Intelligence Head: Obama “Didn’t Want To Hear” About Rise Of ISIS

By Steve Watson and Infowars

A former intelligence head has revealed that the President routinely turned a deaf ear to updates and reports on the rise of ISIS because they didn’t fit with the narrative the administration was feeding the American public.

Appearing on Fox News, Former DIA Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said that Obama “didn’t want to hear…this sort of drumbeat that this Islamic radicalism is on the rise”.

“It didn’t meet a narrative that the president wanted to continue to say to the American public.” Flynn added, urging that Obama needs to admit he messed up on ISIS.

“I would love to hear him say, ‘Look, we made a mistake. Our strategy isn’t working, and… we have made a big decision to make some changes, and… I’m going to come back to the american public in 30 days, and I’m going to give an entirely new strategy that i want to hand off to the next president, whoever that is to give them a stronger foundation.’” Flynn said.

Flynn was adamant that the strategy to combat ISIS needs completely overhauling.

“And frankly, the president has not been able to do that. And I think that — either it’s him personally, or it’s the advisers around him, that are telling him stay the course, and we’ll get through the rest of your presidency. It’s just not going to work like that.” he noted.

“I think that it’s about time that the coach figured out that he has a national security team, or certainly components of it, with his recent visit to the Pentagon and to the national counter-terrorism center.” Flynn stated.

“He’s not going to get a rosy picture from the counter-terrorism center today. He’s going to get a dire picture and it’s not going to be one of an organization, in terms of the Islamic State that’s setback or a JV team.” the retired Lt. General added.

Flynn’s analysis dovetails with the claims of scores of CENTCOM employees who say they were given “implied orders” not to report facts on the ground in Iraq regarding terrorist activity. Instead, they were encouraged to substitute economic or environmental information for terror related intelligence.

Describing the policy of discarding credible terror intelligence as “really disheartening,” Retired Army Sgt. 1st Class William Kotel said “They’ve spent more money and time trying to push down this intelligence … than they have actually spending time and effort on real security.”

Up to 50 operatives working with CENTCOM, the US Military’s intelligence arm under the DIA, have charged that their assessments of the fight against ISIS and Al Qaeda are being altered by senior officials to paint a more rosy picture, in order to fit with the Obama administration’s claims that the US is winning the war on terror.

In addition, Flynn’s analysis dovetails with the claims of inside sources who say that Obama does not want and will not read intelligence reports on groups “he does not consider terrorists,” despite being on a U.S. list of designated terrorists.

“I’ve been privileged to be able to read [the presidential daily read book], and for the last few years, and I will tell you there is not a lot of good news in that.” former DIA head Flynn also said on “America’s Newsroom” Thursday.

“And I think that the president is finally coming to the realization that this problem is not just isolated in a place called Raqqa, Syria, it’s happening right here at home. … So, I mean, this is a problem. and it’s not a problem that’s going to go away with some speeches.”