Unmasking the Democratic Party

By Joe Ragonese

For years Democrats hid their real agenda; however, recent events are unmasking who they really are.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the new face of the Democratic Party when the little known 28-year-old Socialist won the New York congressional primary over longstanding Representative Joe Crowley, in an entirely safe Democratic 14th District.  Her victory was because the socialist arm of the party was opened up by Bernie Sanders in 2015-16, exposing the radical element of the party to power for the first time; at least openly.

The radical left has shaped the Democratic Party for the past 60 years, but they have had to hide their ultimate agenda of transforming this nation into a communist country using euphemisms like ‘progressive,’ ‘socialism,’ ‘democratic socialism,’ and ‘welfare to benefit the people,’ as cover for their true purpose.  The radicals within the party have had to, up until Sanders, and now Ocasio-Cortez, work with the liberals who do not want to destroy America.

The heart of the Democratic Party was working class Americans, mostly white, whom they abandoned in favor of their socialist agenda.  Once abandoned, they no longer had a base which to rely on for their votes.  So, the emphasis changed to illegal immigrants who would be controlled by the Democratic Party, instead of working class Americans.  Once their true agenda was in the open, it opened the doors for socialists and communists to run without trying to hide who they were and are.  That’s why Ocasio-Cortez’s election is such a big deal in the MSM.

The socialist plan is to completely destroy America.  It is the reason they oppose border enforcement so vehemently.  No border, no nation.  Destroying America is essential to radicals in order to remake it into the communist utopia they desire.  The “Communist Manifesto,” by Marx and Engels, the Bible of communist worldwide, states those exact words, that in order to rebuild a communist society, the old norms must be completely destroyed first.

Those norms include family, church, self-reliance, and private ownership of property.  Everything is owned by the state; just look at the worker’s paradise of Cuba as an example of what the Democratic Party wants to transform America into.

The liberal wing of the Democratic Party (the old guard) only wishes to alter our present form of government, not destroy it.  Liberals (at least some) love America and see it as the unique nation that it is.  This difference in philosophy caused an ongoing rift between those who call themselves ‘progressives’ and the rest of the party.  Until Sanders, socialism wasn’t mentioned as a goal of the party, trying to mask the face of progressives’ ultimate intentions.

Since his almost successful run for the Presidency, Millennials demanded radical change and have driven a wedge into the heart of the party in order to take it over.  This fanaticism from socialists has caused long term Democrats to move farther and farther to the radical side in order to maintain power.  So, they have acquiesced to the will of the radicals, causing the Democratic Party to become a marginalized radical anti-American party; that will not win national elections anytime soon.  Simply look at Nancy Pelosi’s rapidly changing rhetoric going farther and farther to the left, as an example of how the party has changed.

Democrats, and their cheerleaders in the MSM double down on their hard left political turn.  In his defense of Ocasio’s victory, MSNBC prime time anchor, Lawrence O’Donnell gave a full-throated defense of socialism during an interview on C-SPAN.  He said that Medicare was a “Very smart socialistic program,” continuing with the statement, “opponents of socialism are ignorant of economics,” and he advised us to ‘grow up’.”   He neglected to include that Medicare will be bankrupt by 2026, or that the premier leftist legislation, Social Security by 2045, in his condemnation of those who see socialism for the failure it is.

When asked to clarify the difference between socialism and democratic socialism, he stated that the differences were merely “semantics.”  He wasn’t asked, but the next logical question to him, and all other socialist loving Democrats, is please state the differences between socialism and communism, the truth is, semantics.  O’Donnell is only one of a majority of progressives who are, and always have been communist loving socialists, and their only agenda is the take over of America and transforming it into a communist country.

This hard left turn isn’t the first time that communists tried to take over the Democratic Party.  The first time there was a radical take over of the Democratic Party, causing a 180 degree turn in the Party’s direction, was back in 1968.  At that time the Democratic Party was best known as the party that supported slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws and segregation.  Southern Democrats defied their own Democrat President and stopped civil rights marchers from walking into the white parts of their cities, using water cannons, attack dogs and night sticks to keep them in their place.

Democrats stood on the sidelines, as Republicans passed the 1964 & 1965 Civil Rights acts, with few Democrats supporting the legislation.  President Johnson took credit for these acts in an effort to win black votes.  And then the Democratic Party continued to watch as fellow Democrats prohibited blacks from enrolling in state colleges.  Their agenda then was the preservation anti-Black segregation.

President Johnson took credit for these acts because he signed them into law.  Later research into his Presidency would show that he, too, wished to hold down blacks, but pushed for legislation for them because blacks outvoted whites in Texas, his home state, and he needed their votes.  His pushing for the Civil Right Act(s) was the first time that Democrats pandered to blacks for their votes; something that has continued to this day.

Democrats were the ones who passed legislation prohibiting blacks from owing guns in the first anti-second Amendment legislation in American history.  They went further by imposing literacy tests to voters as well as voter taxes; in an attempt to stop blacks from voting.  This is the same party who today wants no limits on who can vote, illegally or not, or how many times they can vote; even if they are dead.

During the mid-1960s, American communists fomented anti-American demonstrations, ostensibly against the war in Vietnam.  Like today’s Millennials, the baby boomers of the time were rebellious and easily misled.  Many men were afraid to go to war during a period of an involuntary draft, and protests grew in numbers and frequency as the war escalated, lopsidedly covered by a Democrat supporting press corps, until it seemed that most Americans opposed conservative values.

