Rangerettes Lead the Way! – In Feminist Fantasy Land

Ray Starmann reports on the US Army’s impeding cluster, coed Ranger School.


What kind of world would we be living in now, had it been “The Girls of Pointe du Hoc?” Would they have scaled that cliff on D-Day, carrying heavy packs and equipment under relentless fire? Would they have destroyed the vaunted, battle-hardened German Army vets of Russia who defended those rocky heights? Would they have helped save the world from tyranny? Or, would we be living under a tyranny?

What do you think? You know the truth. Everyone does.

Except for the feminists who are driving the US Army off a cliff.


The world of the militant feminist is one largely of fantasy. In it, superhero-style, knife and gun-wielding women consistently decimate male foes twice as large and five times in number. The superhero feminists do this with a myriad of weapons that would make a Special Forces armorer salivate.

More than any other branch of the media, Hollywood has been guilty of feeding the feminist addiction for fantasy, with films like Salt and GI Jane. Also, years of indoctrination in schools run by women bred on a diet of liberation theology and Doctor Spock and ranting politicians from Patricia Schroeder to Hillary have given women the distorted idea that they can do anything¬ in the military a man can.

And, now, the unthinkable has happened, women have been granted permission to attend the toughest, most brutal training the US Army has to offer…Ranger School. The US Army’s version of the Benny Hill Show is scheduled to begin during late April. Apparently, six female soldiers have passed pre-Ranger school training with flying colors. It’s the army’s plan to plunge about 40 females head first into the April class.

The Rangers are the US Army’s pit bulls. Need an airfield seized, call the Rangers. Need to kill a lot of bad guys and do the impossible, call the Rangers. They’ve been in the US Army, in one form or another since the French Indian War, when they were founded by Major Robert Rogers.

Most of the public has an idea of some of their exploits. Their heroic actions on D-Day and their spectacular rescue of American POW’s at Cabantuan in the Philippines. The 1,000 mile forced march by Merrill’s Marauders, across the Himalayas and through the Burmese jungle to strike a lethal blow to the Japanese. From WWII to Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Rangers, to quote Douglas MacArthur, “Have drained deep the chalice of courage.”



These kinds of missions call for men who are special; men who can endure an incredible amount of physical and mental strain and still do what is required of them, while all the time fighting the innate fear of death we all possess.

Ranger School has always been known as the toughest school the army has, one of the toughest in the world, right up there with the British SAS. Not even the Green Berets endure in training what Ranger candidates do. Male candidates who survive Ranger School exit through the gates of Fort Benning looking like Dachau survivors with Guadalcanal 1,000 yard stares. And, now we are sending women into this hell and expecting them to pass.

How’s that going to happen?

Currently, Ranger School lasts for 62 days and consists of three phases: The Benning Phase, The Mountain Phase and the Florida Phase. The course originally lasted 96 days and consisted also of a Desert Phase that was discontinued in 1995. Ranger students usually get two meals a day and on average, 3.5 hours of sleep. Most training days last 20 hours. Before 1995, Ranger trainees received one meal a day.

Ranger students are required to regularly carry packs, equipment and ammo weighing between 75-90 pounds. They will carry this weight for over 200 miles of combined patrolling distance during the 62 days.

While at Camp Darby at Benning, the students are literally PT’d to death. You’ll take a PT test, be expected to max it then be told to do it all over again. There are endless runs, swims, ruck marches (students must complete a 12 mile ruck march in 3 hours with a 75-90 pounds worth of equipment), an obstacle course and endless small unit tactics and patrolling instruction. Students receive refresher airborne training and demolitions classes.

During the Mountain Phase in Georgia, the students receive training on knots, belays, anchor points, rope management, mobility evacuation, and the fundamentals of climbing and abseiling. The training concludes in a two-day mountaineering exercise at Mt. Yonah.


Combat missions training never stops. Students participate in night and day missions involving vehicle ambushes, raiding communications, command and control sites, river crossings, and scaling steeply sloped mountainous terrain. Ranger students learn to reach their objectives by: cross-country movement, parachuting into small drop zones and conducting air assaults into small, mountain-side landing zones.

The students begin the third phase by conducting a “Bridge too Far” scale airborne drop into the vicinity of Florida’s Eglin Air Force Base. The Florida phase focuses on waterborne operations, patrolling in swamp environments, more airborne and air assault exercises and survival training involving venomous reptiles.
A student’s success at Ranger School is also dependent on a series of graded leadership performances and peer evaluations.
Injuries and illnesses are common at Ranger School and include: weight loss, dehydration, trench foot, heatstroke, frostbite, chilblains, fractures, tissue tears (ligaments, tendons, muscles), swollen hands, feet, knees, nerve damage, loss of limb sensitivity, cellulitis, contact dermatitis, cuts, and insect, spider, bee, and wildlife bites.


Injuries are the bane of every Ranger student. Considering that females endure severe injuries at support troop basic training, which is like a five star spa compared to Ranger School, how are they going to hold up at Benning? Every basic training class at Relaxin’ Jackson has scores of women on injury profiles. And, now the army is going to force feed them into the special ops community?

To quote Harry Callahan, “It’s a hell of a price to pay for being stylish.”

According to FM 21-10, Field Hygiene and Sanitation, “It is highly recommended that female soldiers that are menstruating during field exercises or deployments have daily access to bathing facilities.”


