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  1. The article on the Marine Corps is excellent. My only daughter was a Marine and she never believed females should be in combat.
    My husband was a Marine enlisted and officer pilot. He had to train female
    Future navy doctors. Did not make him a happy camper. He also hated females at happy hour.
    One of my son’s was a navy co-pilot. He attended tailhook. He would not
    Turn in his c.o. the c.o. touched the behind of a whore, who never complained but a navy officer turned in his own c.o.. for doing this.
    By the way all Marines involved with tailhook, were promoted. All male navy were not.were not promoted.

    • Dear Mr. Starmann,
      I can’t tell you how much I loved your article/letter written to that Muslim on the stage at the DNC convention condemning Trump! I was sick to my stomach listening to all the propaganda coming out of his mouth, and the lies. Everything you wrote expressed so much how I and so many other fellow Americans feel, and it is so disheartening to see how the liberal media protects this evil woman Hillary Clinton over Trump. He is a man who loves his country like me and so many other “true” Americans who want to save our country and its Constitution. And Hillary is so corrupt who has been obsessed with her own personal gain and ambition.

      Thank you for speaking out for so many of us, and I pray that Trump will win this election and defeat this corrupt Democratic and Socialist maniac.

      God Bless and keep you, and our Country!

      • Mr. Starmann, what a wonderful – wonderful letter you wrote. I hope and pray that Mr. Kahn read it and millions of other Americans who are supporting evil Hellary. How I pray the Republican come out full blast and support and voice the importance of supporting Mr. Trump. God bless you Mr.Starmann ,

    • Thank you for the open letter to Mr. Khan, the father of Captain Humayun Khan. I am reminded of the quote, “none is so blind as he who will not see.”

  2. I totally agree that females should NOT be in any combat positions in ANY military service. As the wife, mother, daughter, grand daughter & niece of military men, I’ve learned a lot from just listening. I’m a strong woman, but I don’t want my husband or son having to rely on a female for his life. And I don’t want my husband or son lying in a foxhole with a woman. There are positions in the military that a female can certainly perform very capably….but combat is not one of them. As the chair for our regional military support group, I can say there are a lot of concerns we military wives & mothers have when our family members are deployed. We carry an extra load that most wives & mothers don’t have. The extra load of women in combat when it comes to our soldiers, airmen or sailors should not be one of them. And that’s my two cents from a woman’s perspective.

  3. Just read: “America’s Number One National Security Threat – The Democratic Party” – by Ray Starmann . . . spot on.
    While on the subject of National Security Threats we might as well nail down all of them, I refer to “ALL” as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: 1) progressive-liberalism; 2) mainstream media; 3) public education (K-12/higher ed) and the 4) Democrat Party. They are all tied together with a failed ideology, better yet they’re all one in the same. Our public education system is a swamp of progressive-liberalism. For 50-years plus, our public education system has indoctrinated our children and over time enabled the other three in an effort to destroy our Judaeo-Christian culture. Through multiculturalism’s rot it has leeched into our Military Command Structure, We will never start to recover until the swamp is drained, i.e. historical revisionism for starters, which teaches students all the warts of American history and skips over the good in America. Our education system has denied generations the identity of who we are as a nation and a culture then follows up by demonizing the US. How long will it take to drain the swamp or at least neutralize the oatmeal stuffed into the heads of our children by leftist college professors? (BTW: this oatmeal put Barrack Hussein Obama in the White House and the Dept of Ed’s centralized government curriculum of Common Core State Standards, CCSS will give us the next Barrack Hussein Obama.) How about 50-years plus to drain the swamp? Sounds about right!
    While ISIS/Islam is certainly an existential threat, it pales in comparison to the threat from within . . . starting with the first Horseman named Conquest on the white horse, our public education system.

