In the US Military; Everything is Readiness, Except actual Readiness

By Ray Starmann

Oh, the reports just keep filtering in; little bits and pieces of incompetence, bad leadership, cowardice, a myriad of bolos and buffoons; ships running aground, ships on fire, being chased off in the Sea of Oman by the Iranians in Babe Winkelman’s bass boat, submariners and their Marxist wives selling secrets, Marines losing on their own turf last week…

Isn’t wokeness fun? Thanks to the left and cowardly senior leaders, the US armed forces have become the Benny Hill Show with high explosives.

In today’s military, everything is readiness except actual readiness. Readiness defined as training for war every day, aka warfighting, aka focus on military subjects during the training day.

Readiness has taken on a whole new meaning that must be worn like a Young Pioneer’s silk scarf and fit into the Maoist Cultural Revolution engulfing the military and the country like a ten alarm fire.

Political correctness is readiness. Wokeness is readiness. Feminism is readiness. Trans-genderism is readiness. Pan-genderism is readiness. Inclusion is readiness.

In 2015, the Secretary of the Army, John McHugh directed all US Army worldwide commands to “balance lactation support and readiness.”

Never in a million years did I think I’d ever hear the words breastfeeding, lactation and US Army all used in the same sentence.

The G2 (senior intelligence officer) for a US Army division recently wrote on social media that diversity is readiness. How is that possible? According to this Maoist illogic, only by having a correct amount of soldiers with self-proclaimed victim statuses, i.e. women, minorities, gays, trannies, etc., will success be guaranteed in war.

Is there a new formula we’re supposed to calculate that will give us instant diversity and therefore victory on a battlefield? Let’s see for a squad of 10, I would need 4 straight minority women, 1 tranny, 1 homosexual, 1 pan gender, 2 lactating mothers, and 1 combo of any of the above. Therefore, with this ‘diversity’, this incredible inclusion, it will enable a team, a squad, a platoon, a company, a battalion, a brigade, a division, a corps, an army to fight and win on a battlefield. Forget about actual training for war. That’s all passe. That’s all part of the old army that colonizer military comprised of those toxic males.

And, this person is running the intelligence section of a division?

A recent smattering of events from the last month, should make any sane individual conclude that the US military isn’t ready for anything, except losing, and in military parlance, losing means dying, it means America’s youth being sent home in Hefty trash bags because the military’s leadership is comprised of left wing crackpots and moral cowards whose dereliction of duty and conduct unbecoming is so obvious it stands out like a tenfold beacon in the night.

A recent event, I’m calling the ‘Massacre at 29 Palms’ more than illustrates how absolutely eight up the US military is now. Last week, a combined British Royal Marines, Canadian, Dutch and UAE force virtually annihilated the Marines in Exercise Green Dagger, which is designed to test any Marine force preparing for an overseas deployment.

Apparently, the Marines were so heavily trounced that they had to call for a reset. Good God, 29 Palms is the Marines’ back yard.

It would be one thing if a Marine unit was taken down by another Marine unit, but by a combined allied force is just embarrassing.

I ran into the Dutch Army once in 1992. They were packing up 24 hours into a 7 day exercise after a trouncing. Their soldiers, with long hair and beards looked like a Blue Oyster Cult tribute band. If WW3 had broken out in Europe, the Soviet Third Shock Army would have gone through Holland faster than a bottle of Amstel light through a wooden shoe.

As for the UAE forces;  what – four Bedouins, a couple Nissan pick-up trucks and ten camels? A force to be reckoned with.

And, the Royal Marines and the Canadians are woke too. No doubt about it. This could have been called the Woke Bowl. I guess they’re less woke than we are. Senator Josh Hawley, was so outraged at the conduct of the Marines that he told General Mark Milley to ‘stop using the military as a giant social experiment’ and ‘train them to fight.’

Meanwhile, in the Pentagon, General Milley is preparing for a new gig in two weeks as a Beetle Bailey helium balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in Manhattan.

Ten hut…

And, the Joint Chiefs, those Merchants of Featherdom, just added a new piece of fruit salad, this one the Woke Service Medal, for outstanding meritorious achievement in helping to destroy the US military as an actual fighting force and turning it into an off-Broadway musical.

Check out Ike’s uniform or any of the Class A’s of yesteryear, only adorned with a CIB, a top row of three ribbons, maybe a pair of jump wings, not the obscene Chilean Junta JROTC outfits so common today among today’s senior leaders.

The mission of the US military is simple – it is to kill people and break things, period. It’s obvious that a majority of the military’s senior leaders, senior defined as those above the rank of 0-5 (lieutenant colonel or commander and above), do not believe that anymore. To them the military is some kind of camouflaged make-believe land, where they can dress up, get paid, toss out a few military terms every day, while they work feverishly to create more chaos by either instigating or following along with every left-wing crackpot idea that comes their way.

In reality land, the only thing the US military is ready for is a cataclysmic ass kicking from the Chinese.

Training for war, aka, actual readiness, means not spending all day on social media to see how many likes you got colonel or general, after you just posted some inane comment about celebrating Lesbian Punjabi Heritage Month or salivating about some Tri Delt sorority girl with a pink bow in her hair who just breezed through Camp Wokeness, aka Ranger School without breaking a sweat.

Funny, how they’re all plump when they graduate, isn’t it?

Hmm… almost like there are no more standards…Shhh….

Every time I see a post with another smiling female graduate of Ranger School, I think about things like Merrill’s Marauders conducting a 1000 mile forced march through the Burmese jungle, or those guys at Pointe du Hoc; that 150 foot vertical climb with one of the greatest armies in history trying to kill you, those Rangers on the mean streets of Mogandishu, outnumbered 10,000 to 1, and people like Rogers and Darby and how wokeness has destroyed everything they built in literally one politically correct swoop of insanity.

How can this wokeness insanity stop? We need the GOP to retake the House and retake the Presidency. We need a real Secretary of Defense who will purge the military of political correctness and s-can many senior leaders. We need a massive naval buildup and a Manhattan type Project to create new technology that will render China’s missile threat inoperable.

We need a lot of stuff and we need it fast.

Major Robert Rogers once wrote, 250 years ago, ‘Don’t forget nothin.’

Well, we’ve forgotten everything. And, if we don’t start remembering, we’re going to be speaking Chinese soon.





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