The Veteran’s Perspective – The Greatest Threat to America is …. the National Debt

By Elmer Ellsworth and the Veteran’s Perspective

As the two sides of the partisan political battle behave like spoiled children in the most expensive playground on the planet, the future and security of our Nation is literally slipping away by the second.

Some reports say the National Debt is at $65 Trillion – at best it is no less than almost $20 Trillion. At either number, the debt is a problem that will sink this Nation if it is not dealt with soon.

Congress Keeps Spending – We the people loose when the Republicans and the Democrats continue to compromise with each other by each allowing the other side to get their “must haves” resulting in our debt to continue to sky rocket. The saddest fact of all is that the ONLY thing issue the two sides seem capable of coming together on is to spend more of our money that they do not have.

Curse on Both Their Houses – The partisan liberals amongst us will claim that we are the richest nation on earth and the risk of financial crisis is several overstated. The partisan conservatives amongst us will acknowledge the financial crisis as real but claim that security requires massive increases to DoD budgets. Both sides are wrong.

Gets Worse With Each Passing Day – Yes, there is a real security threat that must be addressed thru Government action (law enforcement, intelligence and military action). But, all spending issues must begin and end with a budget based on what we can actually afford to spend. And, because of the inability of our elected leaders (both parties) to behave like responsible adults, we now must include within that budget MASSIVE amounts to pay down the existing debt.

Plain Old Common Sense – Every household knows when they have reached that point where they are living beyond their means. Whether or not they act on that realization is a reflection of their sense of accountability, responsibility and plain old common sense. As a Nation we have reached that point. It makes no sense to promise new programs to any group – Veterans included – until the National Debt is under control.

ESSENTIAL FOR NEXT PRESIDENT TO BE ABOVE THE PARTISAN FREY – Unfortunately, most Americans have come to the realization that the constant and compulsive focus on partisan politics leaves little trust to enable real progress to be made on any matter. This is why the most important characteristic needed for our next President is the ability to rise above partisan politics. The next President must place the White House clearly in the corner of the American people, and not on one side or the other of the partisan conflict.

Opportunities for Compromise Exist – Solutions do exist. The truth is that there is enough money for the Government to do what it in needs to do while still paying down the debt quickly. The problem is that doing so will require REAL compromise by both sides. Doing so requires that people accept that they will not get everything their way. In other words, it requires people to not act like children and/or bullies.

If we fail to solve this problem, we will be unable to afford to solve any other problem facing this Nation. In the Veteran’s Perspective, there are many real threats to our security that need to be addressed and problems in our country that need to be solved.