    • Best analogy I have ever seen regarding a very thoughtful analysis of our social structure and cultural change. These “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”
      have caused structural weakness in our educational system to the extent that our social institutions have been made suspect and deemed to be disrespected. The liberal teachers have pushed the notion that there are NO “loser,” only the very” last winner.” Males and masculinity have for the most part been deconstructed into weakness of character. Just take a look at the outrage many millennial adults have demonstrated from coast to coast after President Elect Trump was confirmed. They actually believe they can change the outcome because they don’t accept it. This is the greatest example of why compulsory military service is needed in our country.

    • Best analogy I have ever seen regarding a very thoughtful analysis of our social structure and cultural change. These “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”
      have caused structural weakness in our educational system to the extent that our social institutions have been made suspect and deemed to be disrespected. The liberal teachers have pushed the notion that there is NO “loser,” only the very” last winner.” Males and masculinity have for the most part been deconstructed into weakness of character. Just take a look at the outrage many millennial adults have demonstrated from coast to coast after President Elect Trump was confirmed. They actually believe they can change the outcome because they don’t accept it. This is the greatest example of why compulsory military service is needed in our country.

  4. Ray did a great job on the article about the changing standards in the Navy.

    I remember when I ordered all of my little sailors to avoid getting any tattoos while we were in Hong Kong. The primary reason was the threat of hepatitis and that dreaded gamma globulin shot. That point was missing from the article… the risk the tattoos and dirty needles provided to the entire ship, especially if the newly tattoos worked in the galley.

    Otherwise Great article!

    David Smallwood
    x-Navy Lieutenant & Pilot
    Dishonorably Discharged for…
    1 count of Fraternization
    1 count of improperly submitting a travel claim for $75.51

    • David you are a sad angry person. That article by Starman is the reason you clowns will lose the election again! Out of touch religious bigots!

      • OK Mike, we get it. Us “deplorables” are just out-of-touch clowns. We’re destined to lose the election & possibly even the House and Senate will go back to Democrats? You are on top of current events like flies on top of stink. Media elites are still in shock trying to explain away the reality of last week’s election. News Flash Mike: Trump’s election wasn’t caused by: 1) third-party candidates, 2) low voter turnout, 3) the FBI, 4) the economy, 5) immigration, 6) national security, 7) or voters wi/out a high school education. Must have been climate change.
        The election was an outright rejection of the Democrat(ic) Party, MSMedia elites and the Obama presidency all using political correctness to tell voters they’re stupid for believing conservative ideals or even worse, they’re bigots & racists. Nothing was sweeter for us “deplorables” than watching chattering elites progressives home schooled & sharply rebuked because of their high handed arrogance. This is why Trump won.
        Now we have delicate little college campus snow flakes (who didn’t vote & most weren’t even registered) out in the streets burning, looting & throwing bricks at cop cars while demanding “quiet zones” or a bigger “safe space” because they were told by their professors that Trump is an Ogre. These little disenfranchised powder puffs are really tough as long as they have their expensive smartphones in pocket before they’re off to the riots. They can brave anything until the temperature drops below 45-deg. At the first sign of frost they’ll be off to their parents basement where they keep their security blankets. Their message is to reject Trump, but they forgot to vote and the GOP committed suicide Nov 8th because the wise guys, the MSMedia elites, say so.
        For months the elites have been telling us Trump supporters are violent and will likely riot if he lost the election. Really?? Have conservatives ever marched or rioted after losing an election? Rent-a-mob tactics are wholly the province of the progressive-left. Suck it up Mike.

  5. I told myself that I felt from the beginning Benghazi was a trade-off for something big by Obama. According to sources in the State Department and the CIA, BBC, and intercepted communications from the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama “staged” the attack in Benghazi in order to create a monumental “October Surprise” in November that would guarantee him re-election. Obama, we now know, is and has been working with the Muslim Brotherhood secretly to engineer the release of the “Blind Sheik,” Omar Abdel Rahman, the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center attack.

