The Maoist Revolution in the Military Continues: 70 Percent of Marine Commander Firings This Year Due to Bias, Disrespect

The Marine Corps is continuing an aggressive top-down push to root out gender-based bias and a culture of disrespect in the service, highlighted by a high-profile social media scandal that erupted last year.

In an address to the Pentagon’s Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS) at a quarterly meeting near Washington, D.C., this week, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Glenn Walters said that five of the seven Marine commanders removed from their posts to date this year displayed a “nexus” of these cultural issues.

“It’s because of command climate, how they treat people, how they treat people of different genders,” he said.

In the context of the more than 400 senior commanders in the service, he said, the seven fired might not appear a large number. But it’s an increase over average annual commander reliefs, and the calculus for firing has changed to focus more significantly on how Marines of all backgrounds are treated within units, he added.

Not all Marine commander reliefs this year have been made public, and Walters did not specify which of the fired commanding officers were found to have a problematic command climate in their units.

Reported reliefs this year include that of Lt. Col. John Giannella, commanding officer of 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, who was relieved in August; Col. Mark Coppess, commander of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Japan, relieved in June; Lt. Col. Marcus Mainz, commander of battalion landing team, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines, relieved in May; and Lt. Col. Rafael Candelario, commander of 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, relieved in March.

Brig. Gen. Kurt Stein, director of Marine and Family Programs at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, was also relieved in April after allegedly making inappropriate remarks at a base town hall that included calling sexual harassment allegations “fake news.”

Walters, who was tasked with leading efforts to change Marine Corps culture after a March 2017 investigative report found some active-duty troops were swapping nude photos of female service members on the closed Facebook page Marines United, has made a point of publicizing commander reliefs due to bias, permissiveness toward sexual harassment, and related issues.

In August 2017, he told reporters that two of the five field-grade officers relieved for cause that year had displayed related issues.

“Two out of those five that have been relieved, I can directly attribute to an awareness of this issue and the fact that they didn’t have the correct command climate, and what they did,” Walters told reporters during a briefing at the Pentagon last year. “So to me, that’s progress.”

On Tuesday at his briefing to DACOWITS, Walters said he made a point of talking to every Marine commander at Commander’s Course training sessions. He advised them, he said, to proactively conduct their own Inspector General checklist survey to assess whether they were falling short when it came to establishing an appropriate and safe command climate.

Second, he said, “just go find someone who doesn’t look like you … and have a long conversation with them … and give them entree into your office so they can come in and tell you [where] you’re off-track.”

Walters, who was named talent manager of the Marine Corps after the Marines United scandal broke, said he’s confident that progress is being made.

“One of the good things that came out of Marines United … was, it eventually led us to this talent management,” he said.

4 comments on “The Maoist Revolution in the Military Continues: 70 Percent of Marine Commander Firings This Year Due to Bias, Disrespect
  1. why am i involved in all this?,,,,viet era draftees and coerced volunteers, the “draft dodgers”…. we so called reluctant warriors, have a totally different outlook on the military than our volunteer post draft post nam military comrades. if i can end one fellow viet survivors trauma by saying ,,,what was there to win?,,,,,in iraq there was the monstrous saddam hussain family,,,,,and there was oil that makes life easier for us all,,,,,in viet nam,,,there was NOTHING!,,,just your duty and to make no reply,,,win?,,,win what???,,,,,,i was told if someone asked you “what did you do in the war”,,,,,the smart answer was,,,, AS TOLD!. every viet era miitary veteran should take comfort in those two words. it is my fellow viet era brothers and sisters that i care about,,,,that may still be suffering ,,,,in their golden years….these post nam new age soldiers are of a different breed, outlook and mentality……the communist manifesto:… reform the system you must destroy it,…,seems to be working in the us military……what i fear is that they have learned too well from stalin and hitler,,,,and that under a national emergency the us army will be policing our towns and our main streets,,,,,,shuttering christian churches, barring their doors, tearing them down,,,silencing all dissident political freedom of speech and opposition,,,,,,isn’t that the point of this excellent article above,,,, re zero tolerance of disrespect to the new manifesto?,,,,,,on the chance that some important person of authority and of sympathy to all that i have written,,,,reads my words,,,,,it will have not been in vain,,,if i can ease the pain of some, if only one viet nam survivor by saying ,,,YOU DID AS TOLD,,,your’s was not to reason why,,,,your’s was not to make reply,,,,,your’s was to do and ,,,,,, and you did your duty,,,,,then i have accomplished my most important mission.

    • You’re so right.
      I remember returning from Vietnam and having to go to various classes on various PC subjects often (I think “they” felt it was necessary to be repetitive).
      The one I remember most was one such class when a SSG raised his hand and told the squeaky-voiced SP5 conducting the class that he was born and raised the way he was and asked him if he was supposed to now change his mind or just lie to him?
      The SP5 was beside himself, literally jumping around, demanding the SSG’s name.
      He gave it and told him that he was going to retire anyway and it couldn’t be fast enough because he didn’t want to put up with this any longer than he had to because it was all B.S. and so was the SP5 who was intemperate of others and too self-righteous to the point of being disrespectful of others.

  2. Based upon the way this article is written and the information contained therein, I am left with the impression that Walters is on a witch hunt of the 1st degree. PC is his charter, and relief-for-cause actions are his measures of effectiveness.

    This is an epic transformation of the Corps that Barry Sotero, aka Barak Obama, would be proud of. To be clear, poor leadership should not be tolerated. However, have they gone overboard? I find it unfathomable that the Corps has characterless leaders in these positions. I just don’t believe it. The vetting process for officer survivorship in the Corps is way too exact for such poor leaders to have been commissioned, much less to have survived and ascended to their positions of rank and command.

    The answer lies elsewhere. The deck has shifted. Political correctness — not leadership — has become the officer’s MCCRES. This could only have happened with the appointment of eunuchs at the top.

    The Corps is rooting-out some of its best in this shameful PC campaign. The color, camaraderie, and esprit that defined the Corps is being replaced by a fearful command climate focused from the top, zeroing-in on any scalp the PC Gods can sacrifice in deference to DACOWITS and every other sterile pogue closeted within the 5-sided building.

    Any day now I expect to read about an insurrection in O’Bannon Hall where the lieutenants have been incited to run amok tearing Chesty Puller paintings from the walls.

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