The Deep State’s Active Measures Campaign Against Trump

By Ray Starmann

Like Caesar, Trump is surrounded by enemies, like JFK the Deep State is determined to destroy him at all costs.

President Trump is under 24-hour siege from Deep State traitors and their loyal minions in the mainstream media who seek to bring down his presidency.

Be in no doubt, President Trump’s enemies are your enemies. President Trump’s enemies are America’s enemies. President Trump’s enemies are freedom’s enemies.

They seek to open our borders in order to flood the nation with cheap labor, while creating a new voting bloc for the Democrats, who have been abandoned by Middle America. They want endless, unwinnable wars in order to line their pockets and justify their government jobs and think tank titles. They wish to bring back trade deals that eradicate the nation’s industrial output, while putting the final nail in the Forgotten Man’s coffin. They want high taxes, Soviet-style national health care and the erasure of the Second Amendment.

They don’t believe in American Exceptionalism, in America First, but in a global government, where America is only a seat at a children’s table, no more equal in value to third rate nations.

The Deep State, the Establishment, and their obscene acolytes in the media, in the Antifa, in BLM, in the ‘Resistance’ are anti-American traitors who wish to destroy Trump because he represents something they never will, the United States of America, and its founding beliefs of small government and laissez faire economics.

The President is also a self-made man, who never worked a day in his life for anyone, nor for the US government before he was elected to office, and that very fact causes him to be hated by the Beltway Establishment which has never known a paycheck that was not signed by the US Treasury.

The Deep State Coup against the President is largely being orchestrated by the intelligence community. It smells, sounds, feels like an intelligence operation and has from day one.

The Deep State’s greatest weapon is what the KGB used to refer to as ‘active measures.’

Active measures range “from media manipulations to special actions involving various degrees of violence”. They were used both abroad and domestically. They included disinformation, propaganda, counterfeiting official documents, assassinations, and political repression, such as penetration into churches, and persecution of political dissidents.[1]

Retired KGB Maj. Gen. Oleg Kalugin, former Director of Foreign Intelligence for the KGB, described active measures as “the heart and soul of Soviet intelligence”: “Not intelligence collection, but subversion: active measures to weaken the West, to drive wedges in the Western community alliances of all sorts, particularly NATO, to sow discord among allies, to weaken the United States in the eyes of the people of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and thus to prepare ground in case the war really occurs.”[2]

Disinformation, propaganda, media manipulation, subversion, creating discord, political repression (silencing conservatives on social media). Sounds a lot like what’s going on now, doesn’t it?

The active measures campaign really kicked into gear the first day the Russian Collusion Fairy Tale was broadcast to the world. The Russian Fairy Tale serves three purposes: one, to justify why Hillary lost, two, to depose Mr. Trump, three, to ensure the globalist gravy train keeps running down the track.

Using the oldest trick in the spy tradecraft bag, every treasonous act the Clinton’s and the Deep State conducted was now thrown at Trump. It was the Clinton’s who sold missile technology to China in the 1990’s. It was Hillary who opened up her server to Russian and Chinese hacking. It was Hillary who sold the nation’s uranium to the Russians.

Yet, in one fell swoop, Trump was now the Russian agent, who colluded with Putin and the GRU to throw the 2016 Election. Yes, through some nefarious Russian operation, Trump became elected when every bleeding heart knew it would surely be Hillary!

With the assistance of a mealy mouthed Attorney General and a Deputy Attorney General loyal to James Comey and Hillary, a Special Counsel was created to investigate something that never happened.

Enter Deep State hack and Uranium One bag man, Robert Mueller, who along with Obama holdouts in the DOJ, has yet to prove that Trump colluded with anyone on the planet.

In order to propagate the disinformation, the liberal media has been totally engaged in the operation. Like Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, Josef Goebbels, the mainstream media hammered and continues to hammer the American public with the big lie, that if told often enough, many will believe.