    In Obama’s October Surprise, he intentionally set up the consulate to have no security so that Chris Stevens could be kidnapped, and held for ransom by Al-Qaeda (and the Muslim Brotherhood). Then, several days before the election, the plan was to trade Chris Stevens for the Blind Sheik, making himself look like a hero, and all but guaranteeing re-election. This was one of the top reasons why Obama was so insistent on the Muslim Brotherhood getting $1.2 Billion in U.S. Aid.

    That is why, even though they knew days before the attack that it was going to occur, no effort was made to bolster security. It was intended to be non-existent. The Libyan security forces were intended to quietly slip into the night when the attack began. And they did, just as planned.

    That is why, even though two C-130U gunships, which were built SPECIFICALLY for this kind of attack, and which could have saved the lives of our people there and were a mere 45 minutes away, were never scrambled at any time during the attack. There was to be no resistance whatsoever.

    That is why there were not one, but TWO unarmed drones flying over the consulate during the conflagration taking pictures sent directly to the White House… our CIA operatives on the ground were painting targets because they thought air cover was over head and available.

    That is why, even though requesting support and backup three times, their requests were NOT ignored, but were intentionally, specifically DENIED three times, and they were told to “stand down,” which basically means to “surrender.” That was part of Obama’s plan. They were not to fight back. That would potentially undermine the kidnapping effort and cause unnecessary “complications.”

    That is why, even though the CIA operatives and ex-Navy Seals were on the ground, providing real-time reports, and even though they were “lighting up” the source of the mortars attacking the compound with lasers, no gunships or support ever came. They weren’t supposed to resist. That wasn’t “part of the plan.” It also wasn’t part of the plan for one of the CIA operatives to intentionally defy Obama’s orders, and who rescued the body of Sean Smith and then stood up against orders, and engaged the enemy who was attacking American soil. It was supposed to be “clean.” Quick. Efficient. Kidnap the Ambassador and get out. Then Obama would Save The Day in the “nick of time.”

    They didn’t factor in a tiny group of highly trained ex-Navy Seals/CIA operatives… American Patriots and heroes. Even though they eventually Lost their lives in the firefight, they managed to employ the full measure of their skills, and took out over 80 attackers in the process… which enraged the attackers, who were led to believe that they would encounter no resistance.

    THAT is why Ambassador Stevens was murdered, and dragged through the streets. In their warped minds, they believed that they had been betrayed by the U.S. yet again. They believed that Obama was their friend. They believed that they were going to get their beloved Blind Sheik back. And yet, here were 80 of their own… dead by American hands.

    Obama was asked directly in an interview if he denied their request for assistance, he refused to answer, and instead droned on with a canned response promising to “bring those responsible to justice.” But there’s a big, big news cover-up. The “Video” defense was carefully crafted WEEKS in advance, to explain the attack. On the night we needed a commander and chief too lead the troops he went to bed because he was going to Las Vegas in the morning. I now feel that returning the five from Guantanamo for Bergdahl was appeasement to Al-Qaeda (and the Muslim Brotherhood) and Taliban for the mix up in Benghazi. Obama is trying to once again gain favor with the brotherhood.

    I now believe that Obama is a fanatical sympathizer of the Islamist Brotherhood. Born in Kenya raised in Indonesia as a Muslim, came to America and went to school as a foreign student. Clams to be a Christian but went to a church where the pastor dammed God and America. He was tutored by communist and socialists sponsors, being groomed by the mob in Chicago as a community organizer, and set up by progressive liberals to become a politician. He was black with a winning smile, charismatic personality that could bold face lie looking you straight in the eye. The mass news media unquestionably supported this new political diplomatic wonder.
    Reviewing his presidency, every move and decision he has made only reinforced and supported the Muslim Caliphate. In his U.N. address, President Obama listed a spectacle of revulsions afflicting our world: Terrorism in Syria and Iraq,” rapes and beheadings by ISIL, al-Qaida, Boko Haram and Hezbollah. In short, Obama has done more to destroy America by doubling our national debt, pulling troops out of Iraq, opening our borders, and giving aid to our enemies either monetary or morally. We have lost respect in the world as a leader of independence and liberty.
    The Muslim president in the white house has surrounded himself with Islamist supporters not realizing he is fulfilling the ideals of the New World Order, to bring about a world war and destruction of all nations, and out of the wreckage will emerge a world government. Let us wake up America and realize we have an illegal president who is destroying our constitution and the American way of life.

