The PC Blue Yonder: One-star general — and Enola Gay pilot’s grandson — forced to retire after misconduct claims

Another victim of the military’s great leap backward…

Air Force Times

Brig. Gen. Paul Tibbets IV, deputy commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, will be forced to retire after an investigation substantiated several accusations of misconduct during his previous command.

Tibbets will also not receive his promotion to major general, the Air Force said in a release Thursday evening.

The Air Force said an inspector general investigation substantiated allegations that Tibbets had made inappropriate comments about women on two occasions, failed to properly report suicide attempts through his chain of command on four occasions, violated policy on use of a government vehicle, and failed to report the value of autographed photographs given to him by celebrities.

The allegations stemmed from his command of the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, which he led from June 2015 to July 2017.

The release said complaints were raised about Tibbets in May 2017. After the investigation was completed, now-retired Gen. Robin Rand, former head of Global Strike Command, issued Tibbets a letter of admonishment and his promotion was withheld.

Tibbets will enter terminal leave Oct. 19, and his retirement as a brigadier general will take effect Dec. 1.

Tibbets, a 1989 Air Force Academy graduate, is the grandson of Brig. Gen. Paul Tibbets Jr., who piloted the Enola Gay when it dropped a uranium bomb over Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945.

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  1. not much on google sources for this lynching….i could tell you of a usn captain retired after her incredible cruelty and incompetence back about 8, 7 years ago was handled with kid gloves by the pussy whipped naval command,,,,her sister was a rear admiral,,,,interested,,,,look it up,,,whatever this general did, by what i can see, which isn’t very much,,,,may not compare in the least to the exploits of the SEA WITCH OF THE USN…..

  2. THE UNITED STATES AIR FEMINISTS,,,,,,,,are crying about a lack of pilots,,,,,urging retired pilots under 50 to re up,,,,,they are THINKING ABOUT ALLOWING QUALIFIED ENLSITED PERSONNEL TO FLY enlisted the rand corp to study this, yet they are letting this highly qualified flyer go, who could at very least be a expert undergraduate pilot training instructor or run the command itself,,,,,,and the us navy is fast tracking women with deep seated psycho problems to command warships…….and all the other services are no doubt fast tracking women into positions beyond their qualifications as affirmative action show case trophys,,,,,,,,,,YES,,,,,,,THE DISINTEGRATION OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY has never been more visible,,,,beginning officially the day it became an all volunteer force without the corps of coerced volunteers. if the real reason for this general’s separation is his lack of respect for women in the usaf or the military,,,,,,they better separate about 95 percent of the entire armed services.

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