Americans Are More Radicalized Than Ever As The Country Literally Spirals Toward Civil War


Now that Brett Kavanaugh has officially been confirmed, it is a good time to reflect upon where we are at as a nation.  And where we are at is a nation that is rapidly moving toward a state of civil war.  At one time we were a nation that was united by shared values, a shared purpose and a shared destiny, but now all of that has been replaced by anger, frustration, bitterness, strife and discord.  The left hates the right and vice versa, and both sides are becoming increasingly radicalized.  And without a doubt we are in a life or death battle for the future of America.  Eventually one side or the other will emerge victorious, and their ideology will become dominant in this country.

Up to this point, there has been a lot of screaming, yelling and protesting, but it isn’t going to take very much to push the nation over the edge into violence.

On a daily basis the pot is being stirred by our leading politicians and the mainstream media, and it is very difficult to see any way that this story is going to end well.

Early on Sunday, the Drudge Report was being headlined by an Axios story about “the radicalization of our public lives”…

It’s going to get worse. Virtually every major American institution is being radicalized — or being reshaped by the radicalization of our public lives.

You see this most vividly in politics, where the White House and Congress are often the cause and effect of the radicalization. You now see it in the courts and the Supreme Court, in particular, where a narrow, party-line vote made Brett Kavanaugh the next justice after a nasty, personal political brawl. Already, lawyer Michael Avenatti is calling for a new Democratic litmus test: increasing the size of the court to 11 from nine.

In particular, it is on the left where we have seen the most extreme radicalization.  This is something that President Trump commented on during his most recent rally

“Just imagine the devastation they would cause if they of their obtained the power they so desperately want and crave,” Trump added. “You don’t hand matches to an arsonist and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob, and that’s what they have become.

Trump then used Kavanaugh’s example to illustrate why conservatives need to vote during the midterm elections in four weeks so that Democrats don’t take back the House:

“You have to vote,” Trump insisted. “On November 6 you will have the chance to stop the radical Democrats — and that’s what they have become — by electing a Republican House and a Republican Senate. We will increase our majorities. We need more Republicans. We need more Republicans.

“The Democrats have become too extreme and too dangerous to govern,” Trump continued. “Republicans believe in the rule of law not the rule of the mob.”

Of course if Hillary Clinton had won the election, there are millions upon millions of Americans that would not have been willing to be governed by her either.

We are rapidly getting to the point where America is simply going to be ungovernable.

In order for any government to function, a certain percentage of the population must be willing to recognize that government as legitimate.  For example, if everybody in the country suddenly decided to quit paying taxes there wouldn’t be too much that the federal government could do about it.  They could put some of us in prison to try to scare the rest of us back in line, but if the rest of us refused to be intimidated our system of taxation would collapse.

Every system of government depends upon the fact that most people will willingly submit to it, and we are rapidly getting to the point where a large portion of the population will not submit to being governed.

Just consider what just took place in Washington.  As Brett Kavanaugh was being sworn in, protesters were literally banging on and clawing the doors of the Supreme Court building…

But perhaps no incident better expressed the protesters’ tenuous hold on sanity than a demonstration at the Supreme Court, where protesters — mostly women — broke through a police line and barged to the Court’s chamber, where they proceeded to wail, gnash teeth, and pound at the doors while Kavanaugh was being sworn in inside.

Some of the protesters, who managed to get all the way through to the doors themselves, tried desperately to claw their way in, even though the doors were clearly locked (and look very heavy).

If you have not seen this yet, you can watch footage of this happening on Facebook right here.

And Chad Pergram is reporting that Republican senators had death threats texted to their personal phones…

Colleague Peter Doocy rpts a GOP senator says senators have had death threats texted to their person phones. Calls that “unusual.” Also says some senators who flew home after Kavanaugh vote were accompanied by police for protection

In a subsequent tweet, Pergram also reported that a gruesome beheading video was actually sent to the phone of Cory Gardner’s wife…

Amid Kavanaugh furor & threats to mbrs, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) tells Fox that his wife received a text with a video attachment showing a gruesome beheading. Someone has has also released the names of and addresses of his family members.

Can you imagine how you would feel if that happened to you?

Many of these leftist protesters are extremely passionate about protecting abortion rights.  To be honest, I wish that those on the right were just as passionate about defending the lives of the unborn.

Because the truth is that Brett Kavanaugh has never said that he intends to overturn Roe v. Wade.  In fact, during her speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate explaining why she was voting for Kavanaugh, U.S. Senator Susan Collins admitted that Kavanaugh essentially promised her that he would not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade

Most notably, Collins said in her explanation of why she was not worried that Kavanaugh would overturn Roe that Kavanaugh had told her when they were discussing his nomination that he did not think five sitting justices—a majority of the nine member court—would be a sufficient number “to overturn long-established precedent.”

This was after he had testified, she noted, that Roe–upheld by Casey–was “precedent on precedent.”

“Finally, in his testimony, he noted repeatedly that Roe had been upheld by Planned Parenthood v. Casey, describing it as precedent on precedent,” said Collins in her floor speech. “When I asked him whether it would be sufficient to overturn a long-established precedent if five current Justices believed it was wrongly decided, he emphatically said no.”

Kavanaugh didn’t just say no.

He “emphatically said no“.

