The unhinged left is planning violence against conservative members of congress, supreme court justices and their families

MIke Adams

The hysterical, deceitful fake news reporting by the left-wing media is driving left-wing activists to violence and bloodshed. Never forget the rifle assault by a deranged leftist that targeted conservative U.S. lawmakers on a softball field, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise (and nearly killing him). Also do not forget the violent physical assault on Sen. Rand Paul by his unhinged Democrat neighbor.

We are now learning that left-wing domestic terrorism groups are openly discussing “kill team” tactics on Twitter and Facebook, discussing methods of carrying SBRs (short-barreled rifles) under their clothing, blending in with crowds, then popping out of the crowds to assassinate prominent conservatives such as U.S. Senators, Supreme Court justices and prominent conservative radio personalities. All this was first reported by PJ Media.

In addition to the open discussion of “kill team” tactics on social media platforms, we’re also seeing:

  • The deliberate “doxxing” of conservative Senators by congressional staffers who appear to be linked to the office of Maxine Waters, an unhinged lunatic Leftist who has repeatedly called for violence against conservatives. Sen. Rand Paul is now calling for an investigation into the doxxing.
  • Left-wing website editors calling for home invasions and assaults of conservatives. The editor of Think Progress, a George Soros-linked “progressive” website, recently encouraged left-wing activists to stage home invasions of targeted conservatives.
  • “Mob assaults” on U.S. Senators like Sen. Ted Cruz, who was mobbed by a group of screaming lunatics at a public restaurant in D.C. It’s not difficult to imagine these lunatic mobs escalating this one more step to the point of attempting to stab or shoot conservative Senators in public. These acts, were they to be carried out, would no doubt be celebrated by the Huffington Post, Buzz Feed and other left-wing radical publishers that have all but declared war on America.
  • The surreptitious use of government databases by embedded deep state socialists / communists who use their government privileges to locate the home addresses of their intended conservative targets, allowing those individuals to be targeted in their own homes. This has now been openly admitted by these deep state operatives as caught in the Project Veritas videos.
  • Complicity on the part of tech giants which are systematically banning conservative voices but deliberately protecting the channels of left-wing terrorism groups like Antifa.

The intended targets of these unhinged, radical Leftists obviously include:

  • Conservative U.S. Senators and House Representatives
  • Conservative radio personalities such as Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh
  • President Donald J. Trump
  • Conservative authors and speakers such as Ann Coulter or Greg Jarrett

I have recorded and published a warning to all Americans, detailing the plans of unhinged, deranged Leftists who continue to be driven to insanity by a lying, dishonest left-wing media which “feeds the frenzy” on a daily basis. With USA Today now printing columns that essentially declare Brett Kavanaugh to be a pedophile who should never be allowed near children, the so-called “media” in America has jumped the shark, abandoning anything resembling the First Amendment role of reporting the news and now resorting to smearing innocent people while encouraging mass hysteria and violence among left-wing lunatics.

The media is deliberately driving America into a bloody civil war in a desperate attempt to destabilize the nation, invoke shooting in the streets and ultimately call in United Nations “peacekeeping” troops that will depose President Trump and attempt to disarm the entire U.S. civilian population. (Fortunately for America, the people own 100+ million firearms and have a Second Amendment right to defend their nation against foreign invaders.)

Things are collapsing rapidly. Watch my video for full details, and note that I was forced to build and launch an entirely independent video platform just to be able to broadcast such videos. YouTube would have banned this in five minutes. You can only see such videos on, now featuring over 5,000 channels of patriots and independent media personalities:

10 comments on “The unhinged left is planning violence against conservative members of congress, supreme court justices and their families
  1. Hope they know it’ll be a two way street if they start playing the” Antifascist Aktion/ Freikorps” game.. and most if us have actual experience as combat arms troops etc.. may not work out well for them if/ when they kick that tripwire.

  2. The liberal left is never happy. They are the most negative, obnoxious, intolerant, mentally diseased people on this planet. I wish they would just all pack up and actually move to another planet!

    But I do have a legit question: why aren’t these people being investigated and charged? The doxxers, crazy Maxine Waters….ALL OF THEM!

  3. When hunting woodcock, there is a moment when they change trajectory that is the ideal shot.
    Todays resistance fighters have that same moment when they’re trying to decide which bathroom to use.

  4. no dimocrat or journalist would be able to leave their hole for the rest of their lives in that scenario. they have never been good at seeing the “unintended consequences” of their policies / actions

  5. Believe it when you see it.

    Discussion is just that, talk.

    Except for the odd (very odd) psycho, we’re talking a lot of manbunned snowflakes who are tough only when they go up against and old man or woman whose back is turned.

  6. Remember, Obama promised to “fundamentally reshape America.” What we are seeing is the fruition of that campaign promise, along with the demise of white majority America. I am surprised people are surprised.

  7. If they’re “discussing” this evil on social media, why the heck can’t they all be nabbed and jailed? The FBI can easily track down who’s behind this, can’t they?

  8. Asymmetrical warfare means that when idiot antifa children answer a call to terrorism, the entities that issue the call become legitimate targets.

    Feinstein Pelosi, mad Maxine waters and reverends Jackson and Sharpton included, as well as msnbc CNN and the new York times…

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