The Democratic Party acquiesced to the communist oriented protesters, ceding power to them at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.  It was here that to insure the complete acquiesce of Democrats, that the Antifa of the day, the Weather Underground (weathermen) and the more violent Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), led by Obama pal, Bill Ayers, rioted in the streets of Chicago, looting and causing millions of dollars worth of damage along the way.  It was dubbed by the adoring press as the ‘days of rage.’  These are the tactics of today’s Antifa, just as today’s Black Lives Matter is a replication of the Black Panthers of the 60s.

The end result was that the radical left took over control of the Democratic Party and no one could be elected in that party who did not cater to that radical fringe group.  Democrats who once were more conservative either left the party or moved left to try to get the vote of the radicals within their party.  This radical communist loving wing, while mostly held in check with their worst desires, shifted the party away from anti-black to the new liberal agenda that began the transformation of America through legislation that destroyed the family, and decimated morals that held this nation together for 200 years; backed by the most anti-American Supreme Court in history, the Warren Court, who further destroyed this country through leftist judicial advocacy.

It was a time of open rebellion against America and American values.  The weathermen and SDS bombed institutions that represented America and did everything within their power to start an actual civil war to create the communist utopia in America that existed in the Soviet Union.

To simply say that they were only young, dumb, and ill informed would be kind, but they were neither.  The hard core SDS and weathermen were the cream of the crop, fully knowledgeable about their motives and where they wanted that violence to lead.  When the draft and the Vietnam War ended, so, too, did their support among the people.  Left high and dry, they did not fade away, they regrouped and using the lessons of the Soviet Union and Nazis, began inserting themselves into politics, the media and education.  This loss of power due to the end of the Vietnam War held the radicals in check until Obama.

To simply say that today’s Millennials are ignorant of our history is to forgive them as so many wanted to forgive the baby boomers who created so much havoc in the 60s.  Just as the majority of all baby boomers were patriotic Americans, who answered the call to duty, whether they liked it or not, the majority of today’s Millennials are patriots who answered the call to vote for Donald Trump; because they fully understood the consequences of not doing so.

Those who are the most rabid socialists, are the ones still living in their parent’s basement.  They are just as afraid of having to survive on their own, as were so many baby boomers who were scared of being drafted and having to go to war…or act like adults.

The Democratic Party; however, has made its second hard left turn, purging any old fashioned liberals and blue collar workers, and openly advocates for a socialist utopia, kind of like Sweden is today.  (U.S. Defense Watch just posted a story about their rapid decline.)  The only Democrats left in the Party now are hard core communist loving socialists, and those who pander to them in order to remain powerful.

Now is the turning point in America.  Either the present day Democrat Party becomes as meaningless as the Green Party, or its use of hate, intimidation and out and out violence becomes accepted, and everyone capitulates to them.  The Democrat Party has been unmasked as a communist organization that wants to transform this nation from its founding principals into a second coming of the Soviet Union.  There is no in between any more, within that party, or hiding that fact.

We can submit to them, by cowering in fear of reprisals on social media or in person (like that kid in Texas whose MAGA hat was stolen by a street thug who doesn’t like law and order) or go back to the polls to stop them.  The choice is each and every one of ours.  The polling booth is our weapon to fight back.

Today it is as clear as black and white.  The grey area has been removed and no one can any longer believe that the Democrat Party is anything but a communist party that wants to first destroy America and everything that our founding fathers fought to obtain.  It has finally unmasked itself in its zeal to destroy the ideals that made America great.

Are we going to let it?

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  1. Well, we tried the SOAP BOX and we are trying the BALLOT BOX, which I believe has a good chance od being stolen, so we best be getting ready to go to the CARTRIDGE BOX.
    Times are getting short. Get armed up, ammoed up and trained up while you still can. The time for the, “BLACK FLAG”, is nigh!

  2. 23nov 63,,,,,THE BLOODY OVERTHROW OF AMERICA BY THE COMMIE LEFT THAT WAS TAKING OVER THE SOMEWHAT MODERATE POPULIST PARTY OF THE DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT JFK…….AMERICA ended on that day as far as i’m concerned,,,,,LBJ gave us medicare which i am grateful for as we strugglers need it since the commies have given us ZIP RETURN ON OUR BANK SAVINGS SINCE 3 JAN 2001,,,,,,by design,,,,not accident….the wealth class and the corporations are HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED BY FAVORABLE TAX LEGISLATION OF BOTH PARTIES….which are actually only one party….the wealth class party…….if you are a struggling person of the ever shrinking middle class then you are a populist….FORGET THIS CONSERVATIVE CRAP…CONSERVATIVES CONSERVE THE WEALTH OF THE RICH,,AND THE WELL OFFS,,,THE TOP 5 PERCENT…….THE WALL STREET INVESTOR CLASS…ITS NOT ABOUT LIBERAL V. CONSERVATIVE,,,,its about populists v. the wealth class……read marx,,,,,,,read the talmud for dummies…america died with JFK…….see the ned beatty speech from the 70’s movie network….the whole culture of western civilization went into the toilet,,,,the stones ,,,,,wooodstock,,,,,,all allowed to rot your mind and dumb you down with angry depressive loud noise. the republicans are not your friends,,,,,the commie dems are not your friends,,,,,,,you have no representation in wash d.c.,,,,,,,and the least of two evils IS STILL BLOODY EVIL!..why is this so hard for you to understand?????

  3. If you destroy citizens of a nation ther will be others elsewhere that can re-create it. Hwever, if you destroy their culture they will be as if they never existed.

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