After everything that happened, the ironic thing is that Kavanaugh getting on to the Supreme Court is a loss for conservatives, but nobody on the right wants to admit this.  We got fooled by Justice Kennedy, we got fooled by Sandra Day O’Connor, we got fooled by David Souter, and now we have just been fooled again.

Kavanaugh clerked for Justice Kennedy, and he is cut from the exact same cloth as his mentor.  Kennedy was one of the key votes to uphold Roe v. Wade in the Casey decision, and he actually wrote the opinion for the case that legalized gay marriage in America.  It is rumored that Kennedy would not retire until he was assured that Kavanaugh would be nominated in his place, because he knew that Kavanaugh would be the exact same type of Supreme Court justice that he had been.

So conservatives should not be celebrating this “victory” at all.

But what this confirmation process did prove is that we are closer to chaos on the streets of America than ever before.  In fact, a recent New York Post articlesuggested that America “could be sleepwalking into a second civil war”…

To be clear, what we just witnessed, and what we have seen for two years, is not a case of mere political differences, which the Founders recognized as inevitable and even desirable.

Instead, we face something more akin to the combustible climate historian Christopher Clark described as the origins of World War I. In his book, “The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914,” Clark illustrates how none of the great powers wanted war, but all felt free to escalate the build-up in the certainty that the other side would back down.

Something similar is happening here, and our nation could be sleepwalking into a second civil war. Even though justice and fairness prevailed this time, the stained confirmation process must serve as a wake-up alarm.

This time around, however, it won’t be a battle between two opposing armies from two distinct geographic regions.

Instead, it will be a conflict between two very different ideologies.  So far, it has mostly been a “cold war”, but as both sides become increasingly radicalized I fear for what the future may soon bring…

Leftist Tantrum: A Ticking Time Bomb

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  1. Alex, you were NOT the first person, or ‘conservative’ to be attacked by Social Media #FakeBoobies, #Giggle+ & #YouPeepers . Veterans Today was…many years ago. Now they operate out of Mexico. My OWN site has been banned as being ‘recognized’ by the same 3 Fake #MEANSTREAM #SocialMedia outlets. My twitter account remains, but unless I tweet @ somebody it just goes into the stream of those who follow me, and its not as many as yours by a LARGE margin. Then again I am not SELLING anything. I am asking for Anonymous (to me) Non-Refundable, Nondeductible taxes. I pay the 20% as income as Owner of Common Sense Party. If I had the PCH scam win I would run TV ads telling EVERY voter to VOTE, but, write Common Sense on bottom of ballot, and the write vertically in columns of those you wish to win, you could also write Constitutional Convention at the TOP and say YES underneath that. THAT is a VALID ballot. I have already checked with the FEC. One CAN have a FOR Profit Political Party— they just advised me against doing it. Too late. I already own the Official Common Sense Party .com & written a BETTER 21st Deceleration of Independence than Tommy Jefferson ever did.
    Check it out. Free to use and log in and immediately tell me what I left out or what you disagree with. Since you’re about abortion, you would not like mine, but since I was DENIED a child by a woman’s choice I have MORE right to argue the point that a human does NOT become an INDIVIDUAL Citizen until the umbilical chord is CUT and the infant breathes on it’s own and no longer gets any nourishment from INSIDE the “incubator”. I use this term because we must prepare for human cloning at some foreseeable future. “US Civil War” ? No, but one big bad ass whipping to restructure the government. As this is 2nd time CIA has gone after Trump. He had to send FOUR armed helicopters to surround the CIA soon after he took office. This time a distant family relative of Dr Ford was assassinated just before the man was going to meet with Mitch McConnell’s wife. Oct 2, 2018. She was HEAD of the CIA’s Stanford Psychology Program. Did you wonder why she was so ill-prepared, yet was always smooth and played her part like a Good Mk-Ultra agent should do? I own 7 domains. 6 have content including Obama’s Fake Kenyan CIA Birth Certificate, plus many other things. So, you were not the FIRST to loose #Fakeboobies, #Giggle+, or #YouPeepers access. Again it was Veterans Today .com who did., At least you have supplements to sell, I only have one book at main site.

  2. In the mid ’50s the chairman of the Communist Party USA was asked about the future of his party. He replied there was no longer a need as the Democrat party had adopted 70% of their agenda. Just as Pres. Wilson wrote, he had destroyed America when he signed the Federal Reserve Act. He was correct.

  3. regarding “repel boarders”, they have been on board for years. Read Barbarians Inside the Gates by Col. deGrand Pre.

  4. “The left hates the right and vice versa, and both sides are becoming increasingly radicalized.”

    I disagree…..I don’t see any right wingers chasing politicians out of restaurants, burning cars and smashing businesses when left wing speakers exercise their 1A rights, or pushing to censor anybody in any matter whatsoever.

    Only the left does those things. They are sore losers. Instead of taking a couple of years to reflect and maybe change course (i.e. come back to the center) they cry about how the Constitution sucks and look to change the rules of the game when it doesn’t suit them. They lost the Electoral College so they want to get rid of that for the popular vote. Dem party leaders are now saying that there can not be civility until they regain power. Well, if that leads to a civil war then so be it…people on the left behaving as they have the past 2 years do not deserve to be in charge of anything, and people who believe in the Constitution, the BOR, and the ideals this nation was founded on should do everything they can to stop them.

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