The Diversity Keeps Rolling Along: Woman Infantry Grad Had Affair With Company Sergeant

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A female infantry private and her company sergeant had a sexual relationship, the Army Times reports, and both have been punished.

The woman — unidentified in the report — was one of the first females to successfully complete combat training in the infantry and she was assigned to an integrated unit of male and female soldiers in 2017.

Sgt. First Class Chase Usher, the leading noncommissioned officer of his company within the storied 82nd Airborne Division, was the other member of the duo. The two were stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Usher has been moved from a command position to a desk job, according to a public affairs officer who commented on the story.

“Disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the chain of command was taken against both individuals and has been completed,” spokesman Lt. Col. Ramon Osorio told the Times. “Both continue to serve within the division, however, the first sergeant was relieved of his position and currently serves on the staff of a different unit.”

Portions of an Army investigation report obtained by the Times through a Freedom of Information Act request suggest the affair did not compromise unit integrity but did prompt concerns of hypocrisy.

“He didn’t foster a hostile environment to females at work, but was a horny bastard when it came to his personal life,” one soldier testified under oath. “He often preached to us to look out for females in our ranks and not get into trouble with them and not have relationships with them. All the while, he was doing all of this.”

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  1. This matches well the story of the pregnant Ranger candidate in the mountain phase, waiting for the phase to begin, she and a male candidate created a kid. Surely making the Army stronger and more battle ready.

  2. there is no doubt that conscription,,,a draft to include females as well as males is needed to cure the recruiting crisis, that it be configured to include more than in the past, the sons and daughters of the traditional fortunate that would include the well educated with extremely few exemptions is imperative. congress will re-enact a draft for national security if not a national emergency, in the next 10 years.

  3. Who could have seen this coming??? Guaranteed this is a one off event and will NEVER happen again. Hey, It’s not like Leon Panetta had a crystal ball!!! How was he supposed to know??? This did not happen in the movie Star ship Troopers!!!!!

  4. THE GENERAL DAVID PETRAEUS SCANDAL IS FAR MORE DISGUSTING AND MORE TELLING AND SIGNIFICANT ABOUT HOW FAR ,,,,,the top leadership has fallen into the abyss,,,,,but i nearly forgot about bill clinton,,,,he set a great example….it’s over… with it……want a rugged military life,,,,,JOIN THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION,,,,,,OR THE AUSSIES OR THE BRITS,,,,now capt starman ought to study these services to see if military life for a traditional man is still possible in an english speaking command. i wonder if these societies treat their militaries with more respect. i wonder if a yank could join the aussies, the brits, or the legion for a career? also read maj gen laich’s book,,,skin in the game on bringing back the draft……..the kids of the politicians and bureaucrats that designed the current snafu fubar ought to have their kids in it. don’t expect TRUMP to improve it for a second,,,,he too busy battling nike, the nfl and various sports and showbiz celebreties,,,hell! i did my time,,,,screw it……

  5. no, she did not “successfully complete” the training. A politically correct, feminized chain of command passed her anyway. Does a pregnant paratrooperette get 1.5 times jump pay? We are becoming a laughing stock military, now for the purpose of providing jobs for ladies instead of winning wars.

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