As time progressed, political opponents had to be silenced on Twitter, on You Tube, on Facebook, on Instagram. The big lie was being challenged by America’s modern-day Sam Adams, Alec Jones, who is now public enemy number one to the Deep State.

In the last week, the next phase of the active measures campaign against President Trump began with the publication of establishment journalist Bob Woodward’s book, Fear.

The book, a hatchet job, light on facts and heavy on embellishment has one main purpose, to paint Trump as an erratic, know-nothing, hot-headed maniac who must be consistently restrained by loyal subordinates who refer to the Trump White House as ‘crazytown.’

Sounds like a setup for a 25th Amendment coup doesn’t it?

Mr. Woodward would be better served by writing a book on Hillary called Chinatown.

Woodward is the perfect Deep State operative, someone who many believe is a sainted, impartial journalist, the anti-hero of Watergate, a man who is supposedly a conservative, but is actually an establishment liberal.

Yesterday, the NY Times published an OPED titled, ‘I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.’

Like, the Woodward work of fiction, the OPED whether real or not, was designed to create an image of Trump as a dangerous leader whose actions must be thwarted to save the nation.

Not only is Trump a Russian agent who stole the election, he is also a crazy man who must be stopped at all costs by Quislings inside the White House, by globalist operatives, by Deep State hacks. He must be overthrown before the midterm elections.

A coup d’etat against Trump is in progress and at the heart of it, is the active measures campaign being waged at this very minute.

In 1963, a bewildered and shocked nation watched as a coup d’etat took place under the guise of the Deep State.

Are we going to let it happen again?

Pray for Trump…

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    • Wow. Where is reality here? X22 Report and is a must -when you hear too much propaganda you believe it. Commander William Guy Carr 1958 book ” A Pawn In The Game” is very educational. WRM- World Revolutionary Movement to our NWO- New World Order tells America and other countries -you are cattle (soon chipped cattle.) World bankers and bloodlines of wealth will own all humans. They called us Goyim -cattle. Luciferian’s will lie to you till death. Like false “patriot” Albert Pike. When political and high pillars get done screwing U.S. we will be open border and communist if you DO NOT wake up. This is our last stand before it is no longer U.S. but Venezuela. Wake up please and vote Republican/freedom or Marxist/enslavement and lies- if you like hell on earth living. Last chance folks. U.S. is on the line. You make the difference.

  1. THIS OLD WOODWORK,,,,,,formula book producer, ought to make a buck with tired cliches…… BUT,,,,this is tricky,,,,,the PEOPLE THAT WANT TO DESTROY TRUMP,,,,,love his wall street lovin policies and even more this october,,,, and world class tax cut last december that benefits the wall street investor wealth class and the global corporations,,,,let’s say the top 3-5 percent ….NOW THESE PEOPLE ARE LIBERAL COMMIE DEMOCRATS,,,WALL STREET VOTES SOLID DEMOCRAT…..the swamp the zog the squid the infrastructure the establisment VOTES DEMOCRAT..they have all the money…..BUT THEY LOVE WHAT TRUMP DOES BEST,,,,,,getting them tax breaks and a ULTRA FRIENDLY FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD that keeps rates at lirp and zirp…HOWEVER,,,,when the usual suspects attack trump, THEY ARE ATTACKING YOU,,,,MAINSTREET, MIDDLE CLASS VALUES,,,,,THE VANISHING MIDDLE CLASS WITH THEIR LOVE OF TERRORISTS, OPEN BORDERS,,,THEIR WAR ON WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES OF NORMAL ORIENTATION AND this is evident in blips,,like spenser rapone and what a thinking person can only conclude is that west point along with all the other academies is under pink to rosey red command and control that is brainwashing young people against TRUMP AND MAINSTREET…personally,,,,, mike pence works for me,,,he will be a meek potus like gerald ford if it happens,,,,,,BUT YOU CANNOT REWARD THE CURRENT CROP OF REPUBLICANS THAT LET OBAMA AND MISS ASHLEY CARTER DESTROY OUR MILITARY,,,,,,,TRUMP WILL HAVE TO BRASS BALLS IT OUT WITH A DEM HOUSE OR SENATE OR BOTH,,,,best case a closely divided senate and house where everyone is paralyzed until 2020..,,,a dem potus win must have a republican house and senate….but alot of good that did from 2010 to jan 2017 with the republicans in charge letting Obama do what he pleased.

