A Woke Military is a Dead Military

By Ray Starmann

The final destruction of the US military by leftist social engineers is at hand. The Hour of the Clusterf*ck is near, that hour defined as the complete and utter decimation of the US armed forces on the ground, in the air and at sea by the Chinese.

We are woke and we are weak and our enemies know it. The Chicoms are pacing back and forth in the Pacific, ready to pounce on Taiwan. Putin is eyeing the Baltic States and the Ukraine, the North Koreans are conducting missiles tests again and Iran laughs as its bass boat navy runs off US Riverine craft with apparent ease.

The military’s eternal domestic enemy, the left, stands in awe at what they’ve been able to accomplish in 30 years. In three decades, they’ve turned Norman Schwarzkopf’s gloriously victorious desert legions into a Bob Fosse chorus line.

What started in the 80’s as the mad ravings of Patricia Schroeder and a handful of feminist loons has metastasized into a military that rejoices over babies born on ships of war and tranny four star admirals.

And, the buck stops in the Pentagon, a virtual fortress surrounding the worst generation of US military leadership, bar none.

What kind of a country abandons its allies and its citizens to 7th Century barbarians in Afghanistan? A country led by President Corn Pop, a man running on a Sears Die Hard battery that ran out of mojo in 1978. A country with Joint Chiefs lacking any vertebrae.

Our perfumed princes, our senior military leaders, have no will to fight, don’t know how to fight, and simply lack the good grace to resign if they don’t agree with White House policies.

While the Chicoms work like Keebler Elves in the Pacific; building bases, creating islands, testing new weaponry, the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, stands down the military to search for two white guys with Merle Haggard albums and Bobby Lee autographed posters. Good job Mr. Secretary. Why don’t you tell us how you cooked the books on ISIS while you were the CENTCOM Commander? Oops…

Then there’s General Milley, the Pentagon’s version of Orson Welles in an Ike jacket. In the Oxford English Dictionary under disgrace, it says, see Milley. There is no doubt the general has exhibited personal courage in the past, but any valor he had has long vanished, along with a 34 inch waistline. He is a traitor who betrayed this nation to China, because he thought Trump was dangerous. But, apparently President Tim Conway, the Old Man is mentally focused and Kamala knows that Pennsylvania Avenue is not just an address on a Monopoly Board.

Winfield Scott, Jr. needs to resign. But, he won’t. He doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.

Time for another ribbon general. Fruit salad anyone?

Milley, like the other feather merchants is focused on everything but training for war. They’re not only distracted, but it’s more than obvious they just don’t care about the troops. They’re narcissists. Sadly, there are no more Fred Franks in the US military.

“Don’t worry, General Franks. We trust you, “a young 18 year old kid told him in the desert 30 years ago. I wouldn’t trust Milley or the rest of the joint chiefs to take out the garbage.

Military leaders from all branches and from four star to sergeant are living in a kind of fantasy land, suffering from a bizarre variant of Stockholm Syndrome. They are literally prisoners of wokeness.

The female lieutenant-colonel who currently serves as the G2 of the 36th Infantry Division, Texas National Guard recently remarked on Twitter, ‘Diversity is readiness.’ Really? Hmm, how about training for war is readiness? How about having the roughest, toughest SOB’s who can put maximum firepower down range? Wouldn’t that be readiness too? Just sayin…

Like the brainwashed martinet Raymond Shaw in the Manchurian Candidate, the military’s senior leaders mouth Maoist terms like “Political correctness is victory. Wokeism is a force multiplier. Chairman Xi is the Kindest, Bravest, Warmest, Most Wonderful Human Being I’ve Ever Known in My Life’

Go on Twitter, peruse the rantings of ardent feminists on active duty who think they really are as strong as men, the mental wanderings of generals who feel compelled to give each other an electronic hand job every day on Twitter. The military has become a playland for virtue signaling. Ridiculous comments on Twitter emanate from idiot leaders like ‘celebrating LGBTQTUVWXYZ Eskimo Week at Fort Bragg’ or my recent favorite congratulating the first female captain of a US Navy aircraft carrier.

No doubt the Chicoms are wetting themselves with fear. Wo Fat just put in a bulk order for adult diapers.

Imagine MacArthur on Twitter. “Just told Hirohito he can keep the Koi Pool! Diversity is readiness! Taking Mrs. M. out for some sushi.”

Shut the hell up on social media and start training for war you morons.

We are living a fantasy that genders are equal. Remember the 5 foot nothing sorority girl that you wanted to jump? Well, she’s blazing through Ranger School now, faster than Patton’s Third Army in France. Yes, that’s right. The girl next door doesn’t even need a recycle at Camp Wokeville now.

Everybody will qualify…

The Pentagon has swallowed the giant Pinocchio that if called upon, women in the infantry will seize ground, shove bayonets into enemy soldiers and crush their skulls with rifle butts.

Our female grunts will meet the enemy and the enemy will kill them. We know it and we are too cowardly to admit the cold hard facts. Women do not belong in the combat arms period.

No one can answer one simple question – how do women in the combat arms maintain or increase the operational tempo of that unit?

Cue Jeopardy music…

We’ll be right back after a commercial from Pentagon Kool Aid…

All the warriors have been run out. Who’s left? Liberals, Maoists, trannies, multi gender loons, feminists, everyone but warriors. Honestly, what red blooded American male would want to join the military now? The military is no longer a male right of passage. What challenge is it to achieve something sorority girls can do?

Where is Gunny Haney when you need him?


Combine all this with the fact the US is losing the technology war on the ground, sea and air. The situation is dire. Our number one enemy, China is preparing to give us a number one ass kicking and the feather merchants in the Pentagon hum along as if nothing is wrong while Chinese hypersonic missiles do fly by’s past General Milley’s office.

General Milley said he was shocked by China’s development in hypersonic missiles. I’m not. The Chinese are building a military to conquer the Pacific and to fight us. We are building a Berkeley encounter group.

On the other hand, it is kind of hard to focus on the enemy when you’re reading about Critical Race Theory all day long, right General Milley?

The clueless American public doesn’t care. As long as you have your mask on, the app to DoorDash loaded on your I Phone and Netflix powered up on your TV, does it really matter if the Chicoms take Taiwan, Guam, Midway, Hawaii, Chicago? So, what?

The US has turned down the dark liberal road before, but our military maintained its values and traditions and it was run by men who were not going to let it be destroyed by the left. The Pentagon rose from the ashes in the 70’s as Jimmy Carter drove a wrecking ball into the economy and our foreign policy. Rome might be burning in Washington, but the Pentagon wasn’t.

Those days are long gone. The military’s leaders no longer have the courage to stand up in the storm. They are content with going with the flow, even if the current takes the US military off a 1000 foot waterfall into oblivion.

As the Hour of the Clusterf*ck nears, remember one thing –

Diversity is Readiness!



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