotees of the Frankfurt School. This is the manifestation, the fruition of the wildest dreams of Marxists who have for 80 years labored tirelessly for the destruction of the West.

    In these last few years, a White House, infested with Marxist/Muslim vermin like Valerie Jarret, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and the filthy Muslim homosexual Obama, have simply put the finishing touches on the destruction of the Republic, have driven a dagger of Marxism, Islamism, depravity and lunacy between the shoulder blades of the greatest success story in the history of Mankind.

    I hope, sincerely hope, that elements of military academies like West Point, coupled with sections of the various US Special Forces, commanded by a competent field officer, arrest the filth that contaminates the White House, stands them on trial to face charges of high treason and sedition, and then, upon conviction, in accordance with the penalties afforded convicted traitors, executes these vermin forthwith.

    This is the last hope of the United States of America.

    May God have mercy on our souls.

    J. Wilson Waters (USN, Ret)
    Salem, Oregon

  6. Russia and China are not threatening anyone. It is the USA
    that is rampaging all over the world – but then again I would
    be nervous thinking about all my past and present sins Viet
    Nam Iraq Syria Yemen Ukraine etc etc

  7. THERES only a few men now left in america,the rest are in prison or dead,THE LORD SAYS YOU HAVE NO MILITARY,and you are completely defenceless,the russians and chinese KNOW THIS,eveyone in the Government are TRAITORS,COWARDS and THIEFTS,……YOUR IN TROUBLE AMERICA,the whole world is watching you,and YET knowing this you still run around unarmed,this is going to be a desaster beyond imagination,and your children are beinhg GUNNED down in the streets by the police gangs,YET you still don’t hear the BELLS of destruction ringing,..NEXT THERE WILL BE BLOOD on every sidewalk in every neighborhood in every town in america,WILL THAT HELP WAKE YOU UP………

  8. This article is spot on, and so are the comments by J.Wilson Waters. OB and his neo-communists hate the Bible and the Triune God that wrote the Book, which includes, “In the beginning God created male and female”. The enemy is trying to blur the gender roles, and destroy the family unit. But the LORD’S people still pray, “Our FATHER which art in heaven”. In the future that might get one tossed into jail.

  9. 3,000,000 died in the Vietnam War over a several minute machine gun attack on a U.S. destroyer.

  10. Remember as they say. They do not rule you if you do not obey.

    BUT you are obeying them? Why? If it is silly and stupid why are you doing this?

    You should know by now liberals are just laughing their ass off at how silly they can make Americans look.

    From an illegal sodomite sissy negro to women in combat.

  11. It’s amazing there are still those courageous men (women shouldn’t be in combat) who will put their lives on the line to defend our country given the type of people that make up our political leaders today. Obama pissed in the face of every Vietnam Vet and all Vets by participating in a photo op in front of Ho Chi Minh.
    Isn’t it strange that the communists can have all the guns they want but YOU CAN’T if these clowns have their way.

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