Meghan McCain’s Conduct Unbecoming

By Ray Starmann

At today’s lavish globalist get together, aka the John McCain funeral, the late Senator’s daughter went on an anti-Trump tirade that was a testament to establishment ideology and deep state speak.

After being bombarded hour after hour by the mainstream media, including sycophantic Fox News, about what a great guy the man nicknamed at the Naval Academy, ‘McNasty’ was, his daughter saw fit to express her hatred towards President Trump and everything he stands for, in what can only be described as conduct unbecoming.

Riding to the pulpit on her high horse, and with her eyes on some future spot in the Capitol building, Ms. McCain stated:

“We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness — the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served,” she said, her voice first choking back tears then raising to anger.

Was John McCain great? He endured torture and conducted himself well as a POW during the Vietnam War. But, does one period of time encapsulate a man’s entire life?

John McCain’s conduct both personally and in the US Senate post-Vietnam War, lacked a lot of greatness and some would say was often reprehensible, like that time he cheated on his wife and mother of his children, who was suffering from stage 4 brain cancer and then divorced her to marry barely legal Cindy Lou Hensley, the heiress to a beer fortune. Don’t see any greatness there. Just some avarice and a whole lot of cruelty.

To spite Trump, he flew across the country and cast the deciding vote that destroyed any chances for affordable health care for 22 million desperate Americans, by keeping the train wreck Obamacare afloat. That is not the action of a great man. That is the conduct of a man who is vindictive, and who doesn’t give a damn about the nation he claims to serve.

And, how about the millions of silent men and women who have served this country, quietly, honorably and who drained deep the chalice of courage? They were and are great, and they conducted and conduct themselves with more decency, humanity and social aplomb then Senator McCain ever did.

Continuing with her rant, she accused the President of espousing ‘cheap rhetoric.’ Mr. Trump’s words are not cheap, nor are they rhetoric. Like a man called Reagan, he means what he says, and he does what he means. He’s got the economy going, when the funeral’s keynote speaker Barack Hussein Obama, once told Americans to accept 2% economic growth and breathe deeply as the poison called globalism destroyed the American worker. Mr. Trump wishes to protect the nation’s national sovereignty by constructing a wall on the Mexican border, while McCain, quoting from the George Soros playbook, stated in his farewell address that “we weaken it when we hide behind walls, rather than tear them down.”

Quite Orwellian isn’t it? Open borders equal national security. Opioids and MS-13 bring peace and harmony.

Ms. McCain then went on to bash President Trump for growing up in comfort and privilege. But, Senator McCain was born into Navy royalty. Both his father and grandfather were four star admirals. In fact, and what some consider to be a Navy cover up and directly his fault, aviator McCain’s showboating wet start on the USS Forrestal caused a Zuni rocket to launch on the deck of the aircraft carrier, causing a fire and explosions that killed 134 men.

Having a four-star dad sure gets you out of a court martial when you screw up. Comfort and privilege Meghan?

Later, she said to applause, “The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.”

The America of John McCain, Ms. Meghan, is the Democratic Party and they believe that America was never great. If you haven’t noticed, many conservatives, minus the toadies on Fox News, aren’t ardent supporters of your late father.

In another clear swipe at Trump, she said some resented her father for being “a great fire who burned bright” and what he revealed about their own characters. Those critics, she said, still have an opportunity to emulate her father’s legacy.

Ms. McCain’s father despised, and she and much of the Washington, DC establishment despises Mr. Trump for one reason and one reason only: he is a self made billionaire, who never worked a day in his life for anyone, while her father and his fellow globalist minions only received one kind of paycheck their entire lives, from the US Treasury.

That is the essence of Ms. McCain’s hate and many of those in this nation who despise the President. They are jealous of him and know deep down, that they don’t have the brains, nor the moxie to accomplish what he has and that includes winning the Presidency and restoring America to its former greatness, when it wasn’t on the auction slate to the highest globalist bidder.

Ms. McCain’s conduct today was unbecoming.

What else would you expect from the McNasty’s?