    Pastor/Dr. Tim Wood

  6. Ray Starmann’s open letter to Mr. Khan, father of a killed muslim marine, was excellent. Mr. Khan’s son was a hero but he is clearly using his son’s death to benefit the progressiive liberals headed by Mrs. Clinton. Fact is that the world has an islamic problem and that that killed his spon was not created by Donald Trump. So I do not understand why he is attacking him so viciously instead of attacking the sick ideology of radical islamism.

  7. Mr. Starmann

    I just read the “Open Letter” on Fox News web page your wrote about Mr. Khan’s address to the DNC. Thank you very much for your backing of the United States of America and writing such an eye-opening letter. It would be to the Democrats’ benefit if they would indeed take more interest in the safety of our own Nation and place us ahead of the rest of the world.
    Thanks again.

  8. A huge “Thank You” to you, Mr Starmann, for your open letter to Mr Khizr Khan, as reported on Fox News. Your comments are respectful but direct, your rationale is flawless, and your courage to state the facts is admirable in this age of “political correctness.” Our current President’s undeniable fondness for Islam, his placating attitude toward terrorist attacks, and his continual refusal to state the obvious — that we are, indeed, at war with radical Islam — threaten our way of life and the very precious freedom we Americans take for granted. You will, no doubt, be branded a right-wing extremist and be the target of media attacks because of your letter. Why, maybe Hillary herself will critique your letter. So be it. God calls on us to do the right thing, and you sir did the right thing. When at war, a nation must do anything and everything to protect its citizens and territory from its enemies. Adjustments must be made across the board in order to achieve the highest level of safety, and some people will be offended. It is what it is.

  9. Mr Starmann,
    I read your response to Mr. Khan’s statements and I am deeply disappointed in you. Perhaps, if you believed in our Lord Jesus, as much as you profess to you would understand that he preached inclusion, acceptance and peace. Please re-think your statements

  10. Sir…..I served as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines in Vietnam flying MEDEVAC missions. My son was also a Navy Corpsman but served in Iraq with the Marines at a Forward Surgical Hospital. MY father served in the Navy on a destroyer during WWII, and my Uncle was a Marine who was wounded at Chosin.

    What you wrote was not only sensitive but to the point. I would feel certain that Captain Khan would not wish to be made the center of attention while being “used” by his parents, HRC, and the other Democratic liberals to voice their displeasure about the path that Mr. Trump is following. The truth is they fear him and the strength he wishes to restore to America following the disastrous 8 years of Obama.

    These same people are the ones that put Obama in office mainly because of his skin color, not because of his political prowess. Now they are looking to put
    HRC in the WH because she is a female despite the fact that she has proven her inability to lead and her untrustworthiness.

    Captain Khan would most likely feel his death was in vain if Hilary were to win in November. Let’s not let that happen.

  11. For Mr Starmann,
    I hope that this note reaches you for, as a veteran of two branches of the military myself, I congratulate you on the courage and honesty of your letter. I have been watching the news most of the day following Hillary’s lie-fest on Fox yesterday. Donald Trump has been skewered all day in what is at best a grossly inaccurate depiction of events. Trump is where he is because of his unfiltered comments on terrorism. You’re right, not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. His political position that we must at least filter by background check or whatever vetting is only common sense as the Syrian refugee line is littered with terrorists. That is wholly unrelated to the loss of one man’s son in battle. Trump did not deride HIS loss, he leads the concern that we must protect ourselves and our nation. When the question was put to trump at the DNC “what have you sacrificed”, that was irrelevant. What did Hillary, Kerry (his own men despised him in Vietnam) or Obama sacrifice? It seems that this family are pawns by Hillary’s campaign to discredit Trump and more of todays news centered around Trumps and his unforced-error explanation than was given to Hillary’s numerous lies during the Chris Wallace interview. She spun every sentence and danced around and dodged very question. Ironically, just today ISIS denounced those who are trying to soft peddle Isis’ violence and even its base in religion. Like him or not, Trump should not have to defend himself in the midst of this current crazy political atmosphere for that which he did not say. Instead, we should be eviscerating Hillary for what she DID do and failed to do.

