USDW Editor on the Todd Herman Show, AM 770, KTTH

Ray Starmann joined Todd Herman today to discuss the ongoing destruction of the US military by Obama Administration social engineers. Also on the agenda were the severe readiness issues engulfing the military.


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2 comments on “USDW Editor on the Todd Herman Show, AM 770, KTTH
  1. Excellent show today!! Just that one study with the 1% of men failing compared to 30% of women when carrying the heavy load says so much. My husband couldn’t believe women don’t have to do ANY pull-ups in the physical tests for the Marines! Unbelievable!
    We have 6 sons and know that in combat when those women cannot keep up, the men will, by instinct, help them. This puts all in danger.
    Thanks for a great show and guest. I listen every day.

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