40 comments on “Meghan McCain’s Conduct Unbecoming
    • Megan McCains statement about America was always great, we know she was saying that toward Trump, but when she said it the first two people I thought of was Michelle OBama when she said for once she was proud of America and the 2nd person is the governor of NY, his statement about American is not great and never was. going to her statement about loving the life of comfort and previlege while her father suffered and served, well if it wasn’t for McCain 134 service men would have lived, His gfather and father got him his seat in Washington, they were so ashamed of him that they were hoping this way he could make their names shiney again. But sorry he didn’t fool us all. But he remark also could have been aimed toward GW Bush as well, because of GH Bush, so Michelle and the Bushes she didn’t leave yall out, but not OBama, u heard him get up there and say he was raised without a father and had it hard. Bull. We’ve got to make sure the gov. of AZ doesn’t fill John McCains senate seat with McCain, because she is after Trumps blood, if research is done she probably is a reg. Dem. So the Rep party needs to start writing and calling the AZ governor not to even think that way, that is if he’s a Rep. She will be another Maxine Waters. Also, we don’t need Flake to fill the seat either. So lets stop it now. Her place is on the View where she fits right in with bad unbecoming conduct. You noticed Cindy got up and walked to meet OBama and hugh his neck where others had to walk to her. I feel the McCains need to pay the tax payers money back for this policial platform for the Dem. And if the Penagon paid for it it needs to come out of their budget. McCain is not the only POW where has the rest of our brave POW’s funeral been paid for, if he was for the poor why have this boring funeral. Us poor can’t afford to hardly pay to have the grave dug. McCain, wouldn’t even serve on the POW committee unless he was over it, then he shuts it down, where was the mothers, fathers, wives and childrens relief. he wanted all secrets shut down. No Megan, your father is only a hero in your eyes, but that’s the way it should be, until you start writing a book about being the daughter of John McCain or a movie, I guess you plan on playing the lead. But look in the mirrow you are no beauth queen. To guy’s did you notice how she could turn those tears on and off so fast. As we call it fake. Jimmy Carter is better than either one of those Three x presidents sitting up their, those 3 have their own little click. So childress.

    • I think Meghan forgot she was at her fathers memorial, she must have thought it was a hollywood award show and she was receiving the honors or excepting it for her Dad. How sad, she’s a want a be.

  1. Its a soviet-style, highly choreographed deep-state political funeral, so of course we are going to get political comments against their political enemies

  2. Don’t forget, this jerk was one of the largest recipients of Keating’s largess, millions went to his wife and father-in-law.

    He was a fraud, a liar, a thief.

  3. You were doing well until the Forrestal connection. The Zuni came off an F-4 that was parked on the starboard side of the ship, and hit aircraft of McCain’s squadron parked on the port, and very close to the aircraft he was sitting in. As much as I am averse to anything McCain theses days, he’s not at fault for the infamous Forrestal fire. I know.

  4. Good old traitorous “Songbird” McCain, despised by the surviving members of his own military units for his multitudinous treasonous acts while a highly favored and privileged “prisoner” in the Vietnam “Hanoi Hilton” (he actually gained weight while his comrades in arms starved) and the survivors and comrades of all of the US Navy sailors he killed and injured (134 sailors killed and many more injured) and the property he destroyed when he was hot-dogging by hot or wet starting his jet on the deck of the USS Forestall, the aircraft carrier he was then stationed on resulting in a number of lethal explosions and a huge destructive fire, strikes yet another blow for the enemies of our nation. His rich Admiral daddy/granddaddy had to have him emergency airlifted from the Forestall before the surviving crew ripped him apart with their bare hands! Throughout his congressional career, “Shitstain” McCain fought vehemently against any and all attempts to modernize, streamline, reform and improve the VA to provide better medical and psychiatric care for American veterans and perpetually fought against all attempts to secure information concerning and the release of all the American POW’s that were and (the survivors of which still are or may be) being held prisoner in Vietnam. His “brothers in arms” hold this treacherous, treasonous POS in utter contempt. He recently ran for reelection on a platform promising to vote to repeal and replace Obamacare, and then did the absolute opposite, utterly betraying the trust of his constituents in Arizona. Not only that, but throughout his career he has been the ultimate “war pig”, an utterly pro-war hawk who is directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of millions of people, most on incredibly dubious, unnecessary and deceptive grounds. And yet we are supposed to mourn him at the behest of his vomitous treasonous progeny?!?! How misguided and absurd!!! His contemporaries would like to do A LOT WORSE to him than just mock him. For confirmation of those matters recited herein, see, amongst others, the following: and

  5. his daughter and family are in deepest pain, suffering and mourning,,,,,,i know this recently beyond all i could have imagined,,,,,,.blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted…….ask not for whom the bell tolls…………

    • Funerals are not the time to talk about hateful stuff. But we did see it happen at this dudes funeral Sheeeez . Maybe, in her eyes that how they honored him. Not what I would of expected on that day. “The Land of the Bizarro”

  6. If they can use a dead baddie to BASH Trump, they will. Most shameFOOL and death-obsessed liberals. Obsessed with death everywhere.

  7. Now 8 days and counting. This is no longer honoring a dead man. This has degenerated into a spiritually dark, demented & sick form of worship & idolatry. No dignitary or head of state has ever received such idolatrous homage after death. God forgive our sinful nation.