  12. Hello, Mr. Starmann,
    Thank you, very much, for the excellent open letter written to Mr. Khan. You brought laser focus to the real issue at hand. WE ARE AT WAR WITH RADICAL ISLAM! While I, too, am sympathetic to the Khan family for the loss of their son in combat for this nation, I am bright enough to recognize we need to be more vigilant and prepared to protect ourselves against these killers. We are in a religious war. . The radical Islamists acknowledge they want to kill Christians and westerners to further their goals. They also do not care if they kill thousands of Muslims in the process. I , too, completely agree with Mr. Trump’s plan to temporarily stop all immigration from Muslim countries that support radical Islamic terrorists in any form or fashion. We have to get our arms around the solution. Once we know how to properly vet this specific group of immigrants, and, have the backing of congress to get it done right, then we can consider opening the doors, again. The President is charged by our constitution to protect this country and the people in it from danger. He has failed.
    Again, Mr. Starmann, thank you for your well thought out response to Mr. Khan. Be blessed and be safe.

  13. Lost a daughter in law ,11 October 2016. Air Force….Major Phyllis J. Pelky. It was an accident but yes, it does hurt. I support Trump to say what we all think. I am so glad to find you on the internet. J.K.Burton

  14. Thank you Mr. Starmann for the EXCELLENT letter you sent to Mr. Khan. The eloquence of your letter hits the nail on the head. Whether the media picks up the story or not, I am grateful Fox News had the guts to publish it. May God Bless you for what you have written and May God Bless America!
    Thank you, Sir.

  15. Dear Mr. Starman,

    Did you know that Khizr Khan is an IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY

    The father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq who is caught up in a war of words with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is an immigration lawyer who specializes in a highly controversial program accused of letting immigrants buy their way into the U.S.

    Khizr M. Khan’s website notes that he works to help clients with the E-2 and EB-5 programs that let overseas investors buy into U.S. companies and also provides green cards for family members.

    It also said that he helps in the purchase of U.S. real estate and businesses. The website lists his ability to practice in New York, though it gives a Washington phone number for the lawyer who lives in Virginia. A man who answered the phone said the website was correct, though he would not identify himself.

    “The E-2 and EB-5 are two of the most notoriously abused visa categories that essentially allow wealthy foreigners to buy their way to U.S. residency, and possibly citizenship, with a relatively modest investment,” said Jessica Vaughan, the policy director for the Center for Immigration Studies.

    One criticism is that it allows an immigrant to invest $500,000 in an approved type of business and in return get a set of green cards for the investor, the investor’s spouse, and all their under 21-years-of-age children.

    Other documented problems include foreigners getting fleeced in fraudulent schemes to help them invest in the U.S.

    I just thought it would have been interesting to add the facts about how this man makes a living. These attorneys are a scourge on humanity in the USA.

    • this law is supposedly still in force.
      McCarran-Walter Act of 1952

      A 1952
      Wouldn’t it be interesting if at some point during his campaigning Donald
      Trump said “oh by the way….”McCARRAN-WALTER ACT OF 1952

      Here’s a historic fact that would seem to indicate that many, if not most,
      of the people we elect to go to Washington don’t have the slightest idea of
      what laws already exist. I did not know of this until now. It’s
      been law for over 60 years.

