Night of the Trumpster

By Ray Starmann


Super Tuesday was nearly a Trumpageddon, as the Man with the Golden Do secured victories in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, Vermont and Massachusetts. Trump blew out the opposition in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Massachusetts. He came close to taking Alaska, did well in Oklahoma and somehow came in third in Minnesota, home of Somalian run caucuses, 10,000 lakes and an apparent victory belonging to Marco “Birdcage” Rubio.

With several states still reporting their vote count, Trump currently has 316 delegates, which places him above Karl Rove’s magical 300 number for Super Tuesday success. Trump won in New England and won south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Wasps, Boston Catholics, Good Old Boys, Good-Hearted Women, Soccer Moms, vets, military personnel, Hispanics, hard hats and the unemployed all cast a vote for Mr. Trump.

The American people know the gravity of the situation. The American people are struggling and know the GOP Establishment is more interested in their own welfare than the greater good of the nation.

The American people are tired of being used like pawns that power brokers move around on a chessboard during clandestine Manhattan meetings where multi-million dollar deals are made.

Trump is the last great hope for America. He is beholden to no one and therefore a threat to corrupt, power-hungry lobbyists, Super PACs, corporations, defense contractors, offshore billionaires and foreign governments who have profited from the complete demise of the American people and the total destruction of the US economy.

The American people get it. Trump gets it. The GOP Establishment doesn’t have a clue. Heck, they’re planning on rolling out Romney when Rubio drowns in a South Beach foam bath of votes for Trump on March 15th.

Ted Cruz won in Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska. Cruz, to his credit, had worked hard in his home state and seemed to realize that to lose in your home state is the death knell to any campaign. Cruz showed that he can win in his home state and neighbor to the north, Oklahoma. Cruz is the master of garnering votes in rural states like Alaska, where the primary mode of communication is the Pony Express.

Cruz has two problems. One, he is looked as being crooked as a barrel of monkeys. He’s the guy dealing you a Dead Man’s Hand in a West Texas saloon, while throwing down a full house that he pulled out from his boot. Cruz is also more of a regional candidate than anything. He claimed he was going to win the South last night. He won part of the Southwest, but was crushed in the Southeast.

Cruz was destroyed in Massachusetts, literally drowned in clam chowder and run down by Volvos. Cruz is the fly over country candidate. It’s doubtful Karl Rove and company think Cruz is a viable national candidate, but in the current panic state, be prepared for anything.

Rubio is the current Koch Brothers poster child. They’re pouring millions into the South Florida Bubble Boy. There’s just one problem. Rubio can’t win. Rubio used to come across as just young and motivated. Now, after selling his soul to the Koch Brothers, he’s the virtual Faust of the GOP, saying anything, doing anything for the greater good of Rubio and a hated Establishment. Rubio has become the Cuban Kamikaze. The public ain’t buying it. Look for a Rubio implosion on Saturday and in the weeks ahead as he flies straight into the deck of the USS Trump, which will still be standing.

There were initial reports of voting machine malfunctions in Travis County, Texas and Boston yesterday. Now, there are reports of voter fraud in Virginia. It didn’t make a difference in Boston and one wonders what kind of shenanigans took place in Travis County and Virginia Beach. You also have to wonder what was going on in Minnesota. Rubio securing a victory is about as rare as a Chicago Cubs World Series appearance.

Cruz had a solid victory in Texas and the GOP Establishment hates his guts, so any tampering to help Cruz is possible, but doubtful. Saturday looks good for Mr. Trump. Trump may sweep Kansas, Kentucky, Maine and Louisiana.

Right now, Trump is an unstoppable force. He is the voice of the New American Revolution, a revolution of ballots, not bullets.

The GOP Establishment would be wise to get out of his way.