  2. If they kill him, they (everybody suspected) and all of their family members will be systematically relieved of life.

  3. P.S. LOW FED BANK RATES HAVE WIPED OUT THE NEST EGGS AND SAVINGS OF EVERYONE SINCE 3 JAN 2001 TO THIS very minute…….if TRUMP knocks off his harrassment of the FED AND JEROME POWELL WHO IS RAISING RATES AT A SNAILS PACE compared to greenspan in 2004-2006……ERROLCUSTERFLYNN4EVR will ride again on YOUTUBE,,,,,my sword wil be his.

  4. Some of the business folks desire immigrants to take advantage of them and not pay living wages to Americans, others know the flood of illegals is to bring enemies into the country who can be relied upon to destroy America.

  5. There are those who remember the Kennedy assassination, orchestrated by that brood of vipers led by Poppy Bush and Allen Dulles. We would have been rioting in the streets, had we known then what we know now. The Oligarchs-from-hell do not have control of the narrative any more (as in CBS/NBC/ABC only). They are trying to get that back now by destroying opinions (in this case, facts & logic) that do not conform to their evil fantasies.
    If Trump is executed by these insane jackasses, then we are toast. Pence does not seem to have what it takes. I doubt he will do anything for We the People (aka Deplorables).

  6. This is as fine and legit a President as you can get. Maybe even better than Reagan.

    Yet they are doing everything in their power to remove him but did NOTHING when the usurper and unconstitutional Kenyan Negro occupied that office as a phony.

    According to BD the foreigner violated the Constitution over 1300 times!!

    Where is HIS prosecution??

    • Kenyan negro-that is funny yet somehow sad that a muslim could be president 7 years after 9/11. Are we really that stupid or suicidal? I guess so.

  7. Anyone who believes anything said/written by Bob Woodward also believes that Grimms Fairy Tales are undeniable.

    Remember Woodward is the guy who said that he interviewed CIA director William J. Casey, who was unconscious and in a coma at the time that he said he conducted the interview.

    Lying is a right granted under the Communist Manifesto, the left’s bible…to them the ends justify the means.

    This coup against our President is real, and we all must defend the Constitution this November by voting to keep Republicans in office and Dumbocrats out of power…God Forbid another term of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House!

  8. He has the power to stop all of this non sense, why hasn’t him? What in the world is he waiting for? Jesus second return? I would have fired Jeff Sessions, skinny dick Rostentein alone with te new FBI difector a long time ago and the hell with the assholes in the media. Declare a national emergency, cancel the funny mid term elections and start locking people up, otherwise, people are going to start beleiving you are a funny, controlled oposition operaTive. Take your clues from a man with balls, Duterte from the Phillipines, crazy, I think not.

  9. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” -George Orwell

    This is liberalism, to a T.

  10. Like Alex Jones Says, the time is short to the midterm elections and the commies are plotting a false flag. So Trump better get the military on the ball and stop Monkeying around with these people and get them locked up or otherwise before the try to kill him like they did to the new president in Brazil,if the guy isn’t dead now.

  11. forget all that crap…..BURT REYNOLDS…SPIRIT OF THE 1970’S has passed…….the 70’s were acutally apolitical….the despicable dems and the contemptible reps,,,,,,nixon ford carter,,,,,,nobody much cared,,,,but everyone looked forward to the next burt reynolds movie,,,,he had a great life.

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