21st Century Civil War in America

By Joe Ragonese

When most people think of an American Civil War, they automatically visualize the Civil War that occurred between 1861 and 1865.  It was a horrendous conflict that pitted brother against brother over differing political causes.  Thanksgiving dinner then was just as argumentative as it is today, as those who believed in slavery tried to convince those who opposed it that blacks were better off enslaved.

Today’s Thanksgiving table has the same type of arguments arising between those who believe in global government enslaving everyone who is not among the elite, and those of us who believe that America should come first over global needs. It is the hardening of each different cause that has caused so much death and destruction in the past, and is in its beginning phase today.

The Civil War comes to our minds because of the acrimony it caused between citizens who should have not been fighting against each other; rather trying to agree on making the acrimony less personal.  It is the same position we find ourselves in today.

It was that personal acrimony that led to killing each other in the 19th Century.  It didn’t start after President Lincoln was elected; it started a few years earlier when each side’s stance on the issues hardened to the point that some thought that killing became the only way to solve political differences.  Today’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter hold the exact belief system and have no qualms about killing their opposition.

The Civil War started in Bloody Kansas and the farms and cities of Missouri.  It led some zealots, like John Brown, to attack the arsenal at Harpers Ferry in Virginia.  Pro-slave and pro-abolition forces collided with each other when political leadership in Washington D.C., was unable to compromise any longer.  Southern Democrat politicians simply walked out of Congress, unwilling to even discuss the issues any longer.

We hear Democrat Politicians today saying the same, that there is no reason to even talk with Republicans as long as they are in power.  It is their way, or the highway to them.  The Justice Kavanaugh melee is an example of today’s Democrats and what to look forward to if they regain power in either house of Congress.  They feel that any lie, dishonesty, fraud or crime is justified in order for them to regain power.  The ends justify the means, no matter what the outcome or cost.

The political divide is so deep today that violence is the only answer to Democrats, whose power was lost to them because they abandoned their base  of voters in favor of illegal immigrants, sending jobs overseas into the global mix, and thinking that those in the unemployment lines would not notice nor care.

That level of hardness of cause between the two sides in the 1860’s left no room for compromise.  The only thing left, was to start the shooting along slave-states and non-slave states borders.  The election of Abraham Lincoln was only an excuse.  The majority of citizens of the south did not recognize the legitimacy of Lincoln as their President…he was the first time Democrats shouted ‘not my President.’

It is proof that government cannot exist without the consent of those governed.  If in November, Republicans keep control of both houses of government, it will not end the acrimony nor the resistance to this government.  The only thing that is going to end the problems we face with the resistance movement, both within and without the government, is by enforcing the laws of this land and maintaining strict adherence to the Constitution.

Those within the resistance movement do not want the Constitution to survive, it is their goal to undo what our founding fathers created for us in the first place.  Where does one find an area to compromise with those whose only desire is the destruction of our core beliefs?  That leaves only one avenue left to either side, and that is force.  Legal force on the side of the constitutionalist, in the form of strict law enforcement, and revolution on the side of the anarchic, anti-constitutionalist.

And that leads us into a shooting war.  It is coming, in fact it has already begun.  When we imagine ourselves in a new civil war we automatically envision huge armies opposing each other on battlefields in California, Massachusetts and Illinois as happened during the Great Civil War, only in different states.  While there may very well be battlefields in those states in the future, they will look nothing like the actions of the Great American Civil War.

The first American Civil War was fought in 1775, that pitted Tories against Patriots, one side much like the resistance movement today, who supported a globalist ideal, and patriots who haven’t changed since the 18th Century.  We were fighting for our independence from England then; however, the 13 colonies were divided within themselves between those who remained loyal to the king, and those who wished to form a new nation, the United States of America, separate from British rule.

Today’s Tories are those who want a global government over an independent American government, while the patriots only want to Make America Great Again, and break away from the global government that almost devoured us due to our past four Presidents being a part of the globalist movement.  During our first civil war, Tories openly sided with the British forces, forming anti-American militias and fighting alongside the British Army.

Today there is no foreign government on American soil for today’s Tories, aka the resistance, to fight alongside, so they will take their lead from the Viet Cong and Cuban guerrilla fighters who defeated large armies.  The coming civil war will be a guerrilla war, where small bands of Antifa and Black Lives Matter types will attack anyone, civilian, police, or military, that is a soft target and that they can destroy with minimum loss to themselves.

The tactic will begin shortly after the midterm elections if Republicans remain in control of the House and Senate.  It is the natural progression from the violence Antifa inflicted after President Trump’s victory over globalist Hillary.  Being soft in the head liberals, they will attack civilians in places where conservatives, Republicans, or working class Americans meet.

Look for gunmen (gunwomen) to attack political rallies, restaurants running discount specials (they hate working class America because they believe they voted for Trump, and going to places that try to attract working class America with specials is a soft target of opportunity) or Walmart, Home Depot, Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby stores.  Places where working Americans go.

Of course, we can’t forget bombs, the left has this love affair with Islamic terrorists, and will imitate them as much as they can.  They will not kill themselves as Muslims do, they are not that committed.  The resistance believes that they will win because in their minds everyone agrees with them, except us patriots.  By being patriotic Americans, we have placed a target on our backs.

Proof of that is everywhere, the in your face movement against Republican politicians is only the beginning of the violence against patriots.  Recently the press reported that a pick-up truck was lit on fire because it had a MAGA sticker on the bumper, a male resistance member kicked a pro-life woman in the face for voicing her beliefs, and a liberal male protester threatened to throw a conservative reporter to the ground and rape her for asking him why he decided to protest at a Trump rally in Pennsylvania.  It will escalate.

Senator Rand Paul said that he feared some extremist will eventually kill one of them, but it is already happening.  The attempted murders on Republicans at the baseball practice last year is a harbinger of efforts to come.  Sara Carter reported that the FBI has arrested a person who was going to detonate a bomb on Election Day in Washington D.C. because he didn’t like the way America was going, and Maxine Waters encourages her less than stable constituents to do violence against Republicans, and some answer her calls.

Our next civil war has already begun, we just don’t realize it yet because it isn’t and will not be a case of armies facing each other; rather American patriots being targeted, until they begin to fight back.  And that is the point of targeting conservatives, to force them to fight back.  As soon as we do, the lapdogs in the MSM will attack our self-defense as proof that we are the violent ones.

Our only road to victory is through law enforcement doing its job, blessed by the President.  That has yet to begin in earnest, and won’t unless we maintain both houses of congress on November 6.  This really is the most important midterm election since before the Civil War began in 1861.


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