It’s time for President Obama to face reality

By Ray Starmann

What’s it going to take for President Obama to face reality?

Yesterday, only hours after the San Bernardino shootings, the President was once again calling for gun control. Today, the President hinted at executive orders and repeated the gun control mantra. Hillary used the opportunity to show her true colors and jump on the bandwagon as well.

What else would you expect from them?

To this day, President Obama refuses to say the words radical Islam. He finally and reluctantly admitted that the shootings “could be terrorism.” Could be terrorism?

The FBI has taken over the investigation and says officially that this might be terrorism. Of course this is terrorism! They know it. No doubt they’re investigating it as a terrorist incident.

The workplace violence argument certainly seems to be irrelevant now. Workplace violence scenarios don’t include husband and wife teams, nor shooters dressed in military gear with an arsenal of weapons, ammo and explosives.

Today, even more evidence was collected that certainly indicates this was not workplace violence, but terrorism.

Apparently, Syed Farook was communicating online with individuals that were known followers of ISIS and radical Islam. The FBI stated that Farook was also watching ISIS propaganda videos online.

Farook’s apartment was a virtual IED factory, the Krupps Arms Works of Southern California. Over a dozen pipe bombs, more explosive devices and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found at his home.

Political correctness and the desire not to be racist prevented a neighbor from calling the police after he spotted some strange nocturnal activity at Farook’s place. Believe me, if you see a group of Middle Eastern guys doing something in a garage at 2AM, it’s probably not a meeting of the local stamp club.

We can understand the man’s reluctance not to bother his neighbors; his American ideal of giving someone the benefit of the doubt, but maybe we need to be more alert and less sensitive.

Apparently, Farook and his wife had obtained 30,000 dollars’ worth of weapons, ammo and equipment from an unknown source. No doubt the trail of greenbacks leads to somewhere in the big sandbox where the house drink is mango juice.

Also, Farook had become radicalized after meeting his wife, Tashfeen Malik in Saudi Arabia. In fact, she might have radicalized him.

I’ve always wondered how you become self-radicalized. Is there a Ronco Self-Radicalization Kit? Dial 1-800-555-ISIS. For just 39.95 you’ll receive a sword, an AK-47, 200 rounds of ammo; and if you act now, we’ll toss in a free suicide belt, a 50 dollars value by itself! This offer expires before midnight. Money back guarantee, PO Box 23, Pueblo, Colorado.

Seriously…the trend of radicalized female Islamic terrorists is growing. Malik was the new mother of a 6 month year old baby. What kind of twisted brainwashing does it take to convince a mother to go on a suicide mission?

Meanwhile, as Obama took some humidity readings at the White House and water samples from the Potomac today, the FBI is undoubtedly scouring everything imaginable that belonged to Farook and Malik.

No doubt that Farook and Malik either were members of ISIS or Al-Qaeda or another radical Islamic group. Questions remain concerning the mysterious Middle Eastern men from the garage.

Who are those men? Where are those men now? What are they planning? How many terrorist cells are in the Inland Empire of Southern California? Are they going to strike again and how soon?

This is not a gun control issue, nor a situation to be politicalized. This is a national security issue. This won’t stop until radical Islam and its evil merchants of death are destroyed.

War has come to America…again.

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  1. America is being systematically DESTROYED from the inside out!!!

    It’s communist’s subversion!!!

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