How’s that going to happen at Ranger School? Will the females be choppered out to hang with the gear in the rear, while the men continue the mission? Probably.

The FM continues on, “This does not mean that there must be a fixed facility with hot and cold running water. A private place with sufficient drainage should be adequate for a “bird bath.”

Okay…Well, what if there are no private places available? What if there isn’t sufficient drainage?


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Ranger missions call for soldiers with incredible upper body strength, super-human aerobic endurance, and above all, a warrior’s killer instinct. All things 99.99 percent of women in the world don’t have on the same levels as men.

Nature is nature and nothing can change it, not matter what feminists believe. Women don’t have the upper body strength men do and a 25 year old woman has the aerobic lung capacity as that of a 50 year old man. Women by nature are nurturers and don’t possess the kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out attitude the Rangers need to complete their missions. Women can do most jobs in the army and do them well. Rangers are not one of them. Neither are the conventional combat arms or other special ops units.

So, what’s the point? Isn’t this all a big waste of time and tax payer money?

The point, according to feminists is that if men get the opportunity to be Rangers, it’s only fair that women should be given a chance. Remember everyone gets a trophy! The feminists see Ranger School as another ticket to be punched on the way up the corporate army ladder.

America’s Number One Security Threat is not Putin or ISIS or North Korea, the Musical. It’s Political Correctness and Militant Marxist Feminism, which has not only destroyed a generation of men, but is in the process of eviscerating the army with the skill of a late night Ginsu chef.

The army’s mission is to defend the country. They do that in war by killing the enemy and killing them as quickly and violently as needed. The US Army is not some kind of encounter group where Swedish socialist doctrine and Gloria Steinem social engineering can be brutally bludgeoned into an organization that has been around since the Massachusetts boys went live in 1775.

The brass is reporting that women will do just swell at Ranger School in April. The power point presentations, the colorful charts and the obtuse figures all indicate that women can indeed survive and complete a school that spits out 50 – 60% of its male candidates with the speed of a hotel power flush.

Sure they can.

In the words of an old drill from basic, ‘Everyone will qualify.”


The army has been manipulating standards for years to adapt to female soldiers. For example, females have different standards for PT Tests. An 18 year old female is not required to do the same amount of pushups as an 18 year old man. Why? Because she can’t.
There’s no doubt that the army leadership with its rubber spine will find a way to drop the standards at Ranger School so low that even Mister Rogers could receive a Ranger tab.

Mark my words, there will be a female graduate of Ranger School this summer if she has to be brought back to life by one of Bones McCoy’s potions or blue lasers. There will be a female graduate of Ranger School if her lifeless corpse has to be carried to the finish line like a camouflaged clad “Weekend Warrior at Bernie’s.”

The march of folly goes on and the insanity continues for several reasons: one, the Chairman of the JCS, General Martin Dempsey and his sidekick, General Ray Odierno both surrendered their testicles years ago. You couldn’t find them with a GPS and the Hubbell Telescope; two, the Obama administration, which makes the Mondale/Ferraro campaign look like Goldwater on steroids is determined to put women into every slot in the military even if it means national suicide; three, the American public; the servile, combat boot licking, uninvolved and doltish public could care less. As long as they’re not affected, as long as their kids only go camping with Outward Bound, as long as they have an ample supply of Buffalo Wings and the universal remote, you could send a chimp to Ranger School and they wouldn’t mind.

The first rule of Rogers’ Rangers Rules is Don’t Forget Nothin.’

The fools in charge of the lean green machine have forgotten everything.

You don’t have to be a four star general with six aides and a brass toilet plunger to see what’s coming down the road. Still guessing? It’s a rather large, fully laden ACME semi-truck driven by Putin with Wiley Coyote riding shotgun. They’re going to drive straight into our little cuddly Rangerettes and break them into a million pieces.

See, it’s been a long time since the US military actually tangled with an enemy who could really kick some butt. Sure, there were some scraps with the Republican Guard bozos who could barely swivel a tank turret and Jihadis pumped up on Red Bull, Taylor Swift music videos and the fear of a long flight in a rolled up shag carpet to Gitmo. There was some real honest to goodness combat and heroism and sacrifice; ultimate sacrifices against these foes from 73 Easting to Fallujah to Ganjgal.

But…the US military hasn’t fought an enemy like the Germans or the Japanese or the North Vietnamese since, well, Vietnam. You know, an enemy that can fire and maneuver and has air support and starting quarterbacks on their team like Rommel and Giap and Yamamoto. We’re going to get ourselves into a real fight one of these days. We’re going to show up with a butter knife from an Easy Bake Oven when the other guy has a set of Ivory handled .357 Magnums and a John Rambo tank top.

We’re going to discover that our cutesy-tootsy, nurtured, boobs a poppin’, lipstick wearing, Mascara smeared, Rangerettes can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. We’re going to find out that the smoke and mirrors power point presentations which promised us that women in the Rangers was a super duper idea was based on a premise as old as time.

A lie.

Don’t worry, the feminists say, it’s 2015. Wars now are clean and fought with drones and missiles and I Phones. You don’t need any killers anymore, any fire eaters, you don’t need the Boys of Pointe Du Hoc or Merrill’s Marauders or Garrison’s Merry Men. There’ll never be another Pork Chop Hill, or Bulge or Mogadishu or Hue.

How wrong they all are…

“It’s a hell of a price to pay for being stylish.”


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