      Trump was recently severely criticized for suggesting that the U.S.
      should limit or temporarily suspend the immigration of certain ethnic
      groups, nationalities, and even people of certain religions (Muslims).
      The criticisms condemned such a suggestion as, among other things,
      being Un-American, dumb, stupid, reckless, dangerous and racist.
      Congressmen and Senators swore that they would never allow such
      legislation, and the president called such a prohibition on immigration

      As Gomer Pyle would say, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!” It
      seems that the selective immigration ban is already law and has been applied on several occasions.

      Known as the McCarran-Walter Act, the Immigration and Nationality
      Act of 1952 allows for the “Suspension of entry or imposition
      of restrictions by president. Whenever the president finds that the entry
      of aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be
      detrimental to the interests of the United States, the president may, by
      proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants or impose on the
      entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

      The act was utilized by Jimmy Carter, no less, in 1979
      to keep Iranians out of the United States, but he actually did more. He made all
      Iranian students already here check in, and then he deported a bunch. Seven thousand were found in violation of their visas, 15,000 Iranians were forced to leave the United States in 1979.

      It is of note that the act requires that an applicant for immigration
      must be of good moral character and “attached to the principles of the

      Since the Quran forbids Muslims to swear allegiance to the U.S.
      Constitution, technically, all Muslims should be refused immigration.


  16. Dear Mr. Starmann,

    I am the north Idaho editor for Gem State newsletter with a readership of over 20K in Idaho and surrounding states.

    We would like your permission to run your article ‘An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan’ with full accreditation like in the Fox News reprint with the bio at the end as well as, of course a link to your site.

    Thank you.

    Rich Loudenback
    NI Editor Gem State

  17. Mr. Starmann (don’t have your military title or would use it)
    Thank you for your open letter to Mr. Khan. I would gladly contribute money to have it run full page in every major newspaper in America every day for a week. Please let me know how I can do so.
    Thank you for your service and now for putting things in perspective. God Bless you for doing this.

  18. Mr. Starmann, thank you for your letter to Mr. Khan.
    You expressed everything that I felt in my heart but was unable to articulate. Thank you for your service to our beautiful country. God bless you. God bless the USA.


  20. Greetings, Mr. Starmann, your open letter to Mr. Kahn which I read on is spot on, you should have been consulted by the Trump camp prior to his response. You appropriately began your letter with commiseration and sorrow but did not lose the center of gravity that current Islam is the cause of the global war under way now between civilization and those who wish to destroy it. Well done! You correctly caught the misplaced idealism and unreality of current political thinking which would in their view bring “peace in our time’ but has actually, as demonstrated during the current administration, brought something otherwise.

    I also am a pre-Gulf-War -and post Gulf War veteran; “Preying Mantis” et al, Naval Surface & Special Warfare. While I spent a great deal of time in the Gulf, I found the people AT THAT TIME hospitable, but radicalization since the 80’s has changed how Islamists have carried out in person their secret internal war which at that time they were keeping to themselves.


  21. with all due respect – you are wrong, Sir. It is not the duty of the president, nor a soldier’s duty, nor a law enforcement officer’s duty – to protect me and keep me safe from evil – which you can never and will never do. Do you really believe that is what you were doing in the mid-east?

    Your sworn duty, and that of the POTUS, is to defend the Constitution and PROTECT MY GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS, which have been and are being crushed in the name of “safety and security”. Enough with the pure BS police-state propaganda.

  22. Hello Ray,
    I would like to know if I need permission to put your “open letter” about Khan on our facebook? You can go to our website and click on our facebook page. I truly believe everything that you wrote and it needs to be told to as many Americans as possible. Please let me know if I need your permission.
    Thank you and God Bless America!

  23. Thank you Mr. Starmann. Although I am not a strong supporter of Mr. Trump, I thoroughly support his position on the Constitution, the Law of the Land, and the posterity of our future and our nation.
    President Washington advised us in his retirement speech to beware of enemies within and without. Mr. Osama bin OBAMA and his pack of whores are far more dangerous and insidious than ISIS, but the liberal pansies who call themselves Americans, turn a blind eye to the evidence and truth.

