Mattis Can’t Say If Having Women In The Infantry Will Work Or Not


Task and Purpose

“Clearly, the jury is out” on whether having women serve in Marine Corps and Army infantry units makes the U.S. military more combat effective, Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Tuesday.

  • Mattis sounded decidedly unenthusiastic during a visit to the Virginia Military Institute when a cadet asked him about integrating women into combat arms jobs. He said the services are looking into whether it is “a strength or a weakness” to have women serving in units that engage in close combat.
  • “The military has got to have officers who look at this with a great deal of objectivity and at the same time remember our natural inclination to have this open to all,” Mattis said. “But we cannot do something that militarily doesn’t make sense.”
  • “I can’t give you a good answer right now,” he added. “I’m open to it. I’ll be working with the chief of staff of the Army and the others to sort it out.”
  • So far, too few women have joined infantry units to determine their effectiveness in combat, Mattis said, repeating what he told Task & Purpose on his trip to India earlier this month.
  • “This a policy that I inherited, and so far the cadre is so small we have no data on it,” Mattis said. “We’re hoping to get data soon. There are a few stalwart young ladies that are charging into this, but they are too few – right now, it’s not even dozens. It’s that few.”
    About 150 female soldiers and 27 female Marines are currently serving in infantry military occupational specialties, officials told Task & Purpose on Tuesday.
  • Mattis also stressed that infantry units are “the most primitive, I would say evil environment” in the military because they consist of young Marines and soldiers who are cocky, rambunctious, and “necessarily macho.”
  • “I was never under any illusions about what level of respect my Marines would have for me if I couldn’t run with the fastest of them and look like it didn’t bother me; if I couldn’t do as many pull-ups as the strongest of them,” Mattis said. “It was the unfairness of the infantry.”

4 comments on “Mattis Can’t Say If Having Women In The Infantry Will Work Or Not
  1. hey mad-dog, women in non-combat/support/non-male units, only. wtf is wrong with you? us is & has been qra (queers running america) – better pray no real opponents show up to fight.

  2. Though it’s not PC, I am glad there were few women in Vietnam because “we” weren’t raised that way – you opened doors for women, you offered to help them when they needed it, etc. There was hell to be paid if your parents and other adults caught you not helping and deferring to women (manners).
    Men are built differently (surprise!), too, and war has always been a male enterprise historically.
    What used to be an automatic protection reflex built into us was the instinct to protect women and children. There would be thousands of more names on The Vietnam Wall if women were fired upon because the “instinct” would have kicked in to prevent harm to a female soldier.
    Can’t change human nature, even though many seem to think they can today.

  3. As an almost 80-year-old Marine I was, prior to his appointment as SecDef, proud to consider Mattis as a Marine’s Marine but now, I am very disappointed.

    I have voiced my opinion here on this venue, concerning females in combat infantry units: I think one should be issued to every Marine with his 782 Gear.

    Personally, I don’t see what the problem is in determining whether or not BAMS (Old Marines will understand.) “…will work in the infantry or not.” I see it as quite easy to make the determination: Put together an exclusive Ladies Infantry Platoon, commanded by a Lady 2nd Lt, drop them in front of a pack of Afghan Insurgents. They can have armored, artillery, and air support—if they know how to call in coordinates—but no direct male assistance. Shouldn’t be too difficult to determine whether they are combat capable, or not. I loves the wimmens, surely I do, but, personally, I would rather do time at Portsmouth than go into combat with one of them!

    Hey, the Femi-Nazis want equality—give it to them.

  4. my math skills are at best average,,,,,,but i could always predict the future,,,,i don’t see any of these crack troops facing the russians or the chinese or the north korks but possibly in limited capacity, the iranians if they invaded iraq as we have long expected…..i see these crack troops patroling american mainstreets and confiscating lawful citizens’ lawful arms under a hillary clinton type raging bull dyke blood red commie tyrant,,,that trump is just a speed bump in their quest. i see these crack troops helping a blood red commie regime tear up the constitution and crack down on all freedoms you take for granted. and i see a repukelican party not lifing a finger against it,,,,,just like they did nothing against BO under boehner and ryan and bitch mcconnel. EVEN RUSH LIMBAUGH RUBBED IT IN HIS LISTENERS EARS AND FACES,,,,,when the reps won the sentate in 2014 and ignored the prayers of the base….LIMBAUGH MOCKED THE MAINSTREET BASE as if they were too stupid to see that the reps were all about the top 5 percent,,,,he had a sadistic joy about knowing the base was taken for a ride. I stopped listening to that fat slob in 2014, i always believed him to be controlled opposition,,,a judas goat,,,,pied piper a tool of the left. that is why we have to vote for the mortal enemy in november,,,,,,clean out the repukelican parasites as much as we can,,,,,and throw out all the dem rats and roaches in 2020 and keep cycling them over and over. its like warfarin for heart patients,,,,the deadliest blood thinner life saving drug in the world…when taken carefully its a blessing,,,,, when not managed properly,,,,the rat poison will kill you. the lesson for divided government.

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