At West Point, It’s Goodbye Grant and Lee, Hello Ali Baba

By Ray Starmann


It really is something absurd every day now.

Every day there is another story in the news about the careening, off the rails, flaming train wreck called the US military, courtesy of the Obama Administration and willing lackeys in the Pentagon.

This time the social engineering culprits are at West Point; you know the place that produced military superstars like Lee, Pershing, Patton, MacArthur and Schwarzkopf.

A recent story several days ago mentioned a West Point field trip to Jersey City, so that cadets could learn about Jersey City’s diverse cultural groups.

The cadets spent time with Muslim groups, among others, during a three-day tour of the city for their class, “Winning the Peace.”

During their April 15 visit to the Muslim Federation of New Jersey at 530 Montgomery St., cadets asked questions about Islam, ate traditional Pakistani dishes and attended a prayer session with the local Muslim community.

A West Point junior from a small town outside Seattle, said it’s been “eye-opening” to learn about different cultures after attending a high school that was mostly white.

“Collectively, we’ve all really enjoyed this experience so far,” he said.

Dr. Rafiq Chaudhry, a board member at the mosque, said the purpose of the cadets’ tour is to “appreciate the sensitivities of the different communities living in Jersey City.”

“We learn from them, they learn from us,” he said.

A West Point senior from South Jersey, said visiting different cultural groups and seeing how they live together in the same city has been an educational experience.

“It definitely surprised me that we have this population just over here in Jersey City. And it’s really impressive how they’re able to work together, and it’s really good to see that relationship,” she said.

You would think that West Point would send cadets on field trips to places like Gettysburg or to one of the many Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and other Civil War battlefields on the East Coast.

But, we must remember this is Obama’s Army; an Army slowly being eaten alive by the cancer of political correctness, sensitivity and gender neutrality.

Why would any West Point cadets want to learn about heroes like Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain or J.E.B. Stuart when they can learn about being sensitive toward the Muslim community in Jersey City?

What a gigantic waste of time and taxpayer money! But, then again, this is a US Army that was giving sensitivity training to its soldiers in Afghanistan. Think about that – sensitivity training in a combat zone!

Besides the politically correct virus destroying the Army, there’s also the recent obsession with peacekeeping, refugee management, nation building and counter-insurgency. These were topics normally reserved for civil affairs and Special Forces. Now, the whole Army is focused on this, with the result that the Army’s armored operational capabilities are about less than zero right now.

And, the Russians know it.

Hence, you have West Point sending cadets into Jersey City to attend Muslim prayer services, as if that’s going to teach future officers how to put a world of hurt on ISIS. Kneeling on a prayer mat and munching down Kabsa is great if you’re an SF officer in the Middle East. The cadets of West Point need to spend their time learning about American military history, tactics, operations and doctrine and stop wasting everyone’s time and money.

Our enemies are focused on defeating and destroying us in battle.

West Point is focused on building blocks of instruction that we’re created in some White House back room by a couple refugees from a Venice Beach Bernie Sanders rally.

What’s next for the Long Gray Line, a field trip tour of East Coast gender neutral bathrooms?

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  1. In August 1963, Admiral Rickover [USNA’22], father of the Nuclear Navy, stated that if the changes at the Naval Academy was not going to graduate superior officers that are thoroughly ground in engineering subjects, that the Naval Academy SHOULD BE CLOSED. The Admiral was exactly correct, although about 10 years too early.
    The well-documented failure of the social experiments and changes at West Point & Annapolis are reason enough to turn both places into Federal low-cost housing today. Half of today’s Admirals & Generals come from OCS or ROTC, not the academies.

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