By J. Stewart Cook

Funerals, for the most part, are solemn events with the odd smile or laugh. I have never witnessed a funeral whereby an eulogy is presented in a manner which seemed so vehement (almost violent) as I did when listening to Meghan McCain’s eulogy given at her Father’s recent funeral.

I listened to her eulogy several times and could not get over the tone of her voice. There were times, when I closed my eyes and thought I was listening to a Shakespearean play. There were other times I thought it was being presented by a “drama queen.”

One can certainly understand and appreciate the fact that this was her father’s funeral and a man she dearly loved. A loss of a family member is always difficult to deal with, especially one’s parent.

If one did not know the events and circumstances surrounding John McCain’s life one would wonder why Meghan McCain’s eulogy was so passionate, forceful, with such emotion.

But what struck me was the manner in which she made certain statements in her eulogy. It would seem that she “alluded” to certain matters or events, which had occurred, but did not reference them directly. Nor did she associate any specific names with the occurrences. To those who had followed the events of John McCain’s life, especially in the last few years, it was not too difficult to realize what events, and to whom, Meghan was alluding to.

One that was most evident, or obvious, was her reference to words or phrases associated with the President, Donald Trump. To but things into context, John McCain and the President did not have the most cordial relationship. As a matter of fact, the President was not invited to John McCain’s funeral. John did not want the President to attend.

Meghan McCain’s most evident reference to the President were her words…”The America of John McCain is generous and welcoming and bold,” Meghan McCain said. “She is resourceful and confident and secure. She meets her responsibilities. She speaks quietly because she is strong. America does not boast because she has no need to. The America of John McCain has no need to be great again because America was always great.” It is clear that Meghan McCain wanted to admonish the President publicly and make a comment on his governance. At times, “hypocrisy” seemed to be the flavour of her eulogy. Why not simply state the name of the President?

But what bothered me the most was Meghan McCain’s lack of HUMILITY during her eulogy. One fully understands the many deeds John McCain accomplished during his lifetime and attributes are deserving. However, I did note that she did not humble herself when speaking about her Father. She stated that “he was a great man, he was a great warrior, he was a great American.” She went on with many more accolades, yet never in a humble manner.

It has always been my view that those with “great” accomplishments tend to be “humble” people. Meghan McCain had no intention of humbling herself, nor to present her Father in a humble manner. It is obvious that the attributes and accolades given to John McCain were not done in a humble manner. Is it not so much better to project an image of humility rather than pride?

A true example of one who accomplished many humanitarian deeds, in a most humble way, was Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Yes, she had the “right” to be proud of her lifelong accomplishments, however, she chose to be a humble soul even until death.

Humility is certainly a trait worth having. I’m not sure if Meghan McCain holds such a trait. One thing for sure, her Father told her to “show them how tough you are” with her eulogy. And it is here that she took aim at President Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” whereby she said “McCain’s America was always great.” But McCain’s America was not always great. Looking back, one can find the faults and failures.

“Dad, I looked in your closet for your horn. Do you mind if I borrow it?” “Meghan, where is yours?”  “I thought it was in my “humble” chess but I cannot find it.” “Go right ahead. I won’t be using it anymore.” Thanks Dad. I need it for the funeral. “Why Meghan?” “Are you playing in the band?” No Dad, it’s to BLOW MY HORN during my eulogy to you.” “Thanks Meghan!”


  1. Megan McCain is missing the humility gene. Instead of being thankful for her father’s long life, she chose an angry and vindictive eulogy. Be grateful Megan, that your father’s life was spared, unlike many whose lives were lost during those horrific times years ago. An ounce of gratitude is worth more than a ton of gold.

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