Medal of Honor recipients snubbed by Obama in rush to name Navy warships after liberal politicians

Washington Times


As the Obama administration this week named another warship after a politician, a new report is circulating in Congress that shows that nearly 200 Navy and Marine Corps Medal of Honor recipients have never been awarded such an honor, contrary to naval guidelines and tradition.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who has named several ships after Democrats and liberal activists not connected to the military, was in Detroit on Monday to announce that an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer will be named the USS Carl M. Levin. The Michigan Democrat served 31 years in the Senate and chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee from 2007 to 2015.

The move has rankled some Republicans. They note privately the long list of war heroes yet to be so honored and the Navy’s own tradition of naming destroyers after deceased Medal of Honor recipients and other combat heroes, as well as admirals and generals who played significant roles in naval warfare.

3 comments on “Medal of Honor recipients snubbed by Obama in rush to name Navy warships after liberal politicians
  1. With a name like that, that man-of-war should make our adversaries scuttle their vessels when sighted and our allies become teary-eyed of our mere presence (sarcasm intended).

    Next will be a USS H.R. Clinton or a USS Nancy P.D. Pelosi. With this Prez, he’ll have to pull a name out of, uh hum, his hat to placate the LGBT crowd.

  2. And here we go again. All the idiots that voted in our
    illustrious B.O. more than once, have nobody to blame
    except themselves. Obama thinks only of himself and
    the rest of us mean nothing. Why would he lower him-
    self to do what is right when he can do only what he
    wants when he wants. To hell with our heroes. Th
    politicians are more important. F-O-B

  3. Did anyone EVER really think that the LIAR, TRAITOR, GOLFER & GOOF-OFF in Chief ever really cared about what the rest of us think about whom he names to posts and how new warships are named? The man is nothing if not a supreme narcissist, a coward, both morally and physically and I’ll bet, also someone who didn’t have his sorry ass kicked enough while growing up. What really is a shame is that this FOOL gets Secret Service protection for life because if he didn’t, I’d also bet he’d be plagued by pissed off veterans looking to do a little belated ass kicking of their own once he leaves office.

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