  24. I agree with you for the most part. I realize that we need to stop the flow of peoples from countries that are at war with others via terrorism, civil war or otherwise. We have enough problems with civil unrest in our country to import more problems. While I feel for my Muslim brothers and sisters and their plight in their countries, they need to stand up and be counted as lovers of freedom and do as many men and women the world over and fight and protect their life, liberty and happiness as many before them. This is a battle between Good and Evil that has been fought for not just decades but for 1000’s of years on this planet and until we defeat those that glorify evil the war will continue. Thanks for your service many like you.

  25. Mr. Starmann…..your open letter to Kaizr Khan is spot on. I read it when it was posted on the Fox News website but haven’t seen it anywhere else. Have you tried to get on Fox News Channel with your message? Your thoughts really are so important for people to understand the bottom line of what terrorism means to our wonderful country.
    What about the Sunday news shows or CNN?…..really need your message to be heard.

  26. Thank you Mr. Starmann for standing on the principles this country was built on. I am a woman whose father had told his family in the 50’s and 60’s of the world to come if the United States ever let the Liberals and media try to run it. You are correct in saying the refugees should NEVER be let into this country when we are in for the fight of our life. My father served in WWII and my brother in VietNam. My Husband has served for 41 years in the NG and Army Reserves. Nothing about the last 16 years of politics has done our country justice. I know there are many soldiers that have died protecting our rights and constitution. Let us not dishonor them by letting what they fought for take over our country.

  27. Re: your open letter to Mr Khizr Khan. Without knowing you, you mirrored my thoughts entirely! Donald Trump deserves all of our allegiance as well as money donations during this critical time.

    Everyone forgets that Mr. Trump isn’t a polished politician with a pat answer for everything that comes up and he will make a few mistakes now and again. But I feel he’s learning from them. Now more than ever we need to support him.

    My late husband was a career Army Infantry Officer who served 2 combat tours in Vietnam. He was awarded a Purple Heart. While my heart hurts for the combat death of the Khan’s son I don’t feel that Mr. Trump’s comments to them should reflect anything negative toward the Gold Star Families. The Liberal Press took what occurred and ran with it. And you know the rest of the story…

  28. Dear Mr. Starmann, My wife and I just rear your open letter to Mr.Khan and we believe it is the best we have ever heard explaining how I hope the silent majority feels. Thank You

  29. Mr Starmann – Adding to a number of emails re: Mr Kahn/Trump, I echo the on target and well thought letter. I have read in part and forwarded this site to a number of my listeners to my radio show. I, on behalf of the listeners, asking if you are available for interview.
    Respectfully – “Commander Cobra”, TF Gryphon, Distant Thunder Radio Network

  30. People, I was for Trump but I think it’s time for us all to realize: we have been had! Why would a candidate who could gave strolled into the White House over Clinton keep saying things that push him down further and further in the polls–even when he had commanding leads? Trump’s certainly not stupid so why does he keep doing this? I smell a rat! I don’t put it past old Hillary & Co from arranging this all from the start. Was there an actual payoff or just a promise of a payoff after she gets in? Either that or you have to accept the fact that he’s crazy, and I don’t think he is. Maybe crazy like a fox. I cannot vote for Hillary, like so many Republicans who are bailing out. To me, the Libertarians look like our only hope. I hope they make it into the national debates.

  31. I truly enjoyed your comments to Mr. Khan and completely agree with your position regarding immigration and the temporary ban on bringing in more people who cannot be vetted for lack of documentation or information. Not to mention that this is a new type of enemy who does not wear an identifiable uniform and lurks behind the the faces of young, misguided, ideological people. I also adamantly believe that the security of this country cannot be trusted to Hillary Clinton, but I am so concerned that we will not be able to get Donald Trump into the White House because he is too outspoken for many people. They are unable to see past the flamboyance and his truthfully outspoken comments and criticism. If we were to examine our hearts, we would probably have to admit that he at times speaks of our own inner feelings that we don’t have the courage to reveal. However, they fail to recognize his ability to be a great leader of a long needed change to our US government.