  8. Only in America do the people lift up high and honor the highest and most corrupted criminals. McCain was the epitome of privilege class and treatment, yet point at everyone else as doing wrong. Meghan McCain’s speech was embarrassing. Her father’s funeral and she turns it into a Trump bashing. She is evidently just as nasty, cruel, uncompassionate, and venditive as her Satanic worshipping criminal murdering father.

    • Typical democrat/liberal/progressive/socialist rhetoric, vehemently accuse your opponent (enemy) of doing exactly what you did/are doing/plan to do, in the hopes that everyone – prodded by the puppet media – will not notice your duplicity…

  9. John McCain had all the necessary attributes of a politician. He could lie convincingly. He cleverly recognized sensitive topics that he could denounce or acclaim, depending on which would be best to show him in a favorable light. He knew where to get money for his political support. He was vindictive and devious. But most of all, he was a fraud. A fraud in everything he did throughout his entire life. I pity his family, but I pity his daughter the most.

  10. i went to the Veterans clinic to day for my annual visit. 12 other veterans were waiting for them to open. in a conversation i said “as veterans we know that john McCain was no war hero” and for 15 min. john McCain’s sins were told, no one defended him but rather condemned him to hell, these men have knowledge as they were Vietnam veterans.

  11. They don’t give Presidential Pardons for being good. President Nixon saved is traitorous from being court martialed and sent to prison. Wakeup America! Your being fed a lie and your believing it. Most democrats hate this country and more power under a One World Government. They believe they are gods and want to rule over us. But GOD has a bigger plan. These people in our government will be held accountable at the White Throne Judgment of GOD. Before GOD says I never knew you and they enter the LAKE OF FIRE. It’s too bad that people would rather serve SATAN.

  12. John Mccain, was – thank God he is dead – a traitor to our cause and a stone socialist in everything he did.

    His hot-dogging stupidity could have sunk the carrier USS Forrestal during Nam, in the 60’s – and the incident killed and/or severely wounded 167 crew members on the flight deck.

    The stupid bastard wet-started his A4, a missile launched on the flight deck from the resulting fire, and a disaster ensued.

    The ONLY reason that he didn’t spend the rest of his life in Federal prison is because his daddy and grand-daddy were U.S. Navy Admirals, he played his POW term to the hilt, and both McCain and the other traitor, John Kerry were being groomed for politics.

    That is by God, John McCain. What, you can’t verify any of this? I know I am surprised.

  13. Amen, Ray, you nailed it better than I did with my earlier comment. McCain should have been shot for what he did, instead the uninformed American PC masses have sanctified the SOB.

    Anytime you see the swooning associated with a the death of any politician by any level of U.S. government, you can make book that the deceased is a commie.

    His daughter is also a commie, obviously. Nits make lice!

  14. 2700 Angels will be standing in formation to greet McCain at the Pearly Gates .
    2700 POWs that McCain betrayed will immediately escort McCain straight to Hell.

  15. Interesting that your Supposed adversaries (Bush & Obama – One World Demons) are at the funeral of John McStain (Traitor to the US). Sadly Many Americans are too Dumb to Notice that Evil Criminal Demons All Hang around Together – Notice How Chummy & Family the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obamas & McCain’s seem to be – but Not Jimmy Carter or Donald Trump – I guess they are Too Christian for the True Luciferians. The World is waking up to the Fact that Most of the World’s Leaders are Demonic & the Very Fight for the Survival of Mankind relies on New & Imperfect Leaders like Trump & other rising Leaders in other countries to STOP the New World Order Enslavement of All Mankind regardless of your Stupid Politics. Good Riddance McStain just another Dead Demon – Thank God you are Gone!

  16. I was a democrat for life until 2008. Then i realized that the democratic lawmakers were only working for the elites. I then became a republican
    Since then i see how the dems have treated our president from the time he announced his campaign for president.
    Today i read the printof.yours about Mccain. I agree 100% with you. This is the low life of America. The ugliness of the Mccain family. John taking a jab at president trump in a letter just before death and now megan doing the same. This is not how America is. How can one be a proud American anf speak of President Trump in this matter. Remember they are speaking of us all not just the president.
    Read the comments and you will learn alot about the Mccains. God bless America

  17. What a pity that Senator McCain’s daughter Megan – who had been a Trump supporter and a die-hard Republican on the View where she acts as a co-host, was forced to endure seeing President Trump at his meanest and most petty when he went on the attack against the Late Senator McCain. I say “had been” for a reason. Ms. McCain had to endure the petty ungracious and spiteful treatment of her father’s memory, all dished out by our current occupant of the White House. His pettieness and ill manners know no bounds as he once again proved. Flying the White House flag at full mast when the rest of Washington still had their flags at half-mast to honor the memory of John McCain was a slap in the face to both the family who were mouring and the public who had lost a great senator and statesman. When you can have Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama deliver your eulogies – buddy you are a rare man and you’ve done something few others could manage in that snake pit we call the Capitol of our Nation, Washington DC. My heart bleeds for the additional pain and angst that was so cruely heaped upon the McCains by Trump in his never-ending desire to harm a perceived enemy, even in death. The spite-filled, ungracious, unforgiving nature of Trump was layed bare for the entire world to see in his handling of John McCain’s passing. It has become painfully obvious that words like Decency, Forgiveness, Kindness, and gentility and civility to one another have no meaning to Donald Trump. He so obviously doesn’t care who he harms, who’s lives he ruins, and cares nothing for the feelings of a fallen hero’s family in their hours of mourning. HOW I WISH Aretha Franklin were still with us to get six inches from Trumps face and blare out RESPECT at about 400 decibels. Maybe at that volume and with lots or repetition, Trump could at long last learn the meaning of that one simple word. Although one can make the case that the pathetic egomaniacal President we currently have would not learn, even with Ms Franklin teaching him thru song. He’s learned so little during his money-grubbing life except how to lie, cheap, steal and pay back loyalty with faithlessness and how to pay back kindness with hate. That’s so sadly the side of him that Ms McCain got to see first hand this past week. Some say Megan McCain struck out at Trump. I thought she was the very model of civility given the gravity of what Trump did to the memory of her father and to her entire family. The one good thing that may yet come out of Trumps vile behavior toward this grieving family is the fact that some of his die-hard supporters have now had a chance to witness their leader in all his wretched hate and lack of glory. Perhaps that’s why his approval ratings are below 30% and his dis-approval ratings are above 60% today. Maybe we will see a change in the House and Senate this November, a change that may eventually save us all from the destruction of our nation at Donald Trumps’ hand. Thanks for being as cool and calm as you were Ms Megan McCain. I do not know how you manged it, but as a father myself – one of a daugher your age – I am so very proud of your ability to say nothing derogatory about Trump and yet still point out to the nation what he had done to your father, your family, and our nation as a whole. Bless you, your brothers, sisters, mother, and grandmother. Rest assured that most of us believe and trust that your father is with the Lord this night and will be there waiting for you someday when you too make that final journey we must all face at the end of a life…

    • give me a break, look what Trumps kids have to go thr with all those nasty remarks about their Dad. Trumps daughter and son in law was sitting there yesterday when Megan and OBama were using her fathers funeral for a platform for the Dem’s Poor Taste

  18. Yep, I’m also tired of hearing about “Songbird McCain”, who told his captors ANYTHING and everything they wanted just to avoid more pain. His arms were broken while ejecting his aircraft, and weren’t broken by his captors. His fellow captors call him a traitor.

    And I’m tired of hearing about Aretha Franklin having her dress changed multiple times a day while laying in a casket. That’s simply SICK.

  19. Well said. I’m glad somebody spoke up. It cost a lot of our tax dollars to have the former presidents and their spouses there yesterday. What about our drafted soldiers who died for us in these wars. Only the rich and famous get the glory. UNFAIR anode Disgust!

  20. Ray, very good article.There are always two sides to every coin. Be it upon death or not, it is worthy to hear both sides. John McCain may have been a hero to many and was privileged, needless to say, let us not forget the many “unsung heros” who were equally courageous but not so privileged!

  21. Meghan inherited the ‘Insane’ McCain genes of arrogance and vindictiveness. I hope the governor of Arizona doesn’t appoint her US Senator. The only decent public official in Arizona was Sheriff Joe, and look at what they did to him!

  22. starman, mccain was anything but an american hero or icon. however, you should do more research on your trump — or are you just another brain dead suppose to be conservative? your ‘trump’ is anything but a self made billionaire or is truth something you pretend conservatives hate just like your liberal friends?

  23. YES TO ALL THE ABOVE,,,,,,but know you this:,,,,the republican party that maneuvered the silent majority from the radicalized commie democrat party in 68′ to vote for the betraying nixon who promised a prompt end to the war has not changed. A MAINSTREET STRUGGLING MIDDLE CLASS POPULIST HAS ABOUT AS MUCH BUSINESS IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY,,,,,as a hassidic jew at a Klan rally in rural alabama…….all the republicans are of the same cloth,,,,,talk mainstreet, but walk wall street and take care of the wealth class first last and always…..without exception and i am old enough to have been there.,,,i only know we must have divided government where all the populist enemies are at each other’s throats and keep them all turning over at every opportunity.

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