  32. Dear Mr. Starman, Loved you letter to Mr. Khan……..just one thing missing…….Mr. Khan should be reminded that his son was MURDERED BY MUSLIMS, not Mr. Trump. His son elected to fight Muslims for the American way of life.

  33. I had a dear friend in the 60’s who had just left the FBI. He was a Notre Dame graduate in the school of law. The FBI asked him if he would join the Communist party as a spy for the U.S. which he did. He told me that the Soviets had taken control of our news media in the 1930’s. He said that they also had flooded our North Eastern universities with communist professors and the Red Chinese had done the same on our west coast universities. He told me that he thought it would be very difficult to save our country (that was in the 1960’s) Since then I have seen our country drift farther and farther to the left. We can not save it unless we can get a balance of political thought at our universities. The only way I can see that happening is if we all write our universities and tell them we will not donate one more cent until that happens. I did that with Purdue. They wrote back and said “We have no control over that”. Well, guess what: If they got no more donations, they would find a way. We should all do this. Now, regarding our news media, Donald Trump can start pressuring them by cutting off access to himself. He can also do that by communicating directly with the public in various ways so that the press gets bypassed.

    We must act now. Trump will be gone in 4 to 8 years and the left will take over again. Remember the communist mantra: “We will take two steps forward and one step back”.

  34. Dear Sir,
    Very good website. It’s on my saved list. I saw two articles on our entire Naval Carrier Fleet in Dock on two websites (ordered by our Commander & Cheat). Did you do an article or commentary on that? I served in the Navy long ago.

  35. Responding to your open letter regarding Sen. Schumer. If you are not aware, it is being widely circulated that Sen. Schumer has had several members of his family that were holocaust victims. You might want to rephrase your statements so you don’t sound so anti-Semitic. Additionally, I find it quite appalling, as an independent voter (not a democrat), that such an article would be written, ridiculing empathy in a human being. Ridiculing a senator’s concern with constitutionality of a ban that focuses on a specific religion. This validates every citizens concerns that we have a bully mentality seeping into every corner of this administration. I see in your list of references you’ve included no terrorist threats to our country than those committed by Arab Muslims. By your logic, every white male from 16-35 should also be extremely vetted since they have perpetrated almost every mass shooting in recent history, and further back were the largest perpetrators of hate crimes under Jim Crow culture. Again, as an independent voter from the swing state of Colorado, I have seen the level of fear and sadness caused by mass shootings having first hand experienced Columbine High and the Century Movie Theatre shooting. Articles like this galvanize the opinion that Trump is a bully, only bullies and racists voted for him, and anyone who stands up to him should be ridiculed. You do no favors for the conservative movement you claim to be defending. I would LOVE a response from the author (if he’s got the guts- since he’s so quick to make fun a man who sheds tears), not trolls who want to have insane arguments with alternative facts.

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  37. Ray,
    I would like to see you write an article about the money Obama gave Iran without congress approval
    and the millions he gave somewhere else just before he left. I think we should try to sue him to get this money back to build the wall to Mexico. Obama should be made to pay it back.

    • Thelma, I believe I wrote one or two a few months ago. Just search my articles under categories on the home page.

  38. We are interested to increase traffic to your website, please get back to us in order to discuss the possibility in further detail.

  39. Hi,
    Read your D-Day article on Foxnews. You should get in touch with Carlton Joyce, author of “Stand Where They Fought” and his web page Carlton give tours of the beachheads, lived with and interviewed Ike for a week, has Ike’s original invasion charts/maps, and has spent his own fortune placing monuments at the invasion sites. Dr. Joyce is a great man and brilliant historian.

  40. I would sign the Soros petition but I don’t and won’t do social media icon face book. Any other way to sign petition for